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Tales That Must Be Retold.

Please Explain.

Stepping from the plane in JFK, the All Time Low band and crew chatted amongst themselves discussing the tour they had just returned from and then tour they are due to start in just days. Not only that but the band kept reminding everyone and themselves that five years to the day they signed to hopeless records, smiles filled all of their faces as they made their way through the airport down to the luggage carousal to collect their things before leaving to their hotel which they were staying at due to the late arrival of their flight.

Across the city from JFK, sitting watching the sun set was Olivia Parks, spending Valentine’s day alone and watching the couples walk through New York City from many feet above them. Needless to say, she was lonely.

It was a clear night, no clouds, no rain, it was cold but that was all. The sunset was filled with pink, orange and yellow rays, mixing through the skyscrapers causing shadows to fill up the streets.

The door opening caused Olivia to pull her thoughts away from the city and turn to see Lily standing there looking angry, Olivia watched Lily open her Macbook and type something in before glancing up to stare Olivia in the eyes.

After the argument, all four girls had finally made up and decided not to argue about anything anymore as it was completely pointless, since then they’d all been attached at the hip and constantly spending time together, pretending like nothing had every happen.

“Livs um, I was at Kris’ and we were looking through the web and came across something that I think you should see.” Lily stuttered while making a motion for her to come over to the Macbook. Stepping up and moving towards where Lily stood, Olivia was wondering what she was going to have to see. Upon arriving beside Lily, Olivia was greeted with an image she would have rather not have seen.

A gossip website was open on Lily’s web browser, not even paying attention to the title, Olivia stared at the image, but before she could take it in, Lily scrolled down and Olivia saw even more. Feeling tears prickling in her eyes, Olivia turned to look at Lily as the other pulled her into a hug and allowed her to cry.

Soon enough, after around half an hour, Meganne had returned and was now comforting Olivia, Pulling herself from Meganne’s hold, Olivia moved and grabbed her phone, before scrolling down her contacts and highlighting one before pressing the green call button and pressing the phone against her face before stepping towards her room to make the call in private, but not before stopping and pressing the print button on the web browser to print the images.

Meganne and Lily exchanged worried looks neither were sure who she’d called or what she was going to do with the printed images. Hearing her door open both girls glanced up to see Olivia pulling her coat on her shoulders before placing her bag on her shoulder and folding the paper up and sliding it into her bag.

“Come with me please” Olivia sniffled and both girls nodded before moving to get ready to leave with her, neither sure where they were going.

Staring across the city in another building was Sophia, with Zack holding her, Sophia’s nerves were worrying her, she alone knew that she was the only one who knew about Olivia and could feel that soon enough everyone else was going to know.

Olivia walked in-between the two girls she’d become so close to these years as they stepped down into the underground and onto the train heading further downtown, sitting down in the train, she finally made her mind up to tell them. Strangely enough, Lily didn’t look amazed, however Meganne on the other hand looked like she was going to pass out at the information, smiling at both of her friends through her watery eyes, Olivia was finally thankful for them.


Upon arriving downtown, Olivia could feel her feet walking faster than she wanted to, but she decided to get it over and done with. Stopping in front of a tall hotel, she tapped something on her phone before it buzzed again and she continued making her way into the building and stopping in the reception as Sophia’s face appeared from the lift, smiling softly all four girls embraced each other, knowing that no matter what happened all of them were together until the end in this.

After a lift journey that felt like it was going to last forever, Olivia was standing in front of room 567, turning to look at her friends for comfort, she received three nods and preceded to knock on the door of the room, before waiting for the occupier to open to door. After a short wait, the door was pulled open by a brown haired boy who looked extremely tired but upon noticing the girl in front of him, his eyes flew open and looked concern.
“Livs, what’s wrong, why are you crying…”
Cutting Alex off, Olivia threw the paper images that she’d printed earlier at his chest which caused him to jump backwards and catch them, unfolding them Alex looked at them before feeling guilt build up inside of his chest and pulled his eyes up to look at the teary eyed girl standing in front of him.

“Livs, I can explain”

“EXPLAIN HOW THERE ARE PICTURES OF YOU AND SIX GIRLS GETTING IT ON? GO AHEAD I BEG YOU, FIND A WAY TO PULL YOURSELF OUT OF THIS THEN” Olivia was fuming at him right now, amazed at how naïve he thought she was.

“Honestly, I didn’t mean for this to happen” Alex’s kept his voice to normal rate, but Olivia’s shout had caused the rest of the guys to stop what they were doing and turn their attention fully to the argument currently enfolding in their room.


Not knowing how to fix this, Alex just shrugged before feeling a hand come across his cheek causing his eyes to sting with tears.

“I thought you’d changed, but obviously I was wrong” Olivia’s voice cracked before she reached in her bag and pulled three objects out before throwing them at his chest, and turning on her heel and walking away, being followed by all three girls.

Alex turned his attention to the girl he loved running from him but the three objects he hadn’t caught before they’d clattered to the ground, reaching down he glanced at them, three plastic white sticks, it didn’t take long for him to realise what they were, what Alex saw caused his breathing to increase and his body to go into a denial.

A small pink plus was highlighted on each stick, they were all positive.
♠ ♠ ♠
Okay so technically this is where City Dreams ends. I'm thinking I'll write some chapters to fill the space between the two here and post them tomorrow, i'm just getting sleepy now.