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Nothing to Lose

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“And that’s a wrap for today. Good work guys!” Matt O’Grady said as he called all the boys in from the recording booth, “Josh I have to admit, I’m impressed. I honestly didn’t think you’d be able to get through recording when you first started coming in here, and to think that now you’re almost done!”

“Yeah Josh, why are you in a good mood all of a sudden?” Matt laughed, “You usually have a rather large stick up your bum.”

“I do not.” Josh rolled his eyes receiving a couple of groans of disagreement from the rest of his band mates who knew all too well about Josh’s frequent mood swings. “And I’m just in a better mood lately is all. It’s no big deal really.”

“It’s because of Eloise, isn’t it?” Dan grinned widely, “I like that girl a lot Josh. She’s quite the bird ain’t she?”

“Eloise has nothing to do with my good mood, Daniel. But now that you’ve brought her up, it reminds me that I’ve yet to kick your arse for telling her I still sleep with lights on because I’m afraid of the dark.” Josh shook his fist at him as everyone laughed at the two.

Dan shrugged his shoulders and continued to grin at Josh, “You can’t be too mad since I was only telling the truth to her. She would have found out eventually Josh, if you know what I mean.” Dan laughed as Matt and Max stood up and did thrusting motions towards Josh while Chris just continued to laugh.

“We’ll settle this later.” Josh rolled his eyes as he pulled on his coat, “I’ve got to go pick up El and I’m already running a bit late because you’re all proper twats.”

He tried as best he could to ignore the cat calls and approving hollers as he left the building, but he couldn’t help that they all put a smile on his face.

† † †

“Thanks for taking me to the hospital, Josh.” Eloise said for what seemed to be the thousandth time since he had picked her up, “Really, I mean it.”

“I know, Eloise. I know. Don’t worry about it, it’s what friends do.” Josh laughed as he slung his arm over her shoulders while they walked down the plain white corridors down to her father’s room. It had become a daily routine for the two since Josh had a car and Eloise didn’t. It was so much easier getting there and back with Josh driving, even if there was a risk they wouldn’t even get to the hospital in one piece.

“Okay, just wait here.” Eloise blushed as she turned to go into her father’s room, “I’ll see you in a bit.”

“I’ll be here.” Josh smiled as she closed the door behind her, leaving him to sit on the bench in front of the room. He slumped back on the bench and pulled out his iPod and smiled at a nurse that walked by. The small staff had all grown used to Josh’s presence for a few hours every day, and sometimes they’d even talk while Eloise was with her father. Josh gladly welcomed the company, for it distracted him from thinking about El while she was gone. He had spent a lot of his time lately thinking about her, more so than usual. Ever since their second kiss, which they still hadn’t talked about, he couldn’t get the girl out of his mind. But Josh still hadn’t broken up with Hanna yet, which made him feel guilty for having these thoughts. He also felt guilty for breaking things off with Hanna because he was the one who asked to get back together in the first place.

“Who was that?” Eloise’s father asked as she walked into the room. He looked much better than he had in weeks. His eyes were brighter and his face even had some colour. Eloise could even see some of the handsome man that she remembered from her childhood.

“Well hello to you too, dad.” Eloise rolled her eyes as she sat down in the chair next to him, “It’s just my friend Josh. He’s been driving me to see you lately because he is convinced it’s too long of a walk for me.” She shook her head as she thought back to their constant bickering about him driving her. Josh had promised if she let him take her, he would improve his driving skills. He always insisted that they didn’t need improvement, but he would try and do so if she would stop walking and let him drive her. Surprisingly, he had improved drastically. He ran over just two kerbs on the way there and sped through only one stop sign.

“Oh,” he raised his eyebrows and grinned at his daughter, “Can I meet him?”

“Dad!” Eloise groaned, “I’m here to spend time with you and all you want to do is meet my friend waiting in the hall?!”

“I never get to meet any of your friends besides Margot, Eloise! And she rarely stops by anymore as it is.” Her father scolded, “I’d like to meet some more of your friends if that’s not too much to ask. Come on dear, do this for your frail, old father.”

“But I don’t have any friends besides Margot!” Eloise groaned, “You know this.”

“You just said that lad was your friend. If he’s not your friend, then what is he?” Her father chuckled, “Bring him in!”

“Alright, alright,” El laughed as she stood up and walked across the room. When she opened the door she found Josh lying across the bench with headphones in his ears and his legs spread far apart in a lounging position. Without a second thought she kicked him in the groin causing him to topple over, off of the bench.

“Ow!” Josh grumbled with pain, “That hurt very much Eloise.”

“My father wants to meet you, Joshy.” Eloise smirked, “Quit lying around on the floor and come on you goon!”

“Very funny.” Josh glared through his eyelashes at her as he stood up and walked past her into the room, “Hello Sir!” His voice boomed throughout the small room as it echoed off the walls, “I’m Josh Franceschi, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“I know you!” Her father grinned widely as he shook a bony finger at the boy, “You’re in a band!”

Josh grinned widely at the man and nodded, “Indeed I am! Have you listened to us before, Sir?”

“Oh please,” He scoffed, “Call me George. Enough with this sir stuff! And yes, I’ve heard a little. I used to be quite big in the music scene; unfortunately I’m only big in the hospital scene these days.”

“I’m sure the nurses quite enjoy your company, George. You’re quite the lad!” Josh chuckled as he ran a hand through his hair. He looked over at Eloise and smiled widely before turning his attention back to her father.

“I’d like to think so,” George grinned, “Eloise you should bring this boy around more often. I like this lad.”

“I’ll try.” Eloise clicked her tongue and looked over at Josh with a smirk, “It might not be easy though with his rock star agenda.”

“I’ll always find time for you and your family, El.” Josh smirked back at her, “It’s what friends do. They make time for each other.”

“You sure do like to use that word nowadays.” Eloise rolled her eyes and smiled, “I should have never agreed to be friends with you, Joshua James.”


“What’s he doing here?” Landon asked as he walked into the room, “May I have a word?” He stared directly at Josh completely ignoring his father and his sister that were standing there staring at him with bewildered expressions on their faces. The rage in his eyes was unmistakable as he seethed in anger. It had been a long time since El ever saw her brother this angry.

“Um, sure. It was very nice to meet you, George.” Josh said as he looked back at George before looking back at Eloise one more time as he followed Landon out into the hall.

“You know, I really like that fellow Eloise.” George beamed, “He’s a find lad. And he is certainly the gentleman as well!”

“Yeah, I know.” She smiled softly as she gazed out the door to try and see what the other two were talking about. They were both standing at odd angles so she couldn’t make out what they were saying.

“He really seems to care about you too, Ellie.” Her father continued as he completely ignored his son and the boy in question, “And he’s well-mannered and very talented musically from what I’ve observed.”

“Where are you going with this, dad?” She raised a brow and eyed her father suspiciously, “Why are you saying all these nice things about Joshua?”

“Nowhere! I’m going absolutely nowhere.” Her father grinned as he quickly changed the subject, “So how is your fiancé Caleb?”

Eloise shrugged as she slumped down in her chair and began playing with her engagement ring absentmindedly. She had a habit of taking it off around Josh and Margot as well as Max and the rest of the lads that she had recently been hanging out with more often than not. She always put it back on to visit her father but that was about it since Landon hadn’t spoken to her since she left Caleb’s, “I haven’t spoken to him in a couple of days. He’s pretty angry that I decided to move back out until we are married.”

“Ah, well. It will all work out for the best.” George assured his daughter, “It always does.”

† † †

“I want you to back off.” Landon said as he glowered at Josh with as much hatred as he could muster.

“Excuse me?” Josh said as he stared back at Landon. The expression on his face was actually kind of amusing to Josh so he was trying as hard as he could not to laugh, “What are you going on about, you loon.”

“I’m not joking. Leave Eloise and the rest of my family alone.” Landon warned, “Or else.”

“Or else what mate?” Josh laughed as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall, “You’re fucking mental. Eloise is my friend and I’m not going to stop being friends with her just because her controlling older brother says so.”

“Stay away from my family!” Landon roared as he lunged at Josh, decking him in the face and subsequently knocking them both to the floor. It only took a moment for Josh to realize what had just happened before he began to retaliate.

“Joshua! Landon! Stop it!” Josh heard Eloise scream in terror. He looked up mid-punch to see the terrified expression on her face, giving Landon the perfect shot of his eye before everything went black around him.

“I’m so sorry, Josh. I’m so sorry.” Josh heard Eloise cry as she pulled his head into her lap. He felt her hands run through his hair as she pushed it away from his face most likely to check the damage. He tried to smile so he could reassure her he was okay, but he had no control of his muscles as he fell in and out of consciousness. He just listened as she sat there whimpering for a moment before everything went black once again.
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