Status: HIATUS.

Tales That Must Be Retold.

What Is Your Problem?

Watching the rain drizzle down the doors of the apartment balcony I sat with Meganne snuggled in blankets with a variety of candy around us, nail polish and fizzy drinks, we were catching up about everything going on in our lives, it was nice to be able to spend time with her, Lily and Sophia have both been very distant with me since I returned, I hadn’t had the chance to ask, therefore I was going to quiz Meganne on it while they were out.

“Megz, can I ask you something” I announced out of the blue as we’d both been staring out at the rain falling over the city, she glanced up before nodding her head, making me continue my sentence “Why are Lily and Sophia being so distant with me?”

Meganne moved her lips in a way that told me she was trying to figure out how to say whatever was going on, she soon starting biting her lip and then opened her mouth to speak, “They um, think you’ve been spending too much time with Alex” She remarked while turning to see her phone lighting up beside her.

“What? Before I left Lily told me she was happy for me? How can she say that when she spends all her free time with Mark?” I sneered, feeling the anger boil up in me.

“They er, broke up during the New Year’s Eve party, she said she was angry with you because you weren’t here when she needed you” Meganne muttered while tapping away at her phone.

“But she had you guys, and who broke up with who and why did they break up?” I asked.

“She did have us, but she said it wasn’t the same because, her words not mine ‘You were away playing happy families with Alex.’ He broke up with her, stating that she wasn’t worth his time anymore and um all she did was complain about you to him” Meganne’s voice was now a whisper.

Why was Lily complaining about me? What have I done? What did I do? So many questions filled my head.

“She complains about me?” I repeated as Meganne nodded gently at me with sympathetic eyes.

“I don’t know why, she wouldn’t tell me” Meganne replied.

“Well, what about Sophia?” I asked, Sophia and me usually got along really well, so this was weird.

“I don’t know, when you left they started becoming attached at the hip, I’ve been pretty left out actually, I guess whatever Lily was saying about you to Sophia, Sophia was believing” Meganne murmured.

Not knowing how to respond I turned my attention to my own phone as I had just received a text from Alex saying that he was about to board his flight to Brazil and that he’d reply when he could get signal, or he’d email me, replying with a simple Okay, be safe and I love you x. I thought back to the days when I could be around him and be in his arms, away from the petty arguments with my so-called best friends.


Later in the evening, me and Meganne were laying on the couch watching MTV and laughing at the TV shows, we were now ignoring everything that had happened in the day and pretending it hadn’t happened, we were both awaiting the return of the other two, Meganne had made me promise to not say anything to either of them unless they said something. Hearing the door lock click i turned my head slightly to see the door swing open and hear the other twos footsteps, not wanting to have any eye contact with them both, I turned my attention back to the television.

It took them both an hour to finally decide to sit down beside us, and as soon as they did I could feel drama arrive.

“Oh who is this then” Lilly snickered.

Turning my head to look at her she had the most pissed off look across her face, and I really couldn’t be bothered with her right now.

“What is your problem?” I asked.

“My problem is you think you can come and go as you please” She replied while rolling her eyes.

Soon enough this turned into a massive argument with us all standing up and screaming at each other, what made us all stop was the apartments main phone ringing and pulling us all out from our own little world. Turning on my heel I walked away from all of them and into my room, but not before slamming the door to signify how angry I was.

The argument kept me awake most the night, I couldn’t sleep because I was wondering how four people who have been friends for four years could suddenly hate on each other so strong. What made me stop worrying about it was the text conversation between me and Alex since he was wide awake due to his jet lag.

Alex: Baby, ignore them. So what you were spending time with your BOYFRIEND is there some rule in the world that says you’re not allowed to do that or am I wrong here?

Smiling at his little reference to the word boyfriend, I replied back with ‘no you’re right, I’ll just ignore them, I’m going to sleep now, I love you x’

Turning on my side, I let all the stupid fights leave my brain and allow Alex’s face to fill up my dreams causing me to drift into a world full of imaginary events.