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Nothing to Lose

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“It is so lovely to go shopping with you girls. Honestly, how do you handle being around just those boys so much? I know I couldn't do it.”

“Er, we’ve just started hanging out with them, really.” Eloise shrugged nervously as she tugged at a loose strong on her blouse.

“What she means is, we’ve got each other to keep us sane around those five.” Margot shot El a look and continued walking around with the horrid girl in front.

Eloise couldn’t help but to feel extremely out of place in her floral Doc Marten boots, button up shirt and high-waisted shorts whilst Margot and Hanna were both in colourful body-con skirts, tucked in tank tops and had on matching heels. She looked like she walked out of a Tumblr post whereas the other two both appeared as if they just stepped out of Vogue Magazine.

“Oh, let’s go in here!” Hanna squealed as she looked in the window of a shop, “Although I’m not too sure if it is Eloise’s scene. She may not be able to keep up.” She looked the girl up and down skeptically as she pulled Margot into the store. El sighed and reluctantly followed the pair that had grown to like each other more and more in the past forty five minutes they’d all been together.

“So tell me about this boyfriend of yours, Ellie!” Hanna squealed as she held up a shirt against her body to see if it looked flattering in the mirror.

“Um,” El coughed awkwardly. She didn’t really feel comfortable talking about Caleb with people she barely knew considering it was such a sore subject, “There isn’t much to tell really.”

“Oh don’t be modest, dear!” Hanna exclaimed, “Tell me all about him! What kind of work does he do?”

“He is the head of his father’s law firm.” She said, “He’s been preparing for it since he was a boy.”

“Oh, so he’s rich! Very nice, Eloise. I approve.” She smirked, “But it must get very lonely, since he’s working all the time.”

“You would know all about that, wouldn’t you Hanna?” El snapped, but maintained a smile, “With Joshua touring and recording all the time of course.”

Hanna frowned as she tossed the shirt back on the rack, not even bothering to pick it up as it slid off the hanger and to the floor, “So this boyfriend of yours, he doesn’t seem to mind that you dress like a sixteen year old slag?”

“Only about as much as Joshua minds you dressing like a prostitute.” El rolled her eyes.

“Now now, girls let’s play nice.” Margot mediated, “We were having a lovely time out today.”

“Oh Eloise knows I’m only joking.” Hanna smiled fakely, “Don’t you El?”

“But of course!” El exclaimed, “As am I.”

“So Eloise,” Hanna continued to prod, “What about your parents? Do they support your decision to open your own shop?”

“Well, my dad certainly does. He helped fund it when I was first starting. Once Margot became a partner, he continued to fund for a while until we didn’t need him any longer.” El smiled, genuinely this time since she was proud of all that she had accomplished.

“And your mother?” Hanna scowled, obviously displeased about the fact her father was supportive.

El frowned, unable to come up with something to say, so Margot said it for her, “Her mother walked out on their family a while back, it’s a rather touchy subject still Hanna, please drop it.”

“Who could blame her, I’d leave too if my daughter had hair like that!” Hanna cackled, “It’s called a haircut darling, seriously.”

“Excuse me, I-I have to go.” El sniffled as she walked out of the shop. She didn’t really know where she was heading and only stopped when she heard someone calling her name.

“Oi! You’re a tough bird to catch.” Max huffed as he fell into step next to her, “Aren’t you supposed to be out with Margot and Hanna?”

“I was,” Eloise sighed, “But now I’m not.”

“Ah, Hanna said something to upset you didn’t she?” Max mused, “She’s quite good at that. She constantly digs until she finds something that really gets under your skin. It's her only talent if you ask me.”

“No kidding.” El chuckled, “So what is it that you’re up to today, Max?”

“Absolutely nothing!” He sang, “They’re working on drums for the record today, so I got the day off. Would you care to get a bite to eat with me?”

“That sounds positively lovely!” Eloise matched his over-the-top enthusiasm, “As long as you’re buying.”

“I would never let a beautiful girl pay for her own meal!” Max scoffed, “Do you think I am some sort of animal?” He threw his hand over his heart, pretending to be offended as the girl next to him giggled uncontrollably.

“Where would you like to go?” She asked curiously as they crossed the street together, “I’m thinking we head over to that quaint Chinese place, Noodle.”

“You read my mind.” Max laughed as he led the girl into the tiny restaurant. They sat down almost immediately and began to chat about light, cheery topics until their food arrived.

“So,uh Eloise, Josh told me about the other night.” He spoke low so only Eloise could hear in the crowded room.

Eloise gulped and tried to play dumb as she replied, “What about the other night?”

“About the kiss, obviously!” Max huffed, “Explain please! Josh wouldn't tell me anything other than that!”

El sighed and shook her head, “I made us do a complete round of Kamikaze shots, on top of finishing my scotch, and Josh had a couple of his girly drinks too so he was pretty out of it as well I think. I was really tipsy and I was upset about my father and my boyfriend and I was just making a bad decision, that’s all Max.”

Max raised a brow as he dug into his bowl of food, “Why so defensive love?”

Eloise blushed as she stabbed at a piece of shrimp, “I’m not defensive. I’m just telling you how it is.”

“Well I’m about to tell you how it is, and I think you’ve got it bad for Mr. Franceschi.”

“I’m sorry, who?” Eloise laughed and wrinkled her brow in confusion.

“Josh, love! His name is Josh Franceschi.” Max laughed as he shook his head, “You’d think you would try to Google us or something since you've found out about everything.”

“No, I’d rather get to know you each personally, not by what I read on the internet.” Eloise admitted with a chuckle.

“You’re a strange bird, Ellie. Really strange.” Max laughed.

“So I’ve been told.” Eloise smiled back at him.
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