Sequel: Eyes Open
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The Huntress

Adyrn Everdeen is the oldest sibling of the Everdeen family. She would do anything to protect her family since her father died. With the help of a certain friend she and Gale Hawthorne have been making sure that their families are able to live day to day. What happens when they are both chosen to be the tributes for the 74th Hunger Games?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Hunger Game characters or the storyline. I only own my original characters and the changes in the storyline so please do not steal.

Author's Note: A lot of the changes in the storyline is later on in the story so please continue to read if it sounds a lot like the book there are a lot of changes I've made during the games.
  1. Chapter One
    The Morning of the Reaping
  2. Chapter Two
    The Reaping Part 1
  3. Chapter Three
    The Reaping Part 2
  4. Chapter Four
    The Opening Ceremony
  5. Chapter Five
    Training Part 1
  6. Chapter Six
    Training Part 2
  7. Chapter Seven
    Practicing for Interviews
  8. Chapter Eight
    The Interviews
  9. Chapter Nine
    Let the Games Begin
  10. Chapter Ten
    The Hunger Games
  11. Chapter Eleven
  12. Chapter Twelve
    Getting Even
  13. Chapter Thirteen
    Allies Once Again
  14. Chapter Fourteen
    The Option of The Feast
  15. Chapter Fifteen
    The Feast
  16. Chapter Sixteen
    The Last Battle
  17. Chapter Seventeen
    The Final Interview
  18. Chapter Eighteen
    It's Only the Beginning