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Tales That Must Be Retold.

It Is You.

Olivia's POV
The humidity around the city made my clothes stick to my body as I made my way towards Starbucks to meet with the girls after spending the day apart to see other people. I’d spent the day with Alicia, one of my friends from back in Maryland who had come to visit for the day, she’s the only person I ever stayed in touch. We spent the day discussing our futures and what we were both planning to do after we left college; it was like the old days when we discussed what we were going to do once we had left high school, yet everything I’d said to her back then, never came true.

As I stepped into the coffee shop, I was greeted with the clang on mugs and cups and the chatter amongst the other customers. Stepping up to the counter, I ordered my regular from Kristy, the waitress, she was used to seeing me these days, I visited most days. While approaching them, there was this strange feeling in my stomach that someone was watching me, brushing it off that someone was just glancing around, I was greeted with hugs and smiles by the three girls.

“Took you long enough!” Meganne said while smirking

“Traffic.” I replied, rolling my eyes

“You were walking, how can you blame the traffic?" Meganne stated

Shrugging, I simply asked “How were your days?”

Within seconds Lily had started rattling on about how she’d spent the day with her current boyfriend Mark, who comes across as a creep, but she’s happy, so I am as well. The chat flowed pretty easily with Sophia and Meganne jumping in between Lily, I felt much better being surrounded by them, they always made everything feel better, when Sophia finally stopped talking all three heads turned to me with knowing eyes, it was like they knew something was up, Meganne rolled her eyes as if to say ‘go on’

"Every time I see her, I just expect her to bring news about him, but she never does!"

“Livs, you need to move on.” Sophia spoke softly.

Glancing up all three of them had sympathetic looks across their faces. It was always the same, they’ll never understand but instead of fighting with them, I just nod and make it seem like I agree, thankfully, Lily changes the subject to how we go back to college for the last time next week, I’m pretty stoked about it to be fair, I love going to college, everyday something new happens.

After nearly an hour we decided to head back to our apartment, order pizza and spend the night watching chick flicks, as I stood I got that same familiar feeling of someone watching, again I shrugged it off and headed towards the door until I felt a hand grab my wrist, spinning around I stopped directly in-front of the person.

The familiar chocolate brown eyes that I used to stare into every day were staring right back into mine, looking confused and lost as if he’d expected a better reaction than silence. I could feel tears threatening to fall as I tried to look everywhere but at him. Meganne, Lily and Sophia were all staring at him and had soon enough figured who he was, and looked as if all their ‘he’ll never come back’ words were eating them up.

Knowing that I had no choice but to look at him, I glanced around to see him grin slightly and open his mouth stating 5 simple words.

"It really is you, Livs."
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