Sequel: We Will Be Unbroken
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This is a Rebel Love Song

My hero

It had been a week since Marilyn got home. The beatings hadn't stopped for one day since. She was growing tired and weaker and soon enough wouldn't be able to walk. She sat on her bed, fingers shaking as she typed up a message to Ronnie:

Please come get me. I'm not safe here. I need you. Please, save me.

She didn't want to have Andy get her. She still hadn't fully forgiven him and she thought it best that Ronnie come get her.

From Ronnie: Where are you? We'll be right there. We're on our way to another venue now. We'll pick you up.

From Marilyn: 94 Baker St. Mansfield, Ma.

From Ronnie: Be there in 10. Stay strong. Everything will be ok.

Sure enough, ten minutes later, Marilyn saw a large tour bus pull up outside her house. Ronnie ran up to the iron bar windows. Marilyn pointed to the door to her right, Ronnie's left.

He knocked on the door and Marilyn's dad opened it with a "Who the fuck are you?"

With one swift punch, he was out cold. Ronnie stepped over the man's body and found Marilyn huddled in her room. He picked her up in a hug and then switched over to bridal style as he carried her back to the bus. They entered the bus and drove away.

"Are you alright? You look overly skinny. What happened?"

She explained it all. How she tried hitchhiking and was brought home to her demon father. Ronnie held her for a good five minutes before letting her go.

"You're my hero." She kissed his forehead and he returned it with a kiss on her perfectly pink, soft lips. This time, she didn't pull away; she kissed back.

"So, I guess this means I have to sleep on the couch now?" Jacky said and everyone laughed.

"No, that's alright Jacky. Marilyn can sleep with me tonight."

Marilyn looked at him and he winked. She felt her stomach drop and her heart beat faster. He couldn't be serious.
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special requested chapter from 'LunaGreenDay'. arent you guys so lucky? haha but i have no more written yet so you'll have to wait! sorry! (: