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Nothing to Lose

Eloise GarnerJoshua Franceschi

Josh never thought he would end things with Hanna. She was his everything, no matter how terrible she treated him he continued to treat her like a princess. He loved her with everything he had. At least, that's what he thought until Eloise Garner showed up in his life.
  1. o n e
    “It’s common courtesy to at least ask if you can sit down at a table with a stranger. I could have been meeting someone you know.”
  2. t w o
    “It’s not that simple when the girl you love cheats on you every time you’re out of town for more than a week.”
  3. t h r e e
    “His bark is worse than his bite really. He’s usually quite the gentleman.”
  4. f o u r
    “Not every guy is a jerk like Caleb, Eloise.” Margot scoffed, “Why are you even still with that arsehole?”
  5. f i v e
    "That was a mistake."
  6. s i x
    “I’m not leaving you here all alone, if that’s what your intending on having me do."
  7. s e v e n
    “Of course, Dear.” He said through gritted teeth, “I’d love to do it. Especially when all my mates are here, enjoying our day off together."
  8. e i g h t
    “We’re friends now. At least I’d like to think we are.”
  9. n i n e
    “Who could blame her, I’d leave too if my daughter had hair like that!”
  10. t e n
    “Whatever you need to tell yourself to keep sane love. All I know is you sure do have to defend him a lot.”
  11. e l e v e n
    “You don’t… you don’t think I was making a mistake getting back with Hanna, do you?”
  12. t w e l v e
    “Love and happiness have nothing to do with each other, you know that, right?”
  13. t h i r t e e n
    "You’re just as bad as any other guy out there, you just don’t want to admit it to yourself"
  14. f o u r t e e n
    "Nothing would be going on with us if you two didn't have to meddle in our lives!"
  15. f i f t e e n
    “What are you doing here?”
  16. s i x t e e n
    “I’m more of a vices sort of lad.”
  17. s e v e n t e e n
    "Don't worry about it, it's what friends do."
  18. e i g h t e e n
    "Why did you say that?"
  19. n i n e t e e n
    "People can surprise you"