Status: HIATUS.

Tales That Must Be Retold.

I Don't Know Why.

Eyes shooting open, Livi shot straight up feeling very queasy before shoving away Alex’s arm that was draped over her stomach and the covers off her and ran into the bathroom before falling beside the toilet and vomiting up the contents of her stomach, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand she gentle leaned up and pressed the leaver down, flushing away all the content of the toilet before the feeling rushed over her again and she was retching again.

Alex on the other hand had been in the middle of an enjoyable dream before feeling his arm being shoved back over towards him and the bathroom light spilling into the room causing him to squint his eyes shut to try and block it out, but not before he heard the sounds of his girlfriend retching and realised he probably should move and be nice, sliding from the bed and padding across the carpet towards the door which he pushed gingerly as he was slightly afraid of what sight he would gain

“Livs, are you okay baby?” He asked softly as he saw her leaning face down the toilet, stepping towards her he gentle pulled her hair back before rubbing her back in small circles to try and calm her as she had now started crying.

“I’m fine, I don’t know why I’m sick.” She choked out before retching again, nothing came out now though as she’d already chucked everything up and there was nothing left.

“Maybe you have food poisoning, come on let’s get you back in bed!” He replied gently before pulling her up to sit on the edge of the bathtub before handing her, her toothbrush as he knew how much she hated being sick. After brushing and rinsing, Livi allowing Alex to sweep her up bridal style and carry her back to bed. Snuggling back into his chest she allowed his soft hums to drift her back into her sleep without any more interruptions.


The rest of the day went by with no more vomiting, weird was all both Livi and Alex could think as they stood beside each other at Baltimore’s train station for Olivia’s train to arrive to take her back to New York as Alex was returning to his hectic touring schedule which started in Brazil in two weeks but before that he had press to attend in LA, therefore they’d decided that her returning on the 10th was the best.

As the announce over stated that the train would be arriving in the next five minutes, the couple turned to look at each other before kissing and hugging and making cute gestures before Olivia pulled her suitcase behind her and stepping through the ticket barrier and out of Alex’s view.

Alex felt torn, he wanted to keep her with him at all times now that he’d got her back, letting her leave his arms again was taking its toll on his emotional side.

Olivia was ecstatic to have Alex back, but even she wished that she could continue being beside him every day and every night, she wished she could watch him perform from beside stage and greet him as he came off stage, but she knew that she needed to return to NYC and finish college before she could do so which is why she continued to follow the crowd of people heading down the platform instead of stopping herself and turning around running back to Alex. Stepping onto the train she walked down until she found herself a seat beside the window sitting opposite a mother, father and a baby who were all half awake and had obviously been traveling for a while.

Watching as the train left the station, Olivia felt a pang run through her body as she watched the station disappear around a corner and they continued along their journey towards the city that never sleeps.

Alex turned on his heel and wandered back towards his car feeling extremely lonely as he’d spent nearly two months attached to the hip of the girl he adored and now he was away from her, not only that but he would be in a different country from her in two weeks, which just made him feel worse that he couldn’t keep her with him.

Both were missing each other but knew they’d be reunited soon and that it would be a magical moment when they were.