Status: HIATUS.

Tales That Must Be Retold.

Time We All Moved On.

Everything felt in place as Olivia and Alex said bye in JFK as Alex left for abroad and Olivia left to return to her apartment for the next month until Alex returned and then she would move in with him. Kisses and hugs were shared along with smiles, Alex's arms held Harry as he gently handed him back to his mother before giving her one last kiss and departing for his flight. Olivia watched with a smile across her face but with the feeling of sadness inside of her.


Rain was falling down in the city as Olivia watched Harry sleep beside her. Knowing that she had to leave and sign some paperwork and other stuff in this weather was causing her to want to just fall back down and sleep. Olivia and Harry would be moving in with Alex in the next month, Meganne was moving to a smaller apartment further down in the city as she said she didn't need such a big place for just her. Both of them needed to go and sign these papers but neither wanted to leave the warmth.

"Livs! We need to go." Meganne's voice snapped Olivia from her staring at her son as she turned her attention to the blonde standing in her door whispering as to not wake him.

"Guess we should get this over and done with." Olivia replied with a small smile before standing and gently picking Harry up before following Meganne out of the room.


The rain wasn't the problem, it was the wind that was blowing through the city that was causing the problem. Both Olivia and Meganne had their coats on, hoods up and were trying to rush as fast as they could through the city which wasn't as easy as it sounded.

"This is ridiculous, you'd think because it was raining they wouldn't be here." Meganne muttered to Olivia as they walked past a group of tourists.

"It seems not." Olivia replied while glancing down to see Harry still sleeping under his pushchairs raincover.

"Wish I was that small so I could still be completely dry!" Meganne remarked at Harry causing Olivia to chuckle before grinning at her best friend.

Finally after pushing, shoving and getting soaked, they arrived at the offices of the people who owned their apartment. A stereotypical, bored receptionist nodded at them before pointing at the seats and then at a schedule beside her to show when their appointment was.

"Charming." Both the girls muttered under their breath after taking a seat and removing their soaking wet coats and basking in the heat of the office.

The wait for their appointment seemed to go on forever. Olivia was pleased that Harry didn't wake as she didn't want to have to try and calm him down while she was all soggy. Finally Meganne's name was called and both the girls stood and made their way into the office of the man who first gave them their keys, a sense of deja vu ran through both the girls' minds.

"I hear you're both moving on?" He asked while taking a seat and offering them both one.

"Yes, I'm moving into a new place and Olivia is moving back to her home state." Meganne answered.

Nodding, he asked some more questions before handing the papers over as both the girls signed before agreeing that they'd bring their keys down on the 10th October when they both moved. Soon enough they were strolling down the city streets, talking about memories that had happened in the apartment, the rain had stopped and everything seemed to have fallen into place.
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Said, I'd be updating as quick as possible.

Okay so I said I wanted to get this posted as fast as possible but after having some time to think about it, I've decided to put the story on hiatus, unfortantly, I won't know how long this will be but I need some time to be able to think about it and gain some new ideas, obviously if you're reading this and you haven't read A Daydream away, I wouldn't recommend reading that if you want to continue reading this as that obviously does have the end of the story, but I may change it so I don't want anyone to feel like the story is ruined if they do read that! (okay this doesn't make any sense hahah)

Hope to be updating this soon, however I am now going to focus my attention onto my other fic which is 'You Know I'm Never Gunna Let You Go' which is an Alex fic! So love you all and i'll be back soon hopefully!