Down With the Sickness.

Chapter Two.

I awoke to loud bangs coming from the direction of the door. I climbed up quickly and crawled over to Ashley who was still asleep. If someone was trying to bust down the door, we had to act fast.

“Ash, wake up! Their at the door!” I exclaimed quietly, not wanting to draw attention. Ashley quickly sat up, his head turning towards the door and his face going deadly pale. He quickly woke up Brooke and as soon as she heard the noise, her breath hitched.

“What are we going to do, Pay?” Brooke asked and I wrecked my mind for things to do, I literally had nothing this time.. I was the plan maker.. And I was stumped. I looked around, there was a few cupboards that could fit a couple of people and also a huge ass desk. “You guys hide in those cupboards, I’ll take the desk. Don’t make any noises.” I said as I heard the things in front of the door moving slightly. “Go!” I exclaimed quietly and they got up, quickly running to climb into the wood. I ran behind the desk as I heard the last piece of furniture moving from the door. The wooden door burst open just as I got into position. I heard footprints walking in, one of them groaned loudly. Then I heard something I hadn't in a while. Talking.

“Fuck man! I thought you said you heard people in here?!” Someone shouted and the other sighed.

“I thought I did, Bam. I heard snoring and then whispers as we were trying to get through the door..” Someone else said sadly. I crawled out of my position and stood up, seeing the men in front of me.

“Who are you and why the fuck did you break down the door to our safe spot?!” I exclaimed loudly, but not loud enough to draw attention. The boys mouths dropped and I rolled my eyes softly as I placed my hands on my hips. “Ashley! Brooklyn! Get out of there!” I stated and Brooke crawled out shyly while Ashley landed with a thud on the ground. I giggled softly to myself before turning back to the people that were strangely still alive. “Are you going to answer my question any time soon?” I asked and the heavily tattooed man spoke up.

“My friends heard you guys and thought you might need a little help!” He exclaimed and I rolled my eyes.

“We were managing just fine without your help.” My stubborn side kicked in. “But now that you've broke down our door, we’re going to have to set off sooner than planned.” I said as I grabbed my things from the floor. I grabbed my bat and wiped off the blood from yesterday. “Now if you’d excuse us, we've got some fuckers to kill.” I stated and waited for the others to gather their things.

“Well fucking sorry for wanting to help!” The man exclaimed. “We thought you people might need a safe place to stay.” He said, his voice going soft.

“We've been doing fine without any help since our parents died to those bastards!” I stated, my eyes cold as I thought about it. “Come on guys.” I said and they both sighed before nodding and following me out of the door.

"Look, my names Steve-O and we really want to help you guys. We haven’t found any survivors on our travels so far, you’re the first and we have a place you can stay with rooms for you.” He stated as he grabbed my arm. I pulled from his grasp and sighed, we weren't really going anywhere.. So maybe it was for the best to stay safe for a while and eat some proper food. Get our health back up before going back out again.

“Fine, we’ll go with you guys.” I said and the others nodded happily in agreement. “Thanks..” I said. The main man with the tattoos went out first. I saw two 4x4 cars parked out the front of the shop. I walked out after him. One of them came running towards me so I swung my bat, getting a clean shot to its head and smiling as it dropped to the floor. I spat on the body and laughed as they opened the door to the car. I climbed into the back of the one that the tattooed man got into and Ashley and Brooke got inside after me. Once everyone was inside the driver counted the passengers and nodded before driving off. We were driving for quite a while, only quiet metal music played in the background. I was next to Ashley so I rested my head softly on his shoulder. He smiled down at me and placed a light kiss on my forehead. We drove through a large metal gate and up a long drive way until we came to.. More of a castle than an actual house.

“Welcome to Castle Bam ladies and gentleman. Fuck up my house, and I will kill you.” The driver said seriously as he climbed out of the car, we followed shortly after and climbed out. I placed my bag over my shoulder and followed after him. “Well, my names Bam and we have two spare rooms at the moment, do with that what you will.” He said and I looked between my friends.

“I’ll share with Brooke and Ashley can do what he wants.” I stated and we all nodded.

“Ashley, I guess that’s what your name is, you might need to share with another dude if need be. My uncle might be coming over.” Bam stated and Ashley’s eyes went wide.

“It’s okay, I'm sure all three of us could fit.” I stated and he simply shrugged before nodding.

“Whatever floats your boat. No threesomes though.” He said and chuckled before heading to what I presumed was the kitchen. “Now, Ape’s asleep so can any of you cook?” He asked as he poked his head through the door and I raised my hand. “Then please, cook us some food. We’re all starving.” He stated more than he did ask and I rolled my eyes softly as I followed him into the kitchen area. I washed my hands and got things together before turning around to face him.

“You think I'm doing this everyday, you've got another thing coming.” I stated coldly and he simply shrugged with a smirk.

“Honey, it’s my house. And we like being fed.” He stated and I groaned before going back to the stove, placing the sauce in the pan to make spaghetti Bolognese.

“Try that shit again, and there might not be any of you left.” I muttered under my breath and he simply chuckled before exiting the room. When I was around half way done, someone cleared their throat from behind me. I turned around and saw an older lady standing there.

“Would you like any help, dear?” She asked with a soft smile and I smiled back softly before shaking my head.

“No thank you, ma’am. I think I'm almost all done here.” I said with another smile and she grinned as she grabbed the plates.

“Well at least let me set the table honey, you know how these boys can be, no help at all!” She exclaimed and giggled softly as she placed out the plates.

“Yeah, well I just sort of got shoved in here and told to cook. I haven't even had a shower! These boys are so lovely.” I giggled and she joined in.

“I take it that was my son, Bam. He’s not exactly the best person to get along with.” She chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

“I can tell.” I giggled. It was the first time I’d laughed in a while, and it felt good. That even in this madness, we could be happy. “I'm Payton.” I said as I turned around to the kind woman and stuck out my now clean hand. She took the gesture with a kind smile and placed her hand in mine.

“I'm April honey, but you can call me Ape. Everyone else does.” She smiled and I nodded happily.

“It’s lovely to meet you April.” I said with a smile before turning around. Once the pasta was done I asked April to call them all down. Everyone piled into the room as I placed the last plate down. “Dig in!” I exclaimed and everyone tucked into their meal.

“Oh my god, Ape, I think you've just been replaced.” One that I’d learnt was Steve-O said as he smiled over at me. I smiled back and April chuckled.

“I know, you’re food is amazing honey!” She exclaimed and I just smiled lightly over at her.

“Thank you very much. We can share cooking duties.” I giggled and Bam spoke up.

“So, we better introduce you to everybody. This is Raab, Rake, Pontius, Johnny, Steve-O, Ryan, Ehren, Dave, Wee man, Preston, Dico and lastly Loomis. Along with my mum and dad Ape and Phil.” He stated as he pointed to everyone before going back to his food. The girl next to him shoved his arm lightly and he chuckled. “And this is my wife Missy.” He stated and I simply nodded, taking in all the new information.

Once everyone was finished I grabbed all the plates and placed them into the sink. Brooke came over and placed the dishes away as I washed them.

“So, how are you liking this place so far?” She asked once everyone had left. I shrugged.

“I don’t know, most of the guys are lovely. Bam is not.” I stated and she laughed lightly before nodding.

“I know right, he’s been such an asshole.” She sighed and I just chuckled. No matter what, Brooke could make me laugh.

Once we were done I wrapped my arms around her in a tight hug. “I love you, Brooke. Never forget that.” I said as I softly pecked her lips which she returned. I wasn't gay, neither of us where. It was just something we did.

“Love you too, sweet cheeks.” She said with a giggle before slapping my ass. Bam walked in chuckling.

“A little bit of girl action, not bad.” He stated as he leaned against the door frame. I glared at him before flipping him off. I couldn't be doing with this man, he would be the death of me.
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