Sequel: We Will Be Unbroken
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This is a Rebel Love Song

We're here so let's celebrate

"We are now landing in Salt Lake City. We hope you all enjoyed your flight!" A voice chirped over the intercom as the 'seat belts' sign flashed on above them once more. Andy held onto Marilyn's hand as the plane took its descent. Jinxx, Sammi and Marilyn waited for the crowds of people to die down but Andy, Jake, CC and Ashley leaped out of their seats and pushed their way through the people to get off the plane.

"Well, someone's a little excited." Marilyn said as she watched the boys acting like five year olds.

When Marilyn, Sammi and Jinxx made it into the airport, the rest of the guys had already gathered up everyone's luggage and were eager to head to the hotel they would be staying at for the meantime before their bus came.

They hopped into the taxi cab that brought them to the hotel that all the bands at Warped would be staying at. The hotel was giant. It was almost, if not bigger, exactly like the one Marilyn and Andy stayed at a day or two ago. They entered the hotel into a spacious lobby with auburn carpeting and a large, gold, chandelier hanging from the tall ceiling. They checked in, received their room assignments for the night and took the elevator up to the third floor. Sammi and Marilyn shared a room, Andy and Jinxx shared a room, Jake and CC shared a room and surprise, surprise, Ashley had a room to himself.

Sammi swiped the key card to unlock the door to their room and burst through the door as the rest went to find their rooms. The girls lugged their suitcases into the room and plopped them on the bed. Both girls followed their suitcases and and flopped onto the bed as well, sighing with relief. They soon heard a knock on the door and found Andy standing in the doorway.

"Hey, you." Marilyn greeted him with a smile.

He pulled her into a hug. "So the boys and I were thinking that since we're finally here, we might as well celebrate. You two up for it?"

Marilyn looked back at Sammi for assurance then said, "Sure, just give us some time to get ready. Maybe and hour or so?" Marilyn looked back at Sammi again who nodded in agreement and Andy went back to his room.

"See you in an hour, then." He said.

As soon as he was gone, both girls rushed to their suitcases and began pulling different items of clothing out and comparing them with each other. "We are such girls, aren't we?" Sammi said as Marilyn agreed, laughing along with Sammi. Eventually, Sammi settled for a strapless, dark purple, mini dress with sleek black strappie heels. Marilyn settled on a halter, v-neck, black dress tinted with red, black heels and a leather jacket. When the boys saw the two girls, their eyes widened and jaws dropped.

"Whoa." They said in unison.

Jinxx glided over to Sammi. "Just remember, you're mine."

Sammi giggled. "Of course I'm yours. I wouldn't settle for anyone else!"

Andy just took Marilyn's hand and brought her along. Marilyn wished Andy would say things like 'you're mine' to her, too.

"Is something wrong?" Andy asked, noticing Marilyn was acting a little different.

Marilyn shrugged it off. "Nope, nothing." She lied.

Andy smiled, believing her. "Don't worry," He assured, "We'll have a great time tonight."


The night had been almost the same as the first night they went out together except for a little incident. Some guy was clearly very intoxicated that night and decided to pick a fight with the wrong guy. Who else but Ronnie Radke. The drunk man clearly must've been completely wasted to go up against a large man with tattoos and eyeliner. Ronnie, at first, tried to ignore the guy, stay calm and not get involved. But then, the man must've said something that provoked Ronnie because with one swift punch, the drunk man was out cold. Marilyn watched in disbelief. 'How could he be so strong?' She thought. Andy quickly took hold of her and dragged her out of the nightclub with the rest of the group straggling behind.
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