Sequel: We Will Be Unbroken
Status: completed<3

This is a Rebel Love Song

She's even beautiful when she's crying

Ever since Marilyn left, Andy didn't know what to do with himself. He slept all day and only got up to do shows and then went back to the bus and crawled into his bunk. After two days of this depression spell, he resorted to two of his worst old habits: drinking and cutting.

The pain of the slit in his arms and the hot blood flowing out filled the hole she left in his heart and the alcohol helped him forget everything for a while. Things were getting bad for Andy. He just wanted her back. She was like his second half. She was a part of him.


"I need to get away from Andy for a while. He's been such a downer since Marilyn left. Wanna come?" Jake asked CC.

"Yeah, why not." CC said, pulling a pair of black converse on.

"Maybe we can find some girls, dude."

CC followed Jake off the bus and into the sticky summer air. They walked along through the venue, signing things and meeting fans.

"Hey, is that Andrea?" Jake pointed out a girl a few yards away.

"Actually, I think it is!" CC was so excited to see her.

She must have seen him because she started running towards him. As she got closer, they noticed she was crying.

"Wait, she's crying." Jake pointed out.

"She's even beautiful when she's crying." CC said.

She ran right up to CC and threw her arms around his waist. CC put his hands up, not knowing what to do. He looked over at Jake who was motioning him to hug her back. He did and then Jake mouthed "Ask her what's wrong!"

"Uh... What's wrong, Andrea?"

At that, she began crying harder and tightened her grip on him. Jake motioned for CC to keep going.

"It's ok, you can tell me. I'm here for you."

She drew back a little to look up at him. She smiled slightly before her smile dropped again and she said "Jacky broke up with me..."

And then she buried her face in his chest. He looked back over at Jake who gave him a thumbs up and then started thrusting his hips.

"No!" CC mouthed as he shook his head.

"Um... What's going on?" Andrea asked when she saw CC shaking his head at Jake.

"Um, nothing. I'm going back to the bus. See you later, CC." Jake turned on his heel and walked back in the direction they came.

"Do you, uh, want to go for a walk?" CC asked.

Andrea started wiping tears away.

"Oh, here." CC tried pulling up part of his shirt but she just gave him a strange look and started laughing.

He then took his entire shirt off and handed it to her. She smiled and started wiping the tears from her eyes. She held out the shirt but he pushed her hand away.

"Keep it." He said.

They started walking along together, talking and laughing. With each step they took, their hands gravitated towards one another.

"Do you want to come back to my bus?" CC asked.

"Sure." She answered and took his hand, linking her fingers with his.
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