Status: HIATUS.

Tales That Must Be Retold.

Christmas Movies.

I honestly wasn’t planning on staying for Christmas, but due to the snow storm I now was, luckily I’d brought everyone’s presents with me so I could give them to everyone. I'd stayed for Rian's birthday which I was super happy about, we all went out for a meal and then some drinks and it was a pretty sweet night.

Christmas eve had arrived and I was sitting beside Jack under a blanket watching Home Alone with him while Alex, Zack, Rian, Matt and Evan sat around the dining room table discussing something that neither me nor Jack were bothered about. We were waiting for the rest of the guys and some of the girls to arrive to have a Christmas movie marathon and share gifts as we wouldn’t be all together tomorrow.

The ‘Keep the change, you filthy animal’ bit arrived and both me and Jack sniggered at it as a loud chime signifying that the doorbell had gone off rang though the house, turning to see Alex moving towards it, I gave him a soft smile and he gave back a cheesy grin. The sound of people trampling into the building, taking coats and boots off and talking made Jack groan and start wiggling beside me.

“OI, TRYING TO WATCH A FILM HERE, BE QUIET!’ He yelled to no one in particular, causing the majority of them to snigger at him.

“Jack, is there need to shout, really?” Asked a small voice of someone I knew very well.

Spinning around, saw the face of Alicia smirking at me, practically throwing myself off the couch and forgetting that I was wrapped up in a blanket which caused me to fall directly on my face as everyone started laughing.

“Still a cluts I see!” Alicia sniggered while leaning down to pull me up and into a hug.

“Oh my god, why are you here? I didn’t know you were coming, why didn’t you tell me she was coming? how? what? why!?" I said without taking any breaths causing everyone to stare at me in amused ways.

“I knew you’d behave like that, that’s why I didn’t tell you!” Was all Alex said while smiling and turning back towards the dining room.

Glancing over Alicia’s shoulder I saw the faces of various other people I’d met many years ago who I’d never thought I’d see again, looking at the all I gave them knowing nods before turning my attention back to Alicia and squealing at her.

“DO YOU MIND, I AM TRYING TO WATCH A FILM HERE!” Jack shouted from the couch as I turned to see his face with a rather large frown upon it.

“Sorry Jacko” I replied while pulling Alicia down onto the couch beside me before curling back up and watch the film with Jack, who seemed much happier that peace was at large again.

Soon enough the rest of the group had wandered in and found places to sit, Alex on the other hand stood staring at the two choices he had 1) on the end beside Flyzik 2) on the other end beside a small brunette who I’d been introduced to as Kelly, Rian’s current girlfriend who was sitting on the other side of Rian. Everyone was now watching Alex and waiting for him to sit before Jack pressed play on Home Alone 2, who let Jack choose what we were watching again? Finally Alex made his choice and instead of doing what everyone else did and sitting in a space on the beige couch, he sat down at my feet with his head resting against my knees as Sebastian crawled onto Alex's lap obviously wanting attention, which he received.

The evening was full of laughs, smiles and candy. Jack got all angry with everyone who was talking during the films, he was such a Christmas lover that he could probably love it enough for everyone to hate it and for there to still be enough love in the building for it.

At around 8:15 most people had decided to leave as there was another snow storm falling and no one wanted to get stuck. Finally Alex and me had said goodbye to everyone and shut the door causing the cold breeze that had been entering the house to leave. Sitting down on the couch with my head in his lap, I felt him playing with my hair as neither of us spoke.

I must have fallen asleep as soon enough I was being shook by Alex very gently to wake up, look up at him he made a motion that said I’ll be there in a minute, obviously wanting to tidy up before he came to bed, so I made my way towards his bedroom feeling his eyes watching me as I did so.

I changed into my pyjamas before sliding in the sheets and turning onto my side to face Alex’s as I waited for his arrival, which didn’t take long, padding into the room with Sebastian hot on his heels, he stripped off all his clothing except his boxers before crawling beside me and sliding his arm around me pulling me against him.

“Goodnight Olivia, I love you” he muttered before pressing a kiss against my temple and snuggling down into the bed.

“I love you too, Alexander” I replied while allowing my eyes to flutter shut and my body drift into a dream world.