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Tales That Must Be Retold.

Why Are You Here?

No silence has ever been so awkward and long as this one. I had no idea how to put all the thoughts running through my mind into words, glancing up at him I noticed how different he looked, blonde hair had replace his light brown hair, and was mostly covered by a black beanie, his eyes were still the warm chocolate brown they’ve always been, they were currently searching my face for some type of recognition and were looking full of confusion.

“Al…Alex, why are you here?” I managed to stutter out.

“Um, we’re playing a show tomorrow so...” He released his grip on my wrist and scratched his neck with that hand, realizing how awkward this was.

“Oh.” that was all I could manage, he hadn’t come looking for me, he was here for the band.

“It’s been sometime, you look well though!" He stated with a smile.

After four years and that’s all he could say to me, I couldn’t stand here beside him. Turning on my heel I rushed out the coffee house and onto the busy street, the humidity hit me within seconds. I could feel the tears threatening to fall.

“Livs wait, please.” Alex shouted, running out the coffee shop and chasing me.

I didn’t expect him to follow, he never used to when I ran, this wasn’t normal. I could hear three sets of flip flops running behind me, I knew who they belonged to without even looking.

“Leave her!” Meganne spoke up. I could hear her talking to him and him responding, I assumed that she was just telling him to leave.


The skyline had always been beautiful to me, and tonight it was even more beautiful than normal. Tonight should have been full of laughter fits and food, but instead I'd locked myself in my room and ignored them. Every hour, they’d each attempted to get me to come out, but I’d just told them to leave me to myself, I wasn’t in the mood. Glancing at my wall clock it said 11:49pm, sighing I looked back out across the city, watching building lights switch off as people headed to bed. Closing my eyes I leaned against the wall, wanting the block out the images of the afternoon.

A loud ringing of the doorbell snapped me out my thoughts as my eyes shot open, who was visiting at this time of night? Probably just Mark, he has a habit of arriving at ridiculous times. Just as I decided to move and head to bed, there was a soft knock on my door, swinging my legs off of my window ledge I rolled my eyes, whoever this was, was going to receive a mouthful. Pulling the door open the person on the other side was not any of the girls, or Mark, but another face I’d missed.

“Jack?” I choked out.

He just grinned and pulled me into a body aching squeeze, even if he hadn’t called or visited either, there was something about him that just made me forgive him. Burying my face into his neck, I clutched him back.

Pulling away he smiled and just stated "You haven’t changed!" Glancing at him, he like Alex had dyed his hair, Jack's hair was no longer the colour of a skunk, it was probably the darkest colour of brown you could get, his face still held the same grin it always had though.

The next two hours were spent laying on my bed, talking about everything, Jack told me how he’d broken his phone days after they’d left and lost all his numbers and no one would give him mine, I just shrugged and said it no longer mattered as long as he didn’t stay away for too long again, smiling he pulled his phone out, snapped a picture and then handed me it to type in my phone number.

Upon getting up and heading towards the door, Jack turned and smiled lightly at me before opening his mouth and saying ‘Come to the show tomorrow, I’m not asking, I’m telling, you can bring the girls, I’ll text you the rest of the details, get some sleep!’ He clasped the door handle and opened it, but I wasn’t letting him leave without a hug, jumping from my spot on my bed, I threw myself at his chest and smiled lightly as he hugged me back. Letting go, he brushed the tears that had slipped from my eyelids and kissed my forehead, "Thank you Jack!" was all I could say as he finally turned and left the apartment.

All three girls were sitting on the sofa staring at me as I grinned.

“Girls, we’re going out tomorrow!” Was all I could manage out.

Their faces lit up when they realized I wasn’t going to shout or anything at them, they all stood and within seconds jumped on me making us all fall to the group, laying in a bundle with them, I smiled before the thoughts of what was going to happen rushed into my head.
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