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Tales That Must Be Retold.

Something To Regret In The Morning.

The energy of the crowd spread throughout the entire venue as A Rocket To The Moon came running off the stage, chatting about how brilliant their set was. The rest of the bands and crews apart from All Time Low and their own crew were all watching from the sides of the stage, New York shows were obviously a big thing within the musical industry. Running my fingers through my brown curls I could feel the excitement inside of me building up, I hadn’t seen the boys play since they left, and my adrenaline was higher than normal, although that might just be from the round of shots I had done with Jack and Sophia earlier.

The lights dimmed and the crowd became louder than they had been all night, the four boys flew onto the stage and went straight into damned. Alright, I know their songs, of course I did. Their set consisted of some old songs and some newish ones, and a lot of banter between Alex and Jack. The boys may look like they were joking around but under all that, I could tell that they were taking this extremely seriously. The set ended with Jack throwing himself into the crowd and Alex thanking everyone, I felt a sense of déjà vu as the boys came flying off the stage, covered in sweat but grinning widely. Jack threw his arms around me spinning me around and making my slightly intoxicated head become dizzy. Finally he dropped me and I was faced with Alex smiling lightly at me before patting my shoulder and heading off to shower. Sighing, I thought about how we ended up like this.

Sitting with Meganne on the edge of the stage, we watched as the fans pushed and shoved at the merch tent, to either collect a piece of merchandise or to meet Rian, Jack and Zack who had already come out, Alex was either not coming out, or was just taking an extra-long time with his hair as Rian would put it. Sophia and Lily had disappeared and neither me nor Meganne had any idea where they had gone.

A sudden set of squeals snapped me out of the trance I had fallen into as the lead singer stepped out from a backstage door, smiling he was instantly bombarded with people wanting to talk, to have him sign things and have their pictures taken with him. This took around another 40 minutes to finish and soon enough security started rounding up the last 10 people who were left and shuffling them out the door just as Sophia and Lily came running back into the main room grinning.

“BEST FRIENDS!” Sophia squealed, obviously she'd had more drinks than the ones she had earlier, “We are going down-town with the boys and I’m not taking no for an answer, so jump up and lets shimmy on down!”

“Shimmy?, how drunk are you exactly?” Meganne asked standing up from beside me and dropping down onto the floor.

“That does not matter!” She replied grinning.

And that is how I have ended up in club with my three best girls and All Time Low and their crew. Not only that but Jack had been shoving as many drinks at me that I was no longer even capable of walking completely in a straight line, however I couldn’t help but feel that there was one person sitting in the booth who wasn’t exactly happy.

Rolling my eyes, I stood and slightly stumbled pulling on the persons arm and dragging them towards the dance floor. Stepping upon it, everyone was drunk and pretty much grinding on everything and anyone they could get their hands on. Alex’s hands instantly grabbed my hips and pulled me against him, smirking I slid one arm around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss, drunkenly unaware of what I was doing. Song after song we continued to drink and grind until around 3am when Alex’s hand clasped mine and yanked me towards the stairs and out onto the side-walk where he hailed a cab, climbing in after him I managed to give the driver the apartment address as he pulled away before Alex’s lips crashed down on mine.

Arriving at the apartment both of us instantly pulled apart as Alex pulled his wallet out and threw a load of money at the driver before grabbing my arm and pulling me out behind him. Stumbling into the block and towards the lift, we’d stop and slide our hands over each other, finally we managed to make it inside the apartment, and this was where I took lead and pulled his body towards my room, falling into it, he had me pinned against the door within seconds of either of us being in the room, he left a trail of sloppy kisses down my neck and started roaming his hands underneath my clothes, he already had his shirt off and was unbuttoning mine. The taking off of clothes took longer than it would have sober due to how intoxicated we both were, but after enough time, he hitched my legs around his waist and fell down on my bed onto of me, running his hands over my bare body and beginning something I’d regret in the morning.
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la la la, I've always hated this chapter but it's pretty much a must for the entire story.