Sequel: We Will Be Unbroken
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This is a Rebel Love Song

Radke run-ins

As Falling In Reverse finished up their set, Marilyn and Sammi went to go find the boys. Andy spotted her before she saw him. He ran up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He nuzzled his head into her neck. "I missed you." He said. She smiled and told him she had missed him too. It was a nice surprise to her and she noticed Andy acting a lot different but a good different. "So what did you two end up doing?" Andy went on.

"Oh we went to go see-" Sammi stopped in the middle of her sentence after seeing the look on Marilyn's face.

"Fans." Marilyn finished for her.

"Ah, very nice." Andy said, believing every word. "Well, our show time has been changed to three so if you want to go back out you can."

As the girls skipped away, Andy looked over at Jinxx with a huge smile on his face. "Oh, no. What does that look mean?" Jinxx said.

Andy took him by the arm. "C'mon Jinxx. You're coming with me."


The girls walked along the dusty ground, met with more fans and checked out more bands until: "Sammi?! Is that you?" A high pitched voice squealed. They turned around to see a group of three girls who looked a lot like Sammi with the blonde hair. Sammi ran over to them and hugged each one. Marilyn just stood there awkwardly. Clearly, Sammi had known these girls for a lot longer than she had known Marilyn.

"Hey, Marilyn?" Sammi called out. "Is it alright if I hang out with them for a little bit?"

Marilyn understood that Sammi probably hasn't seen these people in a while. "Yeah, sure." Marilyn said and wandered off by herself. She felt her phone buzz in her pocket and looked at it after pulling it out to see what it was. Missed call from... Dad. Marilyn really didn't want to think about her father at all. 'Maybe it was buttdial' she hoped. "Oof!" She ran into something tall and hard. A wall maybe? Her phone fell on the ground and she scrambled to get it. "Oh, sorry! I'm so sorry! Really, really --sorry." She looked up to see her standing face to face with who other than Ronnie Radke. "Um, yeah. Really sorry! Ok, bye." She tried to run but he took her hand, causing her to stay. She looked up into his eyeliner rimmed eyes.

"Hi." He began, "I'm Ronnie."

'Huh, he seems pretty nice already' Marilyn thought. "Hi, I'm Marilyn." She said aloud.

"Oh, yeah you're Andy's new girlfriend, right?"

Marilyn didn't really know what to say to that so she just said yes.

"That's cool," Ronnie continued, "Andy is a cool dude."

Marilyn smiled and nodded. She seemed to have lost all ability to speak to him. But she was realizing that Ronnie wasn't that bad of a guy after all. He even said Andy was a cool guy so why did Andy hate Ronnie so much? It just didn't make any sense to her. "Um, I have to go..." She said but she really didn't. In fact, she didn't even know why she said that. Probably because she wasn't thinking and she also didn't want Andy to catch her talking to Ronnie either. She didn't want to leave Ronnie.

"Oh, alright." He said, breaking her thoughts. She started to walk away, and thought she wouldn't ever get to see him again or know more about him. She figured it was just a one time thing. "Oh, hey wait!" He called after her. She stopped walking and began to smile. She forced the smile off her face before turning back around to face him. "Do you want to exchange numbers?" Now she couldn't force the smile away. When he saw her smile, his face lit up too.

He handed her his phone and she did the same. They each typed in their numbers before exchanging them back and departing. "God, your phone is so old!" Ronnie commented on Marilyn's more ancient than dinosaurs phone. "I'm getting you a new one. I don't care what you say. Think of it as a... present from a friend."

So he considered them friends... Marilyn shook her head and smiled as she walked away from him. She couldn't believe him. He was so nice to her, even said he was buying her a new phone. That's way nicer than what friends do for friends. And she still couldn't understand why her (boyfriend?) hated him so much. As Marilyn walked back to the BVB bus, she smiled as she looked down at her phone. She couldn't believe the contact name Ronnie had given himself.
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