Down With the Sickness.

Chapter One.

"Let's go home, I'm getting tired." I stated as we stood up from the bar stools to exit the pub we were in. We wandered outside, there was two people who we presumed were making out outside, so we didn't bother them. We carried on walking further down the street to get home and that's when I first heard it, the horrid noise that was soon to take over my life and put the fear in me. The moan of the undead. I looked back along with my friend Hannah that I'd come to the bar with. She looked at the person in bewilderment, like they were crazy. 

"Are you following us?" she asked it, but it didn't make a noise, only shuffled towards us at a steady pace. I looked over at her and tugged on her arm.

"Hannah, let's get the fuck out of here." I stated and she slowly nodded before grabbing my hand as we ran towards our apartment quickly. After that, the numbers grew and I saw many of them as we ran, some I knew which made the situation even worse. 

"Declan?" I heard Hannah say as she stopped and pointed over to one of them, her boyfriend. she wandered over to him, I tried to grab her arm but they were too fast. I had no chance. And before I knew it, one of them were taking a bite out of her neck. I'd never forget that sound.. Her high pitched scream.. The flesh ripping from her body. I did what any sane person would do. I ran for my life.

That was the first encounter I ever had with the.. things. I didn't want to call them zombies, but I knew that was what they were. I watched my back as I wondered the streets. No where was safe any more. And I meant no where. I looked over at my two best friends, Ashley and Brooklyn and sighed softly. In a world like this, I knew we'd have to learn that if anything.. Happens, to just move on as if normal. We originally started off as a big group, but now we were left with three. In our home town of West Chester, Pennsylvania they were now everywhere. I didn't even know if there was anyone alive any more. But as long as we were, nothing else mattered to me.

“You guys ready?” I asked as we hid behind some trees. I pointed over to a supermarket. We needed to get food somehow and if it meant fighting off a few zombies to get to it, my hunger would take it’s toll on me and my wrath would be taken out on the limping bastards. They both nodded. We were probably the strongest three out of the group, so I was happy we were still together. We ran towards the shop, I had a baseball bat in hand. They moved towards me and I whacked one of them around the head, making it fall to the floor. We walked into the deserted store, blood was smeared across the walls making it seem like some horror movie. I walked around, putting any food I could into my pockets and bag. Ashley did the same, putting things into his rucksack and Brooklyn was on watch, putting things into her bag and pockets slowly watching so none of the things came after us. Once we were done I smiled at the two, nodding before looking out of the door. There was loads of them now. Possibly around 20 or 30. We couldn't fight off those.

“Maybe we should just put up camp in here for tonight. It’s not safe going out there.. And none of them know were in here.” I said, Ashley and Brooklyn nodded in agreement. We looked for a door, one that would take us to a back room or something away from the smashed windows and doors. We found an office that had obviously been used by the manager at some time. There was hand prints in blood on the walls, at one point, the manager was in here. He probably died in this room too. There was only one window in the room with bars on, and one door which definitely made things a lot easier. We quickly got things together and pushed them against the closed door. We grabbed the food we got from the supermarket and instantly started eating the things we could that didn't need warming up. We couldn't exactly build a fire inside the office, we’d get burnt alive. Although, I’d rather be burnt alive than be chomped to pieces by those.. Things. I was sat eating a bag of chips when I looked out of the window, darkness was already setting in. Meaning we’d need to get some rest for a big day tomorrow. So far we’d been across the whole area and not seen one survivor. I was losing hope. But as I said, as long as we were alive, nothing else mattered.

“Payton? You okay?” I heard Ashley asked and I simply smiled softly as I placed a jacket of mine under my head to act as a makeshift pillow.

“I'm fine Ash, don’t worry about me.” I stated and he simply nodded softly before pulling the blankets out of his bag that we’d been using for the past two days as covers. They weren't very thick as they were from a hospital we'd stopped at, but they did the job. Ashley placed one over me and I smiled up at him as he kissed my head. Ashley was the father figure, and I was the mother at times. We no longer had any families so we had to like this family no matter what, we had to stick together. No matter how fucked up the situation was.

“I love you all..” Was the last thing I whispered before I fell into a deep slumber.
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Okay so my first chapter on a Zombie story :) What do you guys think?