Why Don't We Just Let This One Take Care of Itself?

I'm wonderless

So yeah...basically their main objective was to throw me a party. Which was pretty cool, I've heard that PTV know how to party. 
"Dude, how old are you turning?" asked Tony in the midst of high fives and fuck yeahs.
"Turning 24, bro," I answered. I smelled my own breath and made a face. When was the last time I brushed my teeth? 
"24?" said Jaime surprised,"I don't believe you. You look 19. Let's see your birth certificate ma'am."
 "I apologize sir, but it is with my mother back home in Atlanta," I said.
"I would have given her...twenty...one," said Tony, sitting on the couch in his Star Wars pajama pants and black tank and no hat.
"You guys kidding?!" joked Vic in his basketball shorts and t shirt," She's lying. Obviously she's forty six."
"Yes," I said holding up two middle fingers,"I'm a forty six year old woman with twenty fourth birthday. You guys caught me." I put them down and smiled, "Anyway you guys,me and Jaime bought some food, not much but..."
They(except Jaime) ran to the counter where Walmart bags sat. The tour bus door opened and bright light was let in. Some random middle aged guy walked in and looked at us. 
"Sup, Sam," they all greeted. Jaime told me," Maya, this is Sam, the bus driver. Without him, we wouldn't meet our destination." 
I laughed and shook Sam's hand. He said to us,"We're about to pull of in five minutes, we need to at least be in Phoenix by 6. Then we can get a hotel. Cool?"
They were stuffing there faces,"Cool," answered for them,"Sam, I got some food, if you want some. Help yourself, they're doing that already."
He smiled at me and got some chips and water.Jaime turned to me," You're so nice."
I smiled innocently,"Thanks, I try." I laughed then I covered my mouth remembering my bad breath,"Well, guy. I'm gonna go...freshen up. SAVE ME NUTELLA! Hey, Tony, Vic, and Mike." they turned to me all with  chips in one hand and a monster in the other," Dudes, if the Nutella's gone when I come back,  shit's gonna go down. Asses will be whooped," I play threatened,"No seriously guys save me some please. Thanks."
I walked to the back and Jaime called," Towels and stuff are in the cabinet under the sink."
"Thanks," I called back. I went to the back room and got my stuff, and went in the bathroom.

~Jaime's POV~
I watched her walk to the back. Everything about her was amazing. How she walked, laughed, her humor; everything from her head to her toes were beautiful. I hadn't noticed I was still staring at the bathroom door until Vic tapped me.
"You alright buddy?" he asked.
"Yeah. Yeah, never better. Why?"
"Cause," yelled Mike,"you're staring at the door in which the attractive blue haired female walked in."
They were sitting on the couch, looking at me,"Dude," said Tony.
"Dude," said Vic.
"You like her," he said.
"What? Pfft...I don't know what you guys are talking about, but I'm trying this Nutella."
"Jaime, it's okay," assured Mike," it's reasonable. She's pretty, funny, and cool."
"And smart," I added,"she went to college for two years when she lived in Atlanta." 
"See," said Tony," you totally dig her. But,my brotato, be careful. She's spoken for."
Yeah, that's right. I almost forgot. Scott. She's with Scott and looks really happy with him. But is it a bad thing that I wish she wasn't. 
I looked back at the bathroom door, what's wrong with me. 

Why do I always like the people I can't have? 

~Maya's POV~
I let my hair down, after I had taken off my clothes, and it felt good. My hair had been in a bundle for two days, and to let it loose relieved a strain on my head. I hopped in the shower, and let the warm water stream down my body and I thought. I thought about Scott, and why hadn't called me yet; I thought about my life, what I would do with; I thought about my family, I hadn't seen or heard from them in a while. I still had my sister and mom's number in my phone, and neither of them had texted or called me. Oh well.
Then I thought about Jaime. I thought about the dream I had earlier. I put the shampoo in my hair and started washing it. My hair was heavy on my head, it was quite a bit of hair, I'd been growing it out since I was sixteen. I closed my eyes and imagined Scott there with me. But as seconds passed, Scott's pale skin had turned to a  light caramel color; his long black wavy hair had gotten shorter spikier and dark brown. His icy blue eyes had gotten warm and chocolaty. And as Jaime held me, I quickly opened my eyes, only to have my shampoo sting the fuck out of them.
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