Sequel: We Will Be Unbroken
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This is a Rebel Love Song


It had already been almost two weeks since Marilyn ran away. It was just a normal Saturday morning for her father back at home, or so he thought. He walked down the pathway from his front door to his mail box. He flipped through the letters. "Bill, bill, bill, bill..." and so on and so on until he came across something that wasn't a bill.

"What the fuck is this?" He thought to himself. He opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. Inside it was a picture of Marilyn and the boy she had run away with. Marilyn was kissing the boy's cheek and the boy had one arm around Marilyn's shoulders. The other arm held up the hand that held up the middle finger at the camera.

"What is this shit?!" Her father shouted and threw the picture on the ground. He took one last look at it and turned to go inside but something on the boy's jacket caught his eye. It was a symbol that looked like a star made up of 'B's' around it. He picked up the picture and went inside.


Later on in the day, her father was on his way to the nearby liquor store when he saw a gothic looking boy on the sidewalk with the strange symbol hanging from a chain around his neck. The father rolled down the window and began to slow down.

"Hey, kid!" He shouted out the window at the boy. The boy looked over but then looked back down at the ground. The father continued to yell, "Kid! I need to talk to you for a quick second."

The boy looked skeptical but said, "What do you want?"

"What does that symbol hanging from that chain mean?"

"Oh, this?" The boy said. holding up the symbol. "It's for this band."

"What band?"

"Black Veil Brides."

With the information he needed, Marilyn's father turned the car around and went straight home.


He pulled out his laptop from under his bed that Marilyn never knew about. He typed 'Black Veil Brides' into Google search. The first link that came up said 'Black Veil Brides announces they will appear at Vans Warped Tour'. He clicked on the link that brought him to the Vans Warped Tour website. While searching through the website, he found the 'dates' page. He found the date the tour would be in his city: July 1st. He moved his mouse over and the cursor hovered above the 'Buy Tickets!' button. He hesitated for a second and then clicked.
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