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Far From Never

“Samarthya and Stratahema have been enemies for as long as the historians can date. They have always been at odds but only because the kingdoms, both great and powerful, are so different yet have similar aims. They are like two stubborn children, both wanting the same toy but neither willing to share.” Father continued.

“But now, in the face of a foreign enemy, we are uniting; for the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Together Stratahema and Samarthya will defeat this enemy with intelligence and brute strength. By the union of these four children, these four young rulers, the two kingdoms shall stay separate and strong but shall have the knowledge that they will always have a friend to face the enemy with.” King Marr finished.
  1. Gan Eagla
    Without Fear
  2. Dagger sa Fuinneog
    Dagger In The Window
  3. Rud Contúirteacha
    A Dangerous Thing
  4. An Vicious Claíomh
    The Vicious Sword
  5. Chun Mo Thodhchaí, Ná
    For My Future, Never
  6. Meas ná Tolorence
    Respect nor Tolorence
  7. Bí Chun Ríoga
    To Be Royal
  8. Lámh go Lámh
    Hand to Hand
  9. Le Cheile Rioga
    The Together Royal
  10. Trí na Coillte
    Through the Woods
  11. Isteach na Fréamhacha
    Into the Roots
  12. An Dagger
    The Dagger
  13. A Súil Thapa
    A Quick Look