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Tales That Must Be Retold.

The Birth.

Jennifer was sitting beside me playing with her phone as we all waited for Flyzik to come and tell us it was show time, after watching the clock move inch by inch I could feel the excitement build in my body.

"SHOWTIME LET'S GO!" Flyzik appeared and clapped on his last word causing us all to jump up and head out towards the stage to be handed our instruments. After being handed my guitar and hugging and smiling at Jennifer, I turned my attention towards to crowd and the stage awaiting our presence on it. After high-fiving the rest of the band and crew I was about to step out onto stage when I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, pulling it out I saw a number I didn't think I'd see ever calling me again: MEGANNE. Knowing that something was up, I turned around, and walk away from the stage before pressing the answer button.



"It's time!" Was all she had to say and my heartbeat started to get faster before anyone could say anything, I'd pulled my guitar off and dropped it on the floor, not even caring about what damage could happened to it. Pushing my feet through the building, I finally ended up back in the dressing room, grabbing my wallet and a hoodie I took a second to breathe before running back out the dressing room and bumping into everyone on my way out.

"Alex what the hell are you doing?" Jacks voice was full of anger, but upon seeing how worried I looked his eyes filled with confusion

"Labour." Was all I could manage before turning away from everyone and running in the direction of the door.


Watching the train arrive in the station that I had once spent time saying bye to the woman I loved, I felt a flush of love fill my chest. Standing up as the train stopped and pushing and shoving my body off the train and through the station that was packed, even at two am in the morning, then again, New York was the city that never slept.

Finally I made it out the front and rushed towards a taxi waiting for it's passengers, noticing the people were about to get in, I had no idea what to do, I needed to get there. An old women was watching me become all frantic before asking me if I was okay.

"Um, I'm going to miss the birth of my child if I don't get a taxi" I replied.

Instantly she started moving and talking to a women about to get into the taxi before they all turned their attention to me.

Soon enough I was sitting in a taxi which was storming through the city on my way to the general hospital. Arriving, I threw some money at the driver before climbing out and rushing into the hospital and up to the floor which Meganne had told me they were on. The feelings of nerves, worry and many other were filling my body as I finally heard the elevator sound that it had reached my destination, breathing deeply I pushed my feet out the elevator and down towards where I could see Meganne standing talking to a doctor, she heard my footsteps and turned to look at me, a small smile was spread across her face as the doctor walked off with a snobby look across his face.

"Meganne, is everything okay?" I asked softly, the stutter in my voice showed how nervous I was.

"Yes, but she's not fully dilated and the stupid fucking doctor won't do anything to help her with the pain!" The frustration in her voice made me feel slightly angry.

"Why did you call me?" I asked looking directly in her eyes which was sleep-ridden.

"Because she wanted you here." She replied gently looking at me.

She wanted me? After all the pain I caused her and she wanted me to be there. Meganne went into the room and left me standing in the corridor on my own, filled with the sounds of the babies in other rooms crying. Once Meganne had told Olivia I was there, she returned to tell me I could come in. Pushing the door gently I was faced with a face stained with tears, brown curls which were ruffed up which gave me the idea that she'd been pulling on her hair.

Once Olivia caught my eyes, she smiled weakly which I gladly returned, she wasn't angry with me.

"I'll leave you guys alone." Meganne muttered before leaving the room, I took this as a hint to move beside of Olivia, she followed my face with her eyes as if she was afraid that I would disappear if she didn't keep watching me.

"How are you?" I asked

She took a minute to think before replying with "In pain, tired and I just want to get him or her out."

"Oh, is there anything I can do?"

"Tell the bloody doctor to get a move on" She groaned before clinging the bed railing and moaning in pain, I took this as a hint that she was having a contraction.

After another three hours, a lot of screaming and complaints, we were finally halfway through the birth, my hand was practically dying as Olivia squeezed all her pain into it.

"Come on Olivia, just one more push and we're done." the doctor was asking her very calmly for someone holding the head of a baby.

"I'LL GIVE YOU COME ON YOU STUPID IDIOT, THIS IS MORE PAINFUL THAN IT LOOKS!" Olivia was shouting, and had been for the past hour or so at the stupid doctor.

Another push and the sounds of a crying baby filled the room, Olivia instantly fell back against the bed and sighed in relief. I have to admit, I will never say giving birth isn't painful.

Watching the doctors move around and clear up the baby before turning with a bundle of white blankets and smiling gently at both of us before speaking

"Congratulations you have a baby boy." Was all the midwife said before handing Olivia the baby and leaving us alone together with him.

Watching as her eyes filled with tears at the sight of him, I leaned over before Olivia made a gesture for me to sit beside her on the bed, as I did I caught sight of a baby with the same coloured eyes as mine, my own eyes filled with tears before I pulled my attention to talk to Olivia.

"Why did you call for me to come?" I asked, my voice slightly hoarse from the tears filling in my eyes.

"Because, you might have hurt me, but I still want you here. I still love you." She responded with tears dripping down her face, she was still beautiful.

"Thank You. And please know, I wish I didn't do what I did, I lost the best thing I'd ever had. I love you, Olivia."
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