Sequel: We Will Be Unbroken
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This is a Rebel Love Song

I'll start living for today

They pulled into a parking lot not too far from where they would be meeting the rest of the group. They turned the corner and all of a sudden they heard a bunch of masculine voices all at once yell "ANDY!"

Marilyn saw four guys, all with huge black hair, running towards them. Marilyn looked past them to see a blonde girl standing a few feet away, laughing at the scene in front of her. Marilyn wanted to go talk to her but one of the band members stepped in front of her, blocking the way.

"Why, hello there. I'm Ashley. I don't usually go for brunettes but damn, you're hot." He said. Marilyn didn't know what to say to that.

Before Marilyn could even form words, Andy came up behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Back off, Ashley. She's mine, dude."

"Damn... Fine." Ashley sulked. Andy tried to change the subject and began introducing Marilyn to the rest of the guys. "That's CC, his name is Christian Coma but we all find it easier to call him CC. That's Jake, you've met Ashley, that's Jinxx and-"

"This is Sammi, my beautiful fiance." Jinxx interrupted.

Marilyn and Sammi exchanged hellos and Ashley said "Well, can we get going now? I'm ready to have some fun!" Everyone laughed and the seven of them made their way to a near by club.

"So, what took you guys so long to meet us anyway?" asked Jake.

"Oh, Marilyn got a tattoo." Andy said casually.

"No way! Let me see!" Marilyn pulled down the sleeve of her shirt to reveal the tattoo on her shoulder. "Nice, first tat?"

Marilyn nodded. They were let into the club and Marilyn was so shocked at all the flashing neon lights and loud music. It was unlike anything she's ever seen before. As soon as they entered through the doorway, Andy, Jake and Jinxx rushed to the bar. Ashley hit the dance floor to no doubt look for girl to dance with and CC wandered off somewhere, leaving Sammi and Marilyn alone. Sammi led Marilyn to a table to wait for the guys.

"So, you're with Andy?" Sammi asked.

"Well... I guess... I'm not sure, really."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, earlier at the tattoo shop, he was introducing me and it sounded like he was going to say girlfriend but then just said my name."

"Yeah, Andy can be weird sometimes. Maybe he wants to wait and do something special for you first before he calls you his actual girlfriend. I dunno."

"Tell me about the guys. You probably know way more about them."

"Well, yeah. Andy is great as you probably already knew. He is super nice and is actually very smart. Jake is super nice, too. You'll find he shreds on guitar. CC is just flat out adorable and super funny but I feel bad for him sometimes 'cause he has trouble with girls and Ashley is the exact opposite. He practically fucks a new chick every night. As for Jinxx, well, that's my man!"

"You and Jinxx seem so perfect together."

"Aw, thanks love!"

Marilyn was really beginning to like Sammi a lot. "We should totally hang out this entire tour!"

"Yes! Do some girl stuff for sure!"

The girls talked and laughed until they heard Jinxx call out to Sammi. "Over here, babe!" She called out, waving the guys down. Andy and Jake carried trays of beers and shots over to the table. CC had managed to find his way back over to them and Ashley looked like he was still trying to pick up some girl.

They each picked up a drink and clinked glasses as they said "To Warped Tour!"

"Are you guys ready for Warped?"Jinxx asked.

"So ready!" Jake answered.

"Yeah, ready to kick some ass! We're gonna rock this year! Main stage, baby!" CC agreed.

"Well, I hope you're ready," Jinxx began, "Because our flight to Salt Lake City is tomorrow."

Andy almost spit out his drink. "Tomorrow?!"

"Yep. Bright and early. Ten o'clock."

Marilyn looked at Andy and assured him everything would be fine.
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