Status: HIATUS.

Tales That Must Be Retold.

This Is Where You Belong.

"I think that's everything." I spoke, watching as Meganne looked up from her place on the floor being giving me a weak smile.

"Well then, this is it. What time did Alex say he'll be here?" She asked, standing up.

"About 3ish depending on traffic." I replied looking around at the walls that were bare with traces of where the pictures used to hang, the emptiness of the apartment was creepy.

Meganne just nodded at her best friend. The morning had been spent making sure everything had been loaded into the moving truck taking Olivia's stuff to Baltimore, and finally just after half two in the afternoon Olivia had watched it drive away.

Sophia and Lily had both come over to help with the moving and were too sitting on the floor, both looking incredibly sad. Neither had spoken in a while, the silence we were all sitting in was just as weird, none of us really had any idea what to say. Harry was in between awake and sleep right now, he hadn't really slept properly in days due to the change of the apartment. I couldn't wait to get him into his own room. I was sleep deprived. Sleeping just wasn't on my mind, I'd spent most of my time worrying about moving and the rest being excited, sliding down a wall I glanced at my phone screen to check the time before pressing my face into my hands and closing my eyes.

I completly zoned out from everything and just sat deep in thought. The buzzer suddenly went off causing me to jump at the loud ringing of the intercom. I hadn't even moved to before I heard the door opening and Meganne greeting someone.

"Hey Alex!" Her voice was so cheery but the fear was there.

"Megs, how you doing?" Alex's voice echoed through the room causing my face to light up slightly.

"I'm good thanks, You?" Their conversation was blatantly to make the time go faster or slower, I'm not sure.

"Yeah I'm good thanks." Alex replied.

Snapping my neck up I watched as Alex looked towards me before smiling, his brown hair had been lightened while out in the sunshine abroad and he was dressed simply in jeans and a glamour kills top with a hoodie over the top. Smiling back I made my way up from the floor to greet him.


An hour later and all my suitcases and the last few boxes had been taken down to Alex's car. Finally though, the apartment was empty, I'd already told Alex to meet me at Meganne's as I wanted to take the journey to hers with just her and the girls, so he'd already left with Harry. Leaving us four girls to stand and look around the empty apartment before turning and locking the door one last time.

The walk to the office to give the keys was shorter than last time, mostly because we were running on a time limit. Finally we made it and all of us left the building with tears falling as we had finally put away the past five years of our lives.

Stepping down into the subway we all looked at each other before hugging and muttering things about calling each other and visiting once in a while. Then Sophia and Lily departed leaving me and Meganne alone on our on train to her part of the city. It was a journey that I felt could last forever. At last the train arrived and we were being shoved by city travellers and people who were going about their daily business. Me and Meganne headed towards her apartment in complete silence. As we saw Alex sitting on a kerbside with Harry in his lap, Meganne stopped and pulled me to look at her.

"No matter what, We'll always be friends, okay?" She whispered while a tear fell down her cheek, nodding in agreement I pulled her towards my body and we shared a long moment alone before pulling away and moving towards Alex and Harry.

The moment had finally arrived, I was leaving New York City and starting my life back home in Baltimore. I gave Meganne one last hug before climbing into Alex's car and letting him take us away from the big city.


Two hours had passed but we were still around an hour from Baltimore, neither me nor Alex had spoken at all since we'd left New York.

“You know, I’m glad everything is okay!” Alex spoke softly, but the sudden noise had made me jump up in my seat, he chuckled.

“Me too!” Tiredness laced my voice and he noticed.

“Go to sleep, I’ll wake you when we arrive.” Nodding I gently leaned against the window and drifted away from reality.

When I next awoke it was because Alex was gently shaking my shoulder, I lifted my head to see him smiling at me in just the faint light of the street lamps.

“Baby we’re home, where you belong.” Smiling at his words, I climbed from the car and followed him into the house before leaving him to put Harry to bed as I crawled under the sheets of our bed, this really was home.