Why Don't We Just Let This One Take Care of Itself?

All we know is falling

"AWW GODDAMMIT!" I screamed as I reached for a towel, I slowly opened the curtain and got it. I wiped my eyes and rinsed my hair. As I felt the beating of the droplets against my scalp, there was a bang at the door. 
"Maya are you okay?" Jaime asked sounding concerned.
"Umm...yeah," I yelled over the shower. I quickly washed myself, twice for good measure. I shut off the water and stepped out the shower to dry myself and my hair. I wrapped my towel around my head and put on my bra & panties. I looked at myself in the mirror. The first thing I saw was my chest tattoo that read'Lyrics weren't meant to be heard, they're meant to be felt' in cursive. I smiled, it was one of the only things I liked about my body. The second thing I saw was fat. Just fat. Unnecessary and disgusting. Yes, there were people bigger than me but I still hated my pudge. My body didn't make sense. I had hips but no butt. My chest was abnormally big, and I hated that. 
I made a disgusted face at myself. Here I am, a troll with blue hair, in the presence a four adorable men. 
As I sighed at myself, there was a knock on the door,"Little blue, are you okay?" Little blue...I was far from little.
"Uhh yeah. Yeah, I'm(ugly, and I hate myself) just getting dressed."
"Well, we saved you some Nutella so you don't have to kick our asses," he laughed. 
I smiled but didn't respond.
"Are you sure you're okay?"
No. No I'm not.
"Yeah, I'm alright turtle." I closed my eyes and  bit my lip. Come on, pull yourself together.
I wrapped the towel that was around my head around my body. I gathered my stuff and ran inside the empty room to find Jaime sitting on the bench with his face in his hands. He looked up at me and smiled,"Why hello there, miss lady. Most people knock."
My face felt really hot, I knew I was blushing really hard,"S-Sorry, I didn't know. I thought-I mean- uh I need to get dressed, bro..."
"Maya are you-"
"I need to get dressed Hime-Time," I sung.
"Okay...but you were-"
"LEAVE MISTER!!" I yelled with a smile.
He got up and left,and jokingly said,"Fine bitch." 
My heart was beating as if I had just ran a marathon. I looked out the window at the moving background, finally. I put on a grey fitted tank top and a plaid black flannel. I put on some black skinnies and miss matched socks, I was never good at keeping up with those.

I blow dried and straightened my hair, then went to the front to see Tony watching the third Star Wars as if it was porn. I sat and watched too.
"Hey little blue," said not taking his eyes off the screen.
"Sup Turtle. I like this movie."
I sat back and we watched in silence. Vic came in and sat next to me, soon Jaime came in and sat in front of my legs. I just giggled and asked,"Dude can I play with your hair. I looks so...fun." 
He looked up and said,"Go for it."
I played in his hair and he was quiet. His hair was soft, like the fur on a teddy bear. 
I cried at the end of the movie; Padme's burial. When the movie went off, I tried to get up,"Excuse me you guys."
"Are you crying?" asked Vic.
"Yeah you are."
"I don't know what you're talking about, but I need to get up please. Thanks." I got up and went to the back room again to call Scott.
"Hello?" he grunted.
"Scotty Too-Hotty." 
"Oh hi babe, sorry I haven't called.*yawns"
"Are you just now getting up?"
"Yeah, it only like-" 
"4 in the afternoon." I finished.
"It's that late? Dammit."
"I know I bet you-"
"Babe, who's that?" said a tired, unfamiliar female voice. 
I was silent and I felt my heart drop to the floor. I was standing up, but I had sunk on the bench.
"No. I don't want to hear it. Don't fucking call me. Don't text me. Don't contact me in any way," I had to keep quiet, I didn't want them to hear me," but answer  this for me. Why didn't you tell me you didn't want me anymore instead of two-timing me you stupid fucking whore?!" and I hung up. I put my face to my hands and silently sobbed.
"I should've known," I whispered,"I should've fucking known."
♠ ♠ ♠
Sorry it took so long. School and shit. Feedback please?