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Tales That Must Be Retold.

Happy Birthday, Baby.

Nerves were filling my body as I sat back in the taxi driving through downtown Baltimore, yes I was surprising Alex on his birthday, it was mostly Jack’s idea who had practically begged me to come as according to him Alex would be all depressing otherwise. It was weird being back, I hadn’t been here since I left, I haven’t spoken to my parents or my siblings, my mum thought it was my fault that Alex wouldn’t call me so she basically told me she wanted nothing to do with me. How lovely. My dad on the other hand has always been much softer than my mother; he just gave me a hug and told me that I was always welcome back and that I needed to be safe in New York.

Welcome in a house I haven’t visited in 5 years, I’d rather not.

There was a cold breeze blowing outside and the rain was falling faster than normal, Maryland was known for its storms, but not in the winter, they’re more popular in the summer, snow storms are popular here as well but this looks more like a thunder storm.
After around another 45 minutes the car finally came to halt outside a white house, white was all I could think, that really isn’t an Alex colour, shrugging I handed the driver some money and stepping out onto the sidewalk as the driver handed me my suitcase, after thanking him I made my way up the long driveway towards the front door, it was early so hopefully Alex would still be asleep and I’d be able to surprise him.

Letting myself in with the spare key that Jack had told me about I heard light snores coming from a room to my left as a small yap made me jump. Glancing down to see a small white and brown dog staring at me, obviously very confused as to who I was, to make sure he didn’t make any noise I cautiously lowered my hand for the dog to lick which he did happily before tapping off into another room.

Lightly pushing on the door which had the snores coming from I was greeted with the sleeping form of Alexander, his head falling in between the two pillows on his bed and his mouth parted slightly to allow his snores to emit. Needless to say it was cute. Leaning my head over his I gently ran my fingers through his hair causing him to move his head further into the gap between the pillows which made me let out a small giggle at how amusing the scene before me looked. Moving my body to sit beside him I again ran my fingers through his hair and this time I received a groan and his own arm flew up and caught my hand before pushing it away. This continued for another 10 minutes until I finally decided it was time for him to get up. Leaning down, I placed a light kiss against his lips which caused him to shoot up and move away from me, obviously not expecting that.

Rubbing his eyes, he slowly squinted them open and upon realising who I was, he threw himself at me with wide eyes, which caused me to fall backwards off his bed. Lying tangled in his sheets and our legs I smiled as his lips leaned towards mine bringing me a giddy feeling in my chest.

“Happy birthday, Baby” I muttered against his lips which made him grin before sitting up as if he was four years old again looking for presents, rolling my eyes I stood from the floor and pulled him with me to head off to find my suitcase and his present.
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This is the same. I wanna write my new story and I'm terrible at having two stories at one go, I want to rewrite this, not sure why but I have massive ideas for my new story.