The Boy from New York City

The Big Day

Today was the day. Well, technically we were already married. But to the publics’ eye, today was the day. My white dress fit perfectly, my blonde hair curled, and my confidence on a whole new level. I put on the earrings Alexzander gave me. They had gps chips put in them so that the FBI would be able to track me down. The plan was to go on as if nothing was happening. We didn’t know for sure that I would be kidnapped today, but chances were high. And we were basing everything on the hope that I’d be put into the same room as my parents.

There was a knock on my door and I answered it without thinking. I had planned to prepare myself before the whole ordeal happened, but seeing as the man on the other side of the door was anything but a friendly face, preparedness wasn’t an option. “Henry, what can I do for you? I hope this isn’t another lecture of how I’m not the person you want as a daughter-in-law. Because truthfully I don’t think—”

“My god woman shut-up.”


“I need to show you something before this ceremony happens. Or I guess I need to show you to someone. Do you have fifteen minutes to spare?” He asks in the nicest tone I’ve heard him use with me.

I nod, quickly glancing at the clock, “I sure do have the time Henry.” I follow him out the door and only slightly jump when I feel him grab my arm. “Can you loosen the hold just a tiny bit? I promise I’m not running out on your son.”

“Oh dear, it seems as if you will be. I’ve known for quite some time who you are.”

I frown and narrow my eyebrows. How would he know? “I was hoping no one would find out about my past. I was never proud of stripping Mr. Leighton, you have to believe me. It was just the only thing that paid my bills. I promise you though; I have touched anyone besides your son. I had someone looking at for me at all times.”

He groans in frustration as he drags me up multiple staircases. “That was not what I meant, Samantha.”


“Your brother knows too. You didn’t do an amazing job at hiding yourself.”

“To be honest sir I was never trying to hide myself.”

“Blonde hair?”

“I actually like it blonde. John did a good job at picking out coloring.”

“Changing your name?”

“You know me better than that Henry. My closest friends have always called me Sam. To be honest that was poor judgment on Johns’ part. He changed his name to Liam while I was practically called the same thing.”

We abruptly stop in front of a dark door. Now that I look around I notice that the hallway—the same one I had been in months before—was just as dark and creepy. This definitely was not like the rest of the house. “This will answer your question. That’s what you did all of this for anyways. So when this is done you’re gone. Understand? No marriage, no business deals, nothing. Just disappear.”

“No offence sir, but we both know that’s not the ending to this story. You know my brother is going to kill the three of us, and then in due time kill you. Since Alexzander will not have married, Liam will receive the business and get what he wanted from the beginning. We both know that the instant this door is opened, it’s the end for all of us.”

Henry stares at me for a moment and I swear a saw a flash of regret in his eyes. “Just get in there,” he says and pushes me through when he opens the door. I trip over my dress and land on my hands. Without a second glance back I hear the door close and lock.

“Oh dear, they’ve got another innocent child.” I look up at the voice and stare into the eyes of none other than my own mother. That meant this plan would go through perfectly.

“Clarissa, dear, she’s nothing for us to worry over. She’ll be gone soon.” My father replies in a soothing voice. I look up then to find two much older versions of my parents staring back at me.

“I’m a mother, Robert, I worry. That’s what I do.” She locks eyes with mine and gives me a small smile. “Please don’t tell me it was your wedding day sweetie.” I nod, taking in the precious moment. I didn’t know how long I would get with them and I wanted to cherish each second that passed by. “What’s your name?”

My father groans, “Clarissa, we went over this.”

“I just want to know this young woman’s name, there’s no harm to that.”

I straighten up from my kneeling position, and smooth out my ruined dress. “Samantha Charleston.” I speak quickly. Then I slap my forehead for my moment of stupidity, “I mean Samantha Leighton. Sorry, I’m still getting used to the whole marriage thing and taking on my husband’s name due to shitty traditions about ownership. If it were up to me I would not have taken his name but due to the fact that I didn’t really have a last name it’s the only thing that worked at the time. Sorry, um, Samantha, that’s my name.” My parents freeze and look up at me, white gown and all. “Been a long time, huh?” I joke, trying to lighten the mood. I failed miserably.

“Oh my god! My precious daughter is here. You’re here! You’ve grown so much and I seem to have missed everything…” She continues blubbering on, not letting go of her tight grip on me.

At the same time though my father seemed less than pleased, “How could you let this happen to you? I taught you better than to be caught Samantha. I provided money and housing for when I was gone…this is just idiotic.”


“And a Leighton? Please don’t tell me you married into that evil family. They did this to us you know!”

“Father, please, just wait a few minutes will you?” I pull out of my mother’s grasp and walk over to where my father was sitting. “First of all, there was no housing and no money when you two disappeared. John took everything and left me on the streets. Yes I married Alexzander, but that was before he knew who I was. And though Henry did have a part to do in all of this I’m 99% sure it’s my brother who is behind it all. Alexzander and I love each other, that is why we got married. Nothing else.” I wasn’t about to fill them in on everything that has happened. We would have time to go over the past twelve years. Right now what was important was that they trusted me and that we got out of here safely.”

I took a seat next to my parents and we discussed a few things as the minutes passed by. Where was John? What had happened to the plan? Suddenly the sound of the locks coming undone made has silence. “Well, well, well, isn’t this a sweet family reunion?” John enters the room, taking long strides towards us. “Father, Clarissa, how nice to see you.”

“John.” My dad replies curtly, glaring at his son.

“Well it seems like your dear daughter caught you up on everything. So any last questions?”

Our parents didn’t say a word so I spoke up, wanting answers more than anything. “Why?”

A sadistic chuckle echoed through the room, “oh little sis, are you still trying to figure it out?”

“I’m not an idiot John; I know why you wanted to do all of this. But why not just take me out of the picture. Mom and dad didn’t do anything .Without me the business would be yours. Or you don’t have to take this route at all. Kidnapping and hostages is one thing, multiple murders is another. Think about Meredith. What about Rose and Jacob? I know you love them John. Just like I know you love me. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have named your daughter after me. You wouldn’t have told her about me. Think about your life as Liam before you do anything rash here.”

“You were always perfect. Without you dad would have sold the business in a heartbeat, wanting nothing to do with the company. I had to go about this the way I did.”

“Does Meredith know?” I ask and he stares blankly at me, “Does Meredith know, John? Did you say goodbye to her and the kids? Do they realize they will never see you again?”

John groans and turns away from me, “You’re starting to sound as if this isn’t going to work, Samantha. Now that would be silly because I’ve been planning for this for years.”

I stand up and walk over to him. It was a huge risk since I didn’t know if he was armed or not, but a risk I was willing to take. “The problem is, John, Liam, whoever you are. The problem is that you underestimate everyone around you. While you thought you were one step ahead of everyone, you were really a couple steps behind. I love you; you’ve been a good brother even though you’re trying to get me killed. I mean, you did make sure I was somewhat taken care of through my teen years. Anyways, I’ll let your wife and kids know that you love them and that you’ll miss them.”

“What are you talking about? Have you gone mad Samantha? I’ve won. You’re going to be dead and I’ve won. No one will know about this.”

At that instance the door swung open. The officers didn’t even take a chance to say anything; they just tackled John to the ground and handcuffed him. “You see, Liam,” Alexzander says, stepping through the walk way, still sporting his tux and looking better than ever. “You’re extremely smart sister thought it would be smart to get married earlier. Even if you had pulled off this terrible stunt, I would still be owner of both companies.”

I run to Alexzander’s side and give him a quick kiss, “you guys were cutting it a little close.”

“Sorry, we forgot about what to tell the guests. I had a mob of women feeling sorry for me.” Alexzander turns his attention to the scene in front of us, “Mr. and Mrs. Charleston, it’s a pleasure to see you again, though I wish they weren’t under these circumstances. Is there anything you’d like to say to your son before they take him in?” My parents shake their head, still glaring at John for what he did. “Very well then. Guys, you can take him out of here. Make sure he is in a separate cell than my father. Actually, different halls if possible.” The three men pull John out of there and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit bad. He did have a darling family after all and those kids would now grow up not knowing who their father was. “Robert, Clarissa, I have gotten permission for you two to join the festivities before going in for questioning. There are clothes in the guest room for the both of you. I’m sure I speak for the both of us when I say we would love your presence at our wedding reception.”

My mother smiles sweetly at the two of us. She was obviously proud of my choice in men. And proud that I married the man stand next to me. “Thank you for the offer Alex, but I think our reentry into the world should be something smaller than our daughters’ wedding. We don’t want to steal the spotlight. But a change of clothes and food would be nice.”

“Yes, of course, I understand. There is a doctor down in the main guest room waiting to check over you two. I’ll have some food brought up and as stated before there are multiple changes of clothes in the room for you both. If you’ll follow us we can show you where you will be located for the time being.” I pull my parents lightly by the arms, encouraging them to get a move on it. I was simply too excited about them being alive and here and in my life again. Everything seemed to have worked out just like I was hoping for.

When we reach their room, Alexzander excuses himself down to the kitchen. I sat outside in the hallway waiting for the doctor to finish. He came out and explained to me that they’d have to be eating certain foods to assure they were building up the nutrients they lost. But besides that everything seemed to be fine. When I entered the bedroom they were dressed in new clothes and didn’t look like they had just been locked up.

My dad comes up and pulls me into a hug, “I’m sorry I doubted you for even a second. “

“I doubted myself multiple times throughout all of this, so I understand. I’m just glad you and mom are okay.”

My mom joins the hug, kissing my forehead. “Go down to your party sweetheart. We need to talk with the officials anyways and then start to figure out where to go from there. But you have a wedding to attend to.” I grin at her and nod. I pull them in for one last hug before I bid my goodbyes for the time and make my way downstairs where Alexzander was waiting.

“Everything good?” He asks, holding out his hand.

I grasp it tightly, intertwining my fingers with his, “Everything is perfect.”
♠ ♠ ♠
and that's the end.
woo---weee. That was quite a story to write. I know it's not perfect and it's not even close to what I was hoping it would be but that's life sometimes. I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful complicated life of samantha charleston. It was really fun to write this!

Let me know what you think :)

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p.s. There will be an epilogue so this isn't totally it.