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Tales That Must Be Retold.

This is a Joke.

Harry Alexander Gaskarth was what Olivia and Alex decided on calling their son, Alex picked his first name and Olivia decided to name his middle name after Alex who was stoked on this.

Neither had discussed anything about plans for their baby, both were too distracted in watching him sleep while sitting in silence. Many times one of them would go to break the silence but neither could think of the words to do so, not wanting to ruin the moment. At around 8am, Meganne arrived with Lily both carrying blue cards and handing them to Olivia before squealing over the new-born. Alex simply sat and chuckled at their expressions; the doctor arrived to do some check-ups and said that if all went well, Olivia and Harry would be able to go home later in the day. This news made Olivia’s face light up more than it already was.

Just as Olivia had fallen asleep, a ramble of talking was heard from outside the room, Alex looked up with a slightly annoyed look as he sat rocking his child before watching the door open after a light knock was made against it before he saw Jack’s face appear from behind it, smiling slightly upon seeing Alex with a baby in his arms.

“Hey bro.” Jack smiled as Alex held up a finger to his lips to signify that they needed to all be quiet. Alex wasn’t expecting the rest of the band and crew to walk in, all the commotion had caused Olivia to awake and furrow her eyebrows at everyone standing in her hospital bed before turning her attention to Alex who was looking at her.

“Is he asleep yet?” She murmured, rubbing her eyes.


Alex stood from his chair as Olivia moved slightly on her bed to allow him to sit down as Jack rushed to sit in the chair that had just been vacated. Everyone was smiling softly at the pair sitting together, watching their child drift into a deep sleep, the moment was ruined before a whine was heard from outside the room as the door swung open revealing Jennifer and Matt Flyzik who did not look happy to have her with him.

Jennifer moved her eyes between Alex and Olivia before smiling at the pair.

"Alex baby, why did you leave in such a rush last night? And why would no one tell me why?" Her voice was calm and Olivia had figured that there was something going on between the pair but wanted to be sure before making any judgements.

“Who are you?” Olivia asked Jennifer with curiosity.

“I could ask you the same thing, to be fair. I'm Jennifer, Alex's girlfriend and you are?” She questioned, still with a soft voice.

The words 'Alex's girlfriend' were words Olivia did not want to hear. Glancing up at Meganne and Lily she saw sympathetic smiles being sent her way.

"Oh, Alex never mentioned her had a girlfriend to me. I'm Olivia." She responded before glaring at Alex who knew shit was about to go down.

"Yeah, er me and Jennifer met nearly two months ago..."

"Right." The response was blunt.

The silence between everyone was now even more awkward and Jack took the time to ask probably one of the more stupid questions.

"So, what is this baby Gaskarth called then?"

"What?!" Jack instantly regretted his words when he realised Jennifer would be pissed. "THIS IS YOUR BABY?" Suddenly Jennifer's voice had become angry and a lot louder.

"Yes this is his baby, and he's called Harry Alexander, Jack." Olivia stated.

"YOU HAVE A CHILD AND YOU WEREN'T PLANNING ON TELLING ME? YOU HAD A CHILD WITH ANOTHER WOMAN? HOW COULD YOU?" She'd resorted to yelling and a doctor had returned to ask her to calm it down or leave but this just made her scream even more.

"OUT." Olivia yelled from her bed, glaring at her. "ALL OF YOU." Instantly everyone was shuffling out and Rian grabbed Jennifer's arm and dragged her out.

“Including you." Olivia muttered at Alex.

Alex froze, he didn’t intend to be thrown into this by his girlfriend, looking at Olivia he gave her pleading eyes.

“Olivia please, he’s my child as much as he is yours, don’t make me leave.”

“Please, just go.” Olivia sobbed staring directly at Alex before turning away.

Turning on his heels, Alex walked towards the door before turning with one hand placed on the handle and looking at the sobbing woman, rocking her child.

“I meant what I said, I do love you.” Was all he said before pulling the door open and walking out.


Alex sat opposite Jennifer in Jack’s sister’s apartment as the rest of the guys had left and gone out to leave the two to talk.

“I don’t understand why you had to make such a big deal about it."

“Because, you're in a relationship and you didn't feel the need to tell me you were having a baby?"

“I just didn't feel it was the time to tell you."

Jennifer scoffed and turned her attention away from Alex’s face.

“Really, you have nothing to say?”

“To say to what? That I was annoyed that you were attached to some girl I don’t even know?”

Alex sighed and soon enough started telling Jennifer that he and Olivia grew up together, were best friends before starting dating in high school, after admitting that they just broke apart after school and she moved to New York, he then went onto to tell her how they bumped into each other again, started dating until he cheated and she found out. Upon hearing Alex choke up when he mentioned that she left him, Jennifer moved and comforted him. She was using his break down to get him back, which is exactly what happened, he gave into her and fell asleep against her as she fell asleep with him.

Later in the night, the guys all returned to see them curled together.

“This better be a joke.” Was all Jack said to the rest of the group as he saw them.
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