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If Skies Would Weep

Once, there lived a people of lightness;
their skin and their souls burned as bright as
the colour in skies of sunshine...

Above a thirst-ravaged Earth, there lives a people also affected by the loss of rain and frantic searches for water and food. They live upon the Clouds and watch in despair as the humans below start to wage war and then end it, their numbers dwindled to an alarmingly small number. Soon enough, the Cloud dwellers begin to Fall, the despair too heavy on their shoulders...

But, one day, a boy is born in front of the eyes of Navon, an elder who watches the births and cares for the newborn babies. This boy is a boy like no other...And he Falls within an hour of his birth.

And yet, by some miracle, he lives to impact with the Earth, in front of a beautiful stranger by the name of Amaya, a stranger with secrets as unusual as his.


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