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Veronica has always been the sweet little innocent girl everyone wanted her to be. That her brother and his friends wanted her to be. Secretly she always wanted to feel things she only imagined. She want to release her sexual desires. Let the inner lustful woman out that she knew she was inside. There is only one person who can help her with that.

Matt has always though of Veronica as Brian's little sister. Nothing more till she began to mature. Now he can't keep his eyes off her. He wants her yet there so many thing standing in the way. Val. Brian. Her innocents. If she keep teasing, tempting him. It might just unleash M Shadows. Matt darker more sexual side. His animalistic side.

I dont own A7X or any of the guys and their girl friend only veronica and few other character that come later are mine
  1. Stick & Stone May Break My Bone But Whips & Chains Excited Me
    Woke animal feelings in me- Scream- A7X
  2. Sweet Sweet Dreams Become Nightmare
    You Owe Me
  3. Shop Till You Drop
    I wana see you
  4. Bar-Q With Family
    Oh My
  5. Savior
    Cool air relief the stress
  6. Stalker
  7. Hurtful Word
    I want spend rest of my life with you