Why Don't We Just Let This One Take Care of Itself?

I'll hold you close and show you you're not broken.

As I sat in front of her legs, I felt her body move and I heard her giggle. 
"Dude can I play with your hair? I looks so...fun," she asked. 
I looked up at her, her smile was so beautiful,"Go for it."
Her hands, then, plunged in my hair and played with every strand. I closed my eyes and smiled. I secretly wanted her to tug at my hair, but I had to calm myself; I didn't want to get a boner in the middle of a movie. 
A moment later, she stopped and my eyes popped open. I looked up at her and she was looking at the screen; her eyes were watery. I looked towards the tv and it showed a chic being carried in a bed, holding a wooden necklace.
Soon, she fidgeted,"Excuse me, you guys," she said.
"Are you crying?" asked Vic.
"No." she lied. Clearly she was crying.
"Yeah you are."
"I don't know what you're talking about, but I need to get up please. Thanks," she said, she didn't seem frustrated or anything. Her face was emotionless, just wet with tears. I moved out her way, and watched her walk away.
"Dude," said Vic,"what's with her? I mean she's cool, but it just seems like she's emotionally unstable."
I just shrugged, I didn't know what to say that wouldn't make me sound too concerned. Besides, I couldn't imagine what went through her head. 
"Anyone seen Mike?" I asked to change the subject. 
"I'm up here," answered Mike, with his head hanging out his bunk.
"Miguelito," said Vic,"Whatcha doin?"
"Not watching porn on my phone that's for sure."
Me and guys just laughed.

My eyes wondered to back room where I'm sure Maya was. I got up and walked back there, and listened closely. 
"I should've known, I should've fucking known."
I knocked on the wall and she was silent. The guys were still talking up front. This was good time.
"Maya, Maya I know you're in there. We gotta talk." Less than five seconds later, the curtains opened.

As I got up to open the curtains, I violently wiped my eyes. 
I opened the curtains and as Jaime stood before me, I felt a lump in my throat and I bit my lip. He stood in front of me,"What's wrong?" 
I shook my head, I was on the edge but I didn't want to lose it.
"No. Something is wrong. Tell me, please. I want to help you."
I stepped back to let him in, even thought he didn't ask. I wanted to tell him but i didn't want to cry. He sat on the bench and I sat beside him. I took a deep breath and started,"Scott and I, we...decided to part ways." he was quiet then spoke.
"He...broke up with you?"
"Pssh, I wish," I sniffed," he cheated on me. When I called him some other chic, said 'Babe who's that?'"
I looked away from him and covered my eyes,"We've been together for two years, and after all that time I thought he loved me."
He was still quiet. 
"No wonder he left me, I'm u-"
"Don't say that. Don't blame yourself," he said. I turned to him,"Scott, messed up not you. He didn't deserve you."
I laughed a humorless laugh and shook my head,"I'm a bug, Jaime. No one wants me. My family didn't approve of the person I was, my 'friends' didn't understand me, now Scott. I'm ugly, and I hate myself. I just worthless." 
"You're not worthless Maya." he said in a calm voice.
"Well, that's hard to believe since I've never had someone tell me otherwise."
"Well, you just did. And I'll tell you again and again. I will force it in your head until believe that you are worth it."
I stood up and so did he. I began to wiped my eyes he put his hand on my cheek and wiped my tear.
"Here let me help you with that," he smiled," You shouldn't cry. It gives you a headache."
I laughed," Urgh fuck, I do have a headache."
"Let me kiss it and make it better." he pushed back my bangs and kissed my forehead. My face was hot. He looked back at me,"Better?" he smiled.
"Um...my cheek hurts a little..." I whispered, feeling my heart quicken. He pecked my cheek.
"Anywhere else?" I shook my head, despite that wanting feeling in the pit of my stomach that wanted his lips on mine. 
"You sure?" I didn't answer but I looked in his eyes," What about-he leaned closer to me- here..."
I closed my eyes, and felt the warmth of his breath my lips. 
"Every thing alright?!" said Vic, as he opened the curtain. Me and Jaime both jumped, we were so close....
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