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Nothing to Lose

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“How’s he doing, Landon?” Eloise asked once she made it to the hospital waiting room. She looked at the exhausted young man with the same vivid green eyes as hers that now looked dull and monotonous. She couldn't help but to notice that he hadn't bothered shaving in days, and it looked like he was lucky to have even showered as well.

“He’s just fine mentally, it’s physically that’s the problem.” Landon sighed as he looked up at his sister. She looked extremely tired and worn out, Landon could only imagine it was from quite a number of things that was going on in his younger sister’s life. When things were wrong, the very first thing deprived herself of was sleep.

“Where is he now?” She asked as she sat down next to the dark haired boy and grabbed his hand. It felt warm and comforting in her own cold, clammy one.

“He’s in chemotherapy as we speak. They just took him back a few moments ago. It’s the routine procedure they were planning on doing before he collapsed earlier. They’re not quite sure what is wrong right now, but they’re working on it. He's getting worse, sis.” Landon sighed, “Why don’t you go home and get some sleep, Ellie. You’ve been here every night for the past week, you need rest.”

“I can’t.” She sighed as she stood up, “I have to meet Caleb in… fuck! Twenty minutes. I have to go!” She leaned down and kissed her brother on the cheek, “Send dad all my love when you see him, yeah?”

“I always do.” He smiled warily as he watched her leave. He couldn't help but to feel pity for the girl who was wearing herself down to the bone while she watched her own father deteriorate before her very eyes. It wasn't an easy thing to live with, even for someone as strong as her.

Once Eloise was in the cab still waiting for her outside, she waited impatiently to arrive at her destination - Nando’s - her favorite place to eat in the world. She walked briskly into the small restaurant to see Caleb sitting at a booth impatiently staring at his watch as if he was attempting to make time go by faster.

“Hey.” She smiled as she sat down across from him and leaned across the table to kiss hello. She frowned as he sat there motionless as her lips grazed his own.

“It took you long enough to fucking get here.” Caleb spat at the girl, “I’ve been waiting in this dump for nearly ten minutes!”

“I’m sorry, Caleb. I was at the hospital trying to visit my father. He’s getting worse you know.” Eloise frowned and looked up at her boyfriend. His defined jaw was locked in place as he stared at her with fury burning in his eyes.

“I don’t have time for this. I'm your boyfriend. I’m a priority, El. You’re constantly staying with your father and cancelling our plans. But what about me, El? Don’t you care about me at all?” He shouted as he stood up and towered over her. It was all a part of his ploy to appear superior to the girl whose own individualistic nature usually undermined his assumed authority over her.

“Caleb please, you’re causing a scene.” Eloise whispered, “I’m sorry. I’ll call you next time I promise. My father... he, he just collapsed earlier. I didn’t even have time to get the details of what happened since I rushed out to meet you here.”

“You and your fucking excuses! No. You’ll bloody come and meet me if we have plans next time, not bail to see your sickly father!” He ordered, “And next lunch, I’m choosing the fucking restaurant. This place is a disgrace.” Caleb sneered as he looked around the establishment, not even caring about the looks he was getting from customers and employees alike, “I’ve lost my appetite, I'm going back to work. I really hope you’ve learned your lesson, Eloise.”

“Yes, I have.” She sighed, defeated. There was no use arguing with the man when he got like this. She watched as he stormed out of the restaurant and hailed a cab, disappearing as quickly as he came. Completely embarrassed, she stood up to leave when a lad stopped her in her tracks.

“You alright, Miss?” He asked her with concern evident in the features of his face. His brown eyes stared into her own, as if he was trying to read her thoughts as a tight-lipped frown formed, "That boyfriend of yours is a proper twat."

“Yeah, I’m quite alright.” Eloise sighed, “His bark is worse than his bite really. He’s usually quite the gentleman.”

“I should hope so. I was ready to beat his arse for talking to you in such a way.” He sighed as he let go of her arm and extended a hand out to her, “I’m Max.”

“Eloise.” She smiled graciously as she shook his hand quickly before placing her arm back down by her side, “Thanks for your concern.”

“Anytime,” Max smiled, “Anything else I could possibly help you with? No offense Love, but you look pretty worn out if you ask me.”

“S’cos I am.” Eloise yawned and sat down at his booth. She was only moments away from laying her head down on the table and taking a nap right then and there, “I’ve had a rough time lately is all. I think I just need some sleep.”

“Then what are you doing here?” He sat up in his seat, “You need to rest. I suggest you go home straightaway.”

“So people keep telling me,” Eloise laughed as she tucked her hair behind her ear, “Thanks for the words of advice Max.”

“Oh no worries, Eloise!” Max beamed, “I’m always around to help pretty girls in need.”

“Such a charmer, you are.” Eloise winked, “I best be on my way then so I don't fall asleep on the way there, goodbye!” She waved to him as she stood up and left the restaurant. She couldn't help but to smile to herself as she walked home, thinking about how kind that Max fellow was.

† † †

Josh kicked open the door of his shared apartment and groaned when he saw it was still empty. He was hoping the lads would be back and ready to go get a drink, even though it was still rather early. Josh knew that at least one of them would accept his proposal, if he could find them. He was ready to go and get properly fucked to forget about his problems for an hour or so. Or at least until the morning hangover came, but at least that pain would nullify the growing pain in his heart.

All afternoon he had walked around town in a pissy mood, all worked up because of Hanna. It was something that had been quite regular lately, and he was used to feeling this way after their breakups. Except this time, his thoughts weren't necessarily on how to convince himself he needed her back, he was more focused on how to get her out of his life- for good this time. He had ignored all of her calls, knowing that she would just yell at him for even talking to some other girl, completely disregarding the fact that she had slept with numerous lads while Josh was away. Double standards were a bitch.

Frustrated and discouraged, Josh flung himself down on the couch and muffled his screams into a pillow. He was about to turn over and go to sleep when he heard the door open and close quickly.

“Oi! I hope you didn’t spend your entire day off like that mate.” Max scolded as he discarded his jacket on the arm of the couch and sat down on the loveseat adjacent to Josh.

“Quite the contrary, Maximus.” Josh declared as he rolled over, “I actually just got back in. Where are the rest of the lads at?”

“They all went clothes shopping.” Max laughed, “Bunch of girls they are.”

Josh chuckled in agreement and sat up slightly so he could look at his friend straight on, “We going to get fucked tonight?”

“I don’t see why not.” Max nodded his head with a smirk, “There’s that pub right down the block with a sexy bartender I wouldn't mind knowing.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of a club, mate.” Josh rolled his eyes as he ran his fingers through his unruly hair, “When I said I wanted to get fucked up tonight, I meant properly fucked. Bring on the hard liquor if you catch my drift.”

“That doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea.” Max grinned as he pictured the nights possible outcome in his mind, “We’ll leave as soon as the rest of the guys get back. Which means you should probably shower, mate. You look terrible, and I'm quite certain that you reek.”

“You’re so kind to me, Max.” Josh rolled his eyes as he hoisted himself up and walked over to his bedroom door.

“Just being honest!” Max laughed as Josh shot him a bird. Finally, a little while over two hours later, the boys were all headed out to the club and they all split up in different directions.

“Hey mate.” Matt greeted Josh as he sat down next to him at the bar, “How’ve you been lately?”

“Shitty.” Josh muttered as he took another swig of his beer. He looked around the room expecting nothing in particular, but still anticipating at least something to happen. He just wanted some sort of sign to what he should do next. As if on cue, his phone rang and the usual picture of Hanna covered the screen. He was about to finally answer one of her calls, giving in as always when Matt caught his attention suddenly.

“Oi, look at that bird Max is chatting up.” Matt whistled, “She’s a beaut, don’t you think Josh?”

Josh’s head snapped up as he looked in the direction that Max was in. He wrinkled his brow when he saw him talking to a familiar looking girl that he couldn’t quite place.

“Let’s go over and fuck with him, yeah?” Matt smirked as he held up his own beer bottle in proposal of his devious plot. Josh chuckled and clinked his own bottle, downing the rest of his drink before following close behind Matt towards their friend who was pitifully attempting to flirt with the young lass.

“Hey boyfriend,” Matt wriggled his eyebrows at Max as he wrapped an arm around his waist.

“Get off me!” Max squealed as he jumped out of Matt’s loose grip, “What the fuck?”

“Just kidding ‘round, Max. Calm down, yeah?” Matt laughed, “When were you going to introduce us to this fine bird?” Matt winked at the young girl that was quickly turning as red as her hair. She actually looked quite a lot like Hayley Williams in this light, Josh noted to himself. Now if he could only remember where he knew her from. If only he wasn’t so full of alcohol already, he probably would have been able to place her, but it wasn’t exactly his intention to stay sober that night.

“Josh?” The girl asked as she squinted her eyes to get a better look at the boy who was swaying slightly to the music, “Is that you?”

“Sure is, love!” Josh chirped. He looked down at the girl and smiled, “Oh wait! I remember you now!” He laughed, “Don’t you ever sleep?”

“My body is a ball of energy.” She jibed, “If you cut me open, coffee would spill out instead of blood."

“I wouldn’t doubt it for a second.” Josh snorted rather loudly causing the others to snicker around him.

“Wait, you two already know each other?” Max asked as he stepped closer to the pair to hear over the loud music, “How?”

“Josh is quickly becoming a regular at my coffee shop.” Margot laughed, “Mostly to run into my friend El though, I’m convinced.” She winked as Josh scowled at her.

“Oh, Joshy has got himself a new girl?” Matt sang as he shook Josh playfully, “Is little Joshy in love?”

“Not bloody likely.” Josh rolled his eyes as the trio all laughed at his expense. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket once again, and he groaned. He didn't even have to look at the screen to know who it would be. It was time to face the music and get the initial confrontation over with. Hanna would wind up just showing up where he was to argue in person if he didn’t answer her calls sooner or later. If he wanted to move on, he’d need to find a way to finally end things for good, and that wasn’t going to be an easy task.
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So this is sort of unusual for me to post a chapter so soon after I post my last one, but I am going to do it anyway. I sort of need to get the ball rolling on this story so the boring plot development chapters are out of the way. I still don't totally know where I'm headed with this story, but that's okay because I'd probably wind up changing it later on anyway if I did have a plan in mind. But I digress....

So Eloise certainly has a lot going on in her life, what do you think of Landon? & Caleb? El kind of loses her independent sort of demeanor around him. & what about her father? Do you think he will get better, or do you think he's just going to keep getting worse? & Eloise has taken a liking to Max a lot faster than with Josh, while Margot seems to be getting along with them quite well to start too. :-)

I need more Dan, Chris and Matt in my story though, so hopefully I remember to do so. I hate leaving members out, but sometimes it just happens because you just get so wrapped up in the other characters that you forget about it. Ah well, the story has only begun, there's still time!

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Good news though is that there are only a few days of school left! That means summer, tanning, shopping, swimming, concerts, the beach, and more time for mibba! Hopefully I can get updates to you all faster or on a more regular basis (Some of you may know I am not the best at updating on a schedule, it's pretty random when updates come). If I don't stop myself now, the author's notes will be longer than the chapter, which is no bueno.

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