I'm Lonely, and I'm Tired, Missing You Again

Wake Up

"Brian wake up! We gotta go get every one up!" I said, shaking the sleeping man the next morning.

After getting nothing from the sleeping guitarist, I decided to just go get everyone from the rented house boat so we could just go back to the beach and to my house boat. I walked the short distance from my Eliminator to the houseboat, saying hello to everyone that passed that I knew.

"Well its nice to see you grace us with your presence." Cali said with a laugh as she sat on the counter, sipping on her coffee.

"Its time to go, we only have this boat for another 20 minutes so yea." I said to her, glancing at all the sleeping bodies.

"Okay. Lets get everyone up then." Cali said with an evil grin.

"Where's the buckets of water balloons?" I asked scouting through the draws.

"In the pantry now. I had to hid them last night from the tall lanky one." Cali told me.

"Jimmy is defiantly an odd child." I laughed, pulling out the purple bucket felled with ice cold water.

I handed three to Cali and grabbed three for myself before counting down from five and pelting the guys and girls with the freezing water.

"What the hell?!" Matt yelled while attempting to jump up to his feet from the floor.

"Wake up mother fuckers! We gotta get off of here soon!" Cali yelled, laughing as we kept pelting everyone with the balloons until they were dripping wet and awake.

"That was a horrible wake up call." Jimmy muttered as we walked to my boat.

"No, that was nice compared to what we're going to do to Brian if he's still asleep." I smiled, waiting for everyone to pile onto the green boat.

"What! You let him sleep in?" Johnny pouted.

"Yep, and looks like he's still asleep. Kay Cali time to until the boat and take off." I smiled at her.

"Sounds like a plan. Matt, Jimmy be dolls and help us push off please." Cali said while she started to until the boat from the dock.

As Jimmy and Matt helped push off from the dock, I turned the blower on for a couple seconds before turning the key to let the boat fire to life. A loud yelp come from under the cabin as the motor shook the entire boat while the props slowly started pushing us through the water.

"You couldn't have woke me up before you started with the loudness?" Brian whined, coming up to join the rest of us.

"Well I was hopping you'd have stayed asleep until we got out of the wake less zone. That would have been a lot more entertaining." I laughed watching around me to make sure I didn't hit any of the rocks or other boats driving by.

It didn't take to long to get out of the wake less zone due to the pitch of the props that I had on the boat. "You guys might want to turn your hats around." Cali warned everyone as I slowly started to accelerate the throttle.

"Why?" Zacky asked but soon was holding onto his hat as we got onto plane and continued to speed up as we passed through the channel and all the little boats that happened to be going to slow.

By the time we had gotten out of the channel and half way to Lone Rock Beach the needle on the speedometer read 94 mph. The wind was whipping past us with great pressure. It was a fantastic feeling.

"Holy shit that was awesome!" Lacy cheered once we slowed down enough to talk to each other again.

"That was just a small taste of what this boat will do." Cali bragged she turned around to face everyone.

"How fast were we going?" Val asked, trying to tame her short wind blown hair.

"94, we past a tour boat so I didn't want to hit the waves to rough." I told her with a smile.

"Are we beaching the boat or tying it up to the houseboat?" Cali asked noticing the small distance I was leaving.

"We're tying it up, I was just coming in a little to fast and didn't wanna fuck up." I told her, maneuvering the boat closer to the larger houseboat that we were approaching.

"Thats your house boat you were talking about last night?" Zacky asked staring up at the rather large floating house.

"Its either go big or go home right?" I laughed while shutting off the boat once Cali got a hold of the ropes to tie the boat to the side of the house boat.

"What do you do for work? You a stripper?" Leana asked jokingly.

"Ha oh yes totally. No I own a massage therapist business along with go in and work during the winter."

"Damn you make a killing doing that? Thats badass." Brian told me, fallowing me off the boat.

"I've always had my goals in life so as soon as I was done with collage, I didn't waste anytime." I smiled up at him.
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