Status: HIATUS.

Tales That Must Be Retold.

What I'd Give To Be There Tonight.

Olivia's POV

I had a week left until my due date, nerves were building and Meganne had been constantly asking questions and helping me decorate the nursery which was Lily's old room. Sophia's old room was now a guest room although we never had any guests.

The nursery was an egg blue colour with white furniture and yellow and white bedding, it was beautiful. I loved Meganne for her help with it. I really loved it. I would visit it everyday just to remind myself of how lucky I was to be having this baby.

Watching the traffic from the window was always something I loved, I really did enjoy the city, but I would prefer to live in the country, especially with a baby now. There was always something happening in the city, it was always busy, the country was quiet and perfect for raising children, I loved it.

Currently Meganne was working and she'd given me full set of details about what I should do while she was gone. Shaking my head at them, I placed the list back where it was to pretend that I hadn't read it so I didn't have to do anything on the list, I was sneaky like that. My phone vibrated violently beside me, grabbing my attention as I reached for it to see Jack's face across the screen, chuckling I pressed the answer button.

"YO YO YO, OLIVIA" Jacks voice burst through my speaker, making me pull the phone from my ear.

"Hey Jack" I replied

"How you doing?" He asked.

"I'm good, tired but good, yourself?" I asked softly.

"I'm good thanks" He replied, I was about to ask a question when I heard a girl giggle in the background and say something to Jack before he starting talking to her and then me

"I gotta go Livs, Sorry hun, I'll call you later this week, love you! Bye" And with that he hung up and didn't even give me the chance to say goodbye to him, but I wasn't angry if Jack had a girlfriend, I was happy.

An hour later I was laying on my bed watching Sex and The City when I heard the door open and Meganne's voice echoed through the apartment.

"LIVI?" She screeched from the door

Standing up and making my way towards the main room instead of shouting as I knew she would shout at me for shouting.

"Yes Meganne?" I replied dropping down on the couch.

"Did you do any of this?" She asked, holding up the list of things she wanted me to do.

"Do what?" I replied

Rolling her eyes, she laughed and wandered off to her room to change out of her work clothes before returning and asking me if we could order pizza tonight, nodding in agreement. After laying around and watching films with her, we both decided to head off to bed at around 10pm, crawling into my bed I fell down against the soft white sheets and allowed my body to drift away.


Pain pulled me from my sleep, causing me to jolt up before feeling water and instantly I knew that my water had broken, pushing myself from my bed and stumbling through the through and into Meganne's room before pushing the light switch which caused her to roll over and rub her eyes before groaning.

"What time do you call this?" She moaned pushing her face into her pillow.

"Meganne, I'm going into labour!" Instantly she shot up and threw herself from her bed.

Within half an hour, we were arriving at the hospital, the amount of times I'd cried in pain or screamed was ridiculous. I knew it was going to be painful but I didn't expect it to be this bad. Finally enough I was placed in a bed and doctors were muttering things and talking before one of them stepped forward to talk.

"Miss Parks, We've done some observations and you're not dilated enough for us to start the pushing yet, therefore I ask you to relax until.."

"RELAX? I'M IN PAIN HERE AND YOU WANT ME TO RELAX?" I screamed back at him, frustrated at how he was acting.

"I'm sorry m'am, there's nothing we can do right now, I'll be back to check on you soon." and with that he left, leaving me to cry in pain and look at Meganne who was still in her PJ's looking nervous.

After another hour, the doctor came back to check on how dilated I was before leaving again once he realized I still wasn't ready, the pain was getting worse and soon enough I turned to Meganne with tears falling down my face before whispering the three words I haven't said in ages.

"I need him."
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