Sequel: We Will Be Unbroken
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This is a Rebel Love Song

Where is she?

"What's wrong?" Jinxx sat down next to Sammi on the couch and put an arm around her.

"Oh, hey babe. Nothing really. It's just Marilyn is all. She told me about her Dad and how he beats her. It's just so sad to think about."

"I know that's hard to hear that from someone you care about. Hey, where is Marilyn anyway?"

"She's with Ronnie-- Oh! Shit!"

"She's with Radke?"

"Fuck! You weren't supposed to know that! Don't tell Andy. Please."

"I won't but you know Andy will be pissed when he finds out."

"I'll be pissed when I find out what?" Andy entered the living area of the bus.

"Uh... Ashley is doing drugs." Jinxx blurted out.

Ashley poked his head out of the bathroom. "No I'm not!"

"Ashley..." Andy walked over to him. "Come here..." Andy walked into the bunk area and closed the door behind him.

"Fuck you, Jinxx!" Ashley held up the middle finger before entering the bunk area to join Andy. "Andy, I'm not doing drugs! You have to believe me!"

"But Jinxx would never lie to me."

"They're lying to save Marilyn's ass."

"Where is she?"

"Not with Sammi, I can tell you that much."

Andy burst through the door and stormed over to Jinxx and Sammi. "Well? Where is she, Sammi?"

"I can honestly say I have no idea, Andy."

"I told you to look out for her!"

"I went into the bathroom and left her right in here and when I came back, she was gone."

"I told you to watch her!"

"I wasn't going to bring her into the bathroom with me when I had to pee. We may both be girls and yeah, we're friends but that's pushing it, Andy. You're treating her like a five-year old."

Andy whipped his phone out and sent her a quick text:

To Marilyn: Where is youu? Please tell me you're safe. I'm coming to look for you.

Sammi sent Marilyn a text too:

To Marilyn: Watch out, angry Andy on the hunt.


Andy searched the entire venue but turned up with no Marilyn. As he was walking past Falling In Reverse's bus, he overheard something being said.

"Yeah, Ronnie is with that Andy dude's chick over at the baseball field behind the venue."

Andy rushed over and peered through the bushes and wire fence to barely see Marilyn sitting with Ronnie and just talking with him. They weren't doing anything but Andy was outraged anyway. Instead of barging onto the field and breaking Ronnie's jaw like he wanted to, he went back to the bus to wait for Marilyn's return.


As Marilyn and Ronnie walked back to their buses, she got the two texts she had missed earlier.

"Uh oh. Andy isn't happy. I better be getting back."

Marilyn ran off to find the bus, leaving Ronnie all alone. As she approached the bus, she heard absolute silence. As she walked up the steps, she saw Andy standing there with his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look on his face. She knew she was in trouble.

Oh shit.
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