Sequel: We Will Be Unbroken
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This is a Rebel Love Song

First day

"C'mon! The bus is waiting!" Jake whined from the door of the lobby. Andy was checking out and confirming a few details with their manager before following everyone else out to the bus. The other six were crowded around the entrance of the bus, waiting for Andy. They all got into a huddle.

"Ready?" Said CC, "One... Two... Three!"

The group all went to race towards the bus doors only to find their manager blocking the way.

"Hold up a second, boys. Ladies first." He said with a smile and led the girls onto the bus. "See that door right there?" He pointed to a door at the end of the hallway. "Right inside there is your bedroom."

The girls looked at each other with huge smiles on their faces and ran towards the door as the boys scrambled onto the bus to claim their bunks. Marilyn pushed open the oak door to reveal a large room with a big enough sized bed for the two of the girls with two small dressers at the front of the room next to the door. On the wall above the bed, there was a small window that let the sun in.

"This is-"Marilyn began.

"Perfect." Sammi finished.

The girls giggled and then heard a familiar whiny voice. "How come they get their own room with a big bed?" Ashley complained.

"Well," began their manager, "they are girls and I figured they would like a little bit of privacy on this tour."

Sammi jumped off the bed and nearly leaped into his arms. "Thank you! Thank you soooo much!"

Marilyn thanked him as well while Ashley pouted and went to the front of the bus.


"Guys! Wake up! It's the first day of Warped!" CC shouted as he ran through the bus to wake everyone up.

"Ugh five more minutes!" Jake complained.

"What time are we playing?" Andy asked.

"One o'clock."

"And what time is it now?"

"Ten o'clock."

"Alright, I guess we should get up. We can go meet fans and stuff."

The boys got themselves ready and the girls--who were already up and dressed--went out to explore.

"Just meet us back at the stage around twelve thirty." Andy called out to Marilyn who nodded in acknowledgement.

The girls walked and talked, met fans and checked out other bands.The girls wandered over to see Falling In Reverse. Marilyn watched as Ronnie seemed to own the stage. His lyrics were quite inspiring and meaningful. Marilyn just didn't understand why Andy hated him so much.

"That Ronnie is mighty attractive, I must say." Sammi admitted.

Marilyn agreed. "Yeah, he sure is."
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