Status: HIATUS.

Tales That Must Be Retold.

Penn Station.

Leaning against Alex in the middle of Penn Station as we waited for his train back to Maryland, I held onto his fingers as he leaned his head on the top of mine, occasionally placing kisses on it. We were both avoiding talking as this will lead to realisation that we wouldn’t be together for Christmas and his birthday, which made me feel guilty.

The past two days had been full of Christmas shopping, decorations going up and in Alex’s Case: packing. He’d constantly running around shouting that he didn’t know where his things were and saying that he was sure that things were missing. In the end I sat him down and made his write a list of everything he’d had when he arrived so that he could check everything off.

Last night we went out for dinner just me and him, it was nice and we got the chance to talk about everything that had happened and was going to happen. The only thing that ruined our evening was the first waitress we had, who had started flirting with Alex causing him to tell her to push off and asking for another waiter which caused her to storm off and knock an entire tray of drinks over, so we got a new waiter.

A voice over stating that his train had arrived caused me to pull away, looking up we both just smiled lightly at each other before leaning in to kiss each other bye. Leaning his head against mine Alex muttered ‘Don’t forget me’ to which I simply replied ‘never.’

Watching him turn and walk in the direction of his train could have possibly caused a breakdown but it was the way he turned to wave before stepping on that reminded me that this wasn’t the end.

After watching his train pull out of the station, I made my way down to the apartment, but before I could do so my phone buzzed from inside my pocket, pulling it out I saw that I had a new text from Alex, opening it:

Alex: I love you m’love.

Grinning at his use of m’love, I replied back with ‘I love you too dear,’ Oh we were so cringy.


Watching her disappear as the train pulled away was heart wrenching, but I knew that she’d be back in my arms soon enough. Sitting across from me was a woman with two children, who were playing together, smiling at them and thinking one day I’d have the most adorable children. I sent the simplest of texts to Livi before turning on my music and allowing myself to drift off into my own world.


The next thing I knew the voice over had come on and pulled me out of my trance.

“The next station is Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport Rail Station”

Long name for a train station I know. Standing up as the train pulled into the station and grabbing my suitcase, I nearly fell as the train came a holt, laughing at myself I stepped off the train and into the brisk cold Maryland air, heading straight towards the parking lot where Jack had left my car for me earlier in the day by using my spare keys. I watched as people said bye and hello as they arrived or left for the holiday season. Leaving the parking lot and pulling onto the main road as I headed towards my home, well my parent's home.

Driving through the area I watched as kids played outside their houses dressed in winter coats, scarves and gloves, I smiled, I really was home now. Stopping at my parents’ house to collect my dogs which they’d been looking after for me while being away. My mother’s face appeared as the door opened, smiling when she realised it was me and pulling me into a tight hug.

”Alexander!” Her strong British accent made me feel warm inside.

“Mum!” I replied while hugging her back, my accent always came out when I was around my parents, made me laugh slightly.

After leaving my parents with my dog; who were barking happily behind me, I finally pulled up to my house, smiling as it came into view.
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