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Nothing to Lose

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It was only a little while later that they arrived at the already packed club. Josh spent the entire ride pouting to himself about how he wasn’t allowed to drive anymore. His mood only worsened when he got a text from Hanna saying she was thinking of visiting him within the next few days as a surprise trip since they just made up once again. Sure, he was happy that they were together again, but he wasn’t ready to face her after everything that had transpired. He still needed to have time to cool off, and that wouldn’t be very possible if she was following him around like a lost puppy for a week’s time- or even longer if it may be the case.

As soon as Margot, Max, Josh and El entered the club, the two pairs immediately lost each other in the midst of the crowds. After giving up on searching for Margot and Max, assuming that they had snuck off somewhere to rush into the more “intimate” parts of their date, Josh and Eloise headed towards the bar to get something to drink.

“What can I get you two?” The bartender yelled at the two over the music as they sat on the only two empty bar stools left.

“I’ll have a scotch on the rocks.” El said as she shifted in her seat to watch Josh as he ordered. He bit his lip, deep in thought before he answered which El couldn’t help but to think was insanely adorable. The more she was around the boy the more she was drawn to him. She couldn’t help it.

“I’ll have a Disaronno and Coke please.” He nodded as he leaned back in his seat, seeming somewhat pleased with his decision. The bartender and Eloise exchanged a look that said ‘what the fuck?’ before she leaned in closer to say something to the man behind the counter.

“Um, please bring a round of Kamikaze shots for my lady friend and me.” She laughed and pointed at Josh. Josh flashed her a bird as he sipped at the feminine drink that was almost immediately put in front of him. A few moments later, the shot glasses were on the bar in front of the two of them, and Eloise picked on up and lifted it high in the air, patiently waiting for Josh to do so as well.

“To being set up on a date, so our so-called friends can have an excuse to fuck each other in public!” She toasted as they clinked glasses and downed their shots.

“I’ll drink another one for that terribly true toast.” Josh winked as he grabbed another one of the shots from the table. He watched as Eloise did the same before he tipped back the small glass of liquid that burned in the back of his throat as it slid down. He was already beginning to feel the after effects of the alcohol as they both finished off the rest of the shots placed on the bar.

“Want to dance?” El asked as she pointed to the packed dance floor with a smirk. He could see the eagerness in her eyes to get up and start moving, but he still shook his head no.

“I’m not the dancing type.” He chuckled nervously, knowing full well what dancing with her might just lead to.

“Oh I doubt that.” She rolled her eyes, “You’re just afraid you’ll look bad.”

“I am not!” Josh protested. He could already see himself losing this battle rather quickly though as she was already sliding off her seat.

“Then let’s go dance! You've got nothing to lose, Joshua!” She exclaimed as she grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the bar and onto the dance floor.

Once they were there midst the crowds of people all gyrating with one another, Eloise instinctively turned away from him and began to sway to the music. His hands found their way to her waist as he pulled her closer to his body. He could feel his heart beating fast as they began to grind in perfect rhythm to the music. Josh couldn’t help but to think how perfectly they fit together. He stifled a groan of pleasure as her butt grinded against his crotch and forced a smile when she turned around and put her arms around his neck.

“I told you that you we’re just scared!” She spoke directly into his ear so he’d be able to hear, “You dance perfectly fine!”

“That’s just the liquid confidence doing its job, love.” Josh laughed as he stared into her eyes as he fought the urge to lean in and kiss her. He really wanted to kiss her, but he stopped himself because of Hanna.

…Fuck Hanna, she had done the same thing to him over and over again and she wouldn’t even find out if he cheated once himself. And really, a kiss wasn’t as bad as having sex, was it? Josh thought to himself. But kissing can always lead to other things... especially with sufficient amounts of alcohol consumed.

Before Josh could make any decisions on what to do, he felt Eloise’s soft, sweet lips on his own. It only took him a second to react before their tongues began dancing together in perfect synchronized movements. He was extremely disappointed when she pulled away with a frown.

“That was a mistake.” She muttered as she tore away and ran off towards the exit of the club. Josh watched her for only a moment before his brain caught up to what his eyes were watching and he began to follow after her.

Moments later, Josh was hit by a rush of cool air as he exited the club, “Eloise!” He shouted, not seeing the girl anywhere. He walked around the block for a few times before he turned around and trekked back to where they had parked the car.

“Lou, I’m sorry I let things get that far.” He said as he breathed a sigh of relief for finding the girl, “Eloise, are you alright?” He frowned as he put his hand on the girl’s shoulder. He could feel her tremble in his grasp as he turned her around, “Lou, what’s the matter?”

“H-hospital.” She managed to choke out as tears streamed down her face.

“I can get us there in ten minutes.” Josh assured as he pulled the girl in for a hug. It broke his heart when he heard the muffled sobs coming out of the beautiful girl he was holding in his arms. He wished there was some way he could make everything alright.
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