Down With the Sickness.

Chapter Ten.

I tried to keep myself as quiet as possible as I attempted to get the bastards hands off me. I threw my head back and forth while holding the demons throat with my hands. I heard 'shit' and a bottle of pills being thrown to the floor as Bam realised what was happening to me. I held the fucker with one hand and quickly reached for my knife in my waistband. I fumbled with the metal for a while before pushing the blade up, straight through the jaw and into the brain. I heard the squelch as I pulled the knife out and dropped the body to the floor. I looked up to where the monster once was and saw Bam standing there, his hands held out as though he was once holding something for dear life. I realised then if it wasn't for him I'd be dead right now. I couldn't hold that zombie back with one hand when I was that scared, who am I kidding? Bam held it, he was the one that stopped it. I walked slowly over to him before wrapping my arms around his neck and placing my head on his shoulder.

"Thank you." I whispered, tears coming to my eyes as he wrapped his arms around me and played with a loose strand of hair that had come out of my braid. I heard a soft knock on the door and furrowed my eyebrows together as I let go of Bam slightly. He placed a finger up to his lips and I nodded as I grabbed onto his hand tightly. He squeezed my fingers before letting go of my hand and holding my baseball bat up high. I squeezed in front of him and grabbed hold of the door handle. I looked at Bam and he nodded at me softly. I pulled the door open quickly and Bam raced inside. I heard a loud scream and I instinctively raced in after him, my knife held up high. My knife clattered to the floor at what I saw before me.

"Daddy?" I asked and my fathers eyes widened from his position in the corner of the room. Even in the dim light, I'd know my fathers hair and clothes anywhere. He crawled out of the darkness, his hands limp at his sides as he looked at me.

"P-Payton? Is that you?" He asked and I sobbed as I nodded my head forcefully. Bam instantly lowered his bat as I took my father in my arms. He seemed to be thin, but other than that everything seemed okay.

"I thought you were dead?!" I exclaimed into his shoulder and he chuckled softly. I felt a couple of tears fall onto my shoulder but I didn't mind, I had my father back.

"I thought you was too, sweetheart. They came in so fast, there was no place for us to hide, we hid in a closet until-" He started saying but I cut him off.

"We?" I asked as I pulled away and he simply grinned as he ran a hand over his beard.

"Wait right here." He said before walking to a door that was hidden behind rubble in the room. He knocked five times in a weird pattern and the door opened slowly. I tried peaking round the frame but I couldn't see anything due to the vast darkness of the room. But, as soon as the little head peaked round the corner my heart shattered all over again and a new wave of tears started. There, in the flesh, was my [url= sister.[/url]

"Ana?" I choked out and she sobbed as she flew into my arms. I gripped her so tight and she held me the same way. I let her go and held her face in my palms, she was skinny, but she was alive. I stood up and grabbed her small hand in mine.

"Oh, um, Bam! This is my Dad and this is my little sister, Ariana. Guys, this guy took us into his home a while ago, we've been living with him ever since." My dad eyed Bam over thoroughly before extending his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Bam." He said with a warm smile and Bam visibly relaxed as he took my fathers hand in his.

"You too, Sir." He said with a small smile and I grinned at the contact, it wasn't very often my dad liked someone. Although, in this world I guess things had to be different. "Well, let's head off shall we?" Bam asked.

"T-They can come with us?" I asked and he smiled softly as he nodded.

"We're not gonna leave them here, are we? So come on guys lets go. Hopefully the others will be finished." He said and I smiled as I grabbed my father and my sisters hands and began walking them out of the door. I stopped once we got to the main entrance.

"Okay, Dad. Pick up Ana and bury her head in your shoulder. I don't want her to see any of this, okay?" I asked and he nodded as he did what I said. Bam handed me back my baseball bat and we walked out of the door together. Bam escorted my family to the car as I took care of the monsters around us. All the others were safely back in the car so as soon as the last walker was down I jumped into the car and we made our way towards Bams house.

I walked into the house and a beautiful scent filled the air. Ape was cooking something in the kitchen whilst all the others sat at the giant oak table.

"We're back!" I exclaimed and Instantly everyone rushed over to greet us. As soon as they saw my family, everyone other than Brooke and Ash looked shocked. My friends ran over to them and gave them hugs and I smiled at everyone else.

"Guys, this is my Dad and sister, Ariana." I said and everyone's expression changed as they welcomed them.

"Dad, Ana, This is Raab, Rake, Johnny, Steve-O, Ryan, Ehren, Dave, Wee Man, Preston, Dico, Loomis, Phil and April. This is my other family." I said as I pointed to everyone with a smile and both of them nodded.

"It's gonna be a while before I remember anyones names, Sorry." My sister said and I laughed lightly as I ruffled her dishevelled hair.

"Well, why don't you come in and have some food. You must be starving." April said and their eyes instantly lit up as they made their way towards the dining room. All the others took the food to the kitchen and I stayed, taking off the suit that was making me incredibly warm. Bam was standing in the doorway to the living room and was smiling at me softly, his suit now tied at the arms around his waist. I walked over to him and smiled softly as I also tied my suit around my waist.

"Thank you, Bam. For everything." I said with a sigh and he smiled as he rolled his eyes.

"You just found your family, did you expect me to leave them there?" He asked with his eyebrows raised and I laughed.

"Not just for that, you saved my life back there. And I'm eternally grateful for that. If it wasn't for you before, I wouldn't be with my family now." I said and he smiled softly as he picked up his hand and ran it down my arm. I stepped closer to him and wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my head in his chest. His arms wrapped around me instinctively.

"Your welcome." He said into my hair. I raised my head to look into his eyes and wasn't at all surprised when I got lost in his blue orbs.

"We shouldn't be doing this." I said, but it didn't make a difference, my body wasn't listening to me.

"It's not illegal, is it?" He asked, his lips only a breath away from mine.

"If it was, would it really matter now?" I asked and he chuckled as he pressed his lips to mine softly. I couldn't help sinking into him, right now, by body wanted him more than my mind could protest. We pulled away eventually and I couldn't help but grin at the happiness that radiated off him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me into the dining room where everyone instantly looked at us.

"What?" I asked and blushed profusely when everyone started cheering and clapping, everyone but my family who looked completely lost with their mouths full of food.

"Fuckin' Finally!" Pontius exclaimed and April gasped as she hit him round the head. He looked confused until April finally pointed at the child in the room who wasn't even listening, but more interested in the food on her plate.

"What's everyone talking about?" My Dad asked in confusion and I groaned as I ran a hand over my flushed face.

"Their just kidding, Daddy." I said as I moved around the table to sit next to him. He gave me a sceptical look before shrugging and digging back into his food. Life couldn't get any better right now.