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When You're Gone

Chapter One


Lily-Anne Haner.
The first time i ever laid eyes on her was in the maternity ward, located in Huntington Beach Hospital, located in California.
August Third, 1989 at 12:30in the afternoon, this new life entered the world.
A tiny bundle of joy.
I was eight years old then, and saw Lily-Anne as the little sister i never had, but as i grew older, my feelings grew stronger, in ways i never thought were possible.
At twenty four years of age, i finally realised i was completely and utterly in love with my bestfriend/bandmates baby step sister, the girl i grew up with from day one of her life, most importantly though the girl who was eight years younger then me.
"Earth to Mattie." A hand waving in front of my face cut me out of my day dreaming.
Raising my gaze, i met the icy blue eyes of the girl, my thoughts wrapped around. Lily-Anne. "What's up Lil?" I said, smiling as she sat beside me on the sofa, her feet in my lap, and her back against the other end of the sofa.
"You were spacin' out again." I watched the fluro pink ball clicked against her perfect white teeth. That piercing turned me on more then anything, the thoughts of her tounge sliding up and down my. . . . "And again. What is going on with you silly?" Lily-Anne cut me out of my dirty thoughts i was thinking.
"Just. . Uh don't feel to good." I mumbled, glancing as Brian, Jimmy, Jonny and Zacky crashed threw the doorway, all of them trying to fit threw all at once.
"You'll be okay Mattie." Lily-Anne said, reaching out her hand to softly rub my cheek.
"Movies, check. Beer, check. Munchies, YESS!" Jimmy screamed, throwing himself of to one of the two recliners in Papa Gates and Suzie's living room.
Brian sprawled his body out onto the other sofa, while Zacky took the avaliable recliner and Johnny made himself comfy on the floor.
"Lily-Anne!" Jimmy yelled, all of us following his gaze to Lily-Anne, the hood of my black hoodie she was wearing now down, and her bleach blonde hair now with bright pink threw it.
"Oh my god! What the fuck did you do?" Brian said, all of us sitting shocked while Lily-Anne had a great big smile on her adorable face.
"I dunno, what'd you think i did?" Lily-Anne said, giggling. "Do you's like it?" She asked. All of nodded our heads 'yes' while Brian mumbled something to himself. "Bri-Bear don't be mad, im not a baby anymore."
"You are! Your my baby sister." Brian said, running his han threw his messy black hair.
"Oh god." Lily-Anne mumbled, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. While the rest of us just laughed, Brian was all to protective some days. "Your lucky the hairdresser wouldn't let me get it rainbow, cause i would of." She added, all so quiet, at first i didn't think Brian heard her, oh but he did.
"You what? Lily-Anne! Don't you dare even think about it." Brian was yelling now, while we all laughed, everything he was saying to her was going in one ear and straight out the other.
"Im joking Brian, jeez don't get your panties in a twist." Lily-Anne said, winking at me, she was lying. She wasn't joking at all. I shook my head, as Brian breathed a sigh of relief, little did he know.
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