Sequel: For Better or Worse
Status: Complete. Thank you for reading. :)

For the Best

When your best friend gets admitted into an asylum, the last thing you expect to take from that is love. But emotions aren’t something you can just keep at bay. When you fall in love, you can’t just fall out of it. Saylee Vaughn and Matthew sanders learnt that just a little too quickly. Over the course of a couple years, and just the right amount of conversations with Matt, a guard that stayed on Saylee’s best friend’s particular hall after his fellow guard James Sullivan was admitted; Saylee and Matt fell hard for each other as Saylee went to visit Shannon every day. Love just came too easily to them. The short conversations lead to longer conversations, and emotions began forming. But when one of them finally acts on their emotions, the spiral begins. She’s only sixteen, and he’s twenty five, and that was why her parents were so against it. They saw no problem with Matt before, but suddenly when he came out with his feelings, they had every problem in the world with the guy that their daughter had fallen head over heels for.

Matt and Saylee couldn’t just stop loving each other. They’d risk their lives for each other, and with Saylee’s uncle not quite sure about him after a few incidents, they were right in the line of fire. They took hits, they took swings, they fell down, and they got right back up. With Matthew’s friends Zachary Baker, and Brian Haner Jr. on their side, ready to keep them together, they had to make it. But soon things begin happening, and it seems their lives are falling apart, and so are they.

Insanity brought them together, with the both of them having a friend in an asylum, and a seemingly undying love was the glue that held them together, but will their love also serve as the crowbar to break them apart?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Matthew Sanders, Brian Elwin Haner Jr., James Sullivan, Zachary Baker, or any name brands that I may put in this story. I do however own any original characters that I decide to include throughout this story.

*WARNING: This story will contain: violence, language, crude/cruel humor, tons more language and adult situations (maybe).

**NOTE: All situations in the story are purely FICTIONAL. Hence the type of story; a fan FICTION.