Down With the Sickness.

Chapter Five.

A week later.

I sighed as I wandered around the garden aimlessly, a tennis ball in hand. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just threw it in the air every now and again. I heard someone cough behind me and I turned around, seeing Bam stood there awkwardly.

“We need some food.. We figured since you where amazing with the bat when we saved you, you might want to come along and help.” He said with a soft smile and I grinned before nodding my head.

“I’d love to come with you guys!” I exclaimed as I threw the ball on the floor and followed him inside. Everyone was dressed in bullet proof clothing. I raised my brow.

“Just in case someone does try to bite us, nothing can get through this shit.” He chuckled as he placed the clothing over his body. “Here’s yours.” He said and passed me the jumpsuit. I didn't even know they existed, but I wasn't about to complain. “We haven’t been proved wrong yet. My friend shipped them out to us before this happened so we could do a Jackass stunt or some shit. We’re not legally allowed to have them, but lets face it, I doubt there’s any police left.” He said and I shrugged before placing it on. Our heads weren't protected, but I’d have thought that any head gear would fuck up our vision. “Ready guys and girl?” He asked, everyone nodded. There was only a couple of us off out and that was Steve-O, Pontius, Johnny, Loomis, Ryan and Dave England along with Bam and myself. We made our way out and all got into Bam’s hummer as it was big enough for all of us. We started the drive down his long driveway and got to the gates. No one was there, no zombies what so ever which showed how far away from the civilization it was. I took in a deep breath and puffed it all out as I held the bat in my hands. This was the first time in two weeks that I was going back out and facing these fucks again, and I was more than ready for it. Once we got into the area we wanted to be in the Zombies started showing up. Luckily there was only six or seven of them so we could easily take them on. Once we got to the shopping centre we all looked at each other before nodding. We climbed out of the car and the animals instantly got excited, walking towards us. I grinned evilly as I swung the bat, taking off their head. Another headed for me and I swung again, taking it down to the floor and hitting it a couple of times more just to be sure. I turned around and the guys were looking at me, there mouths hung open.

“I got one in the time she got two.” Johnny complained and I simply smiled sweetly before walking over to him.

“Only I can take out two zombies with a bat and heels on.” I grinned and followed Bam into the store. We looked around for any Zombie’s but there was none. We grabbed the things we needed and put them in large duffel bags while Steve-O, Pontius, Dave and Loomis stayed at the ends of the isles keeping watch out. I smiled as I grabbed things, we were working as a team, and it amazed me that we’d grown close so fast.

“Come on, Payton. Lets move to the next isle.” Bam said as he placed a hand on the small of my back. I smiled softly and nodded my head as we moved on. Once we’d got everything we moved back to the doors to see more had come, but there was still a low number.

“You go behind me with the duffle bags, me and Johnny will keep look out for you and kill any of the bastards that try and get you.” I said to Bam and he nodded softly, holding the four duffle bags in both hands and his weapon on top of one of the bags. One of them came flying towards us so I uppercut it with the bat, it’s nose cracking as it did so, the bone going into its brain. Bam opened the car quickly and threw in the bags. Once everyone was finished all the Zombies had died so we all jumped into the car. We counted the people, eight where still here so we drove off quickly and cheered.

“We are fucking awesome!” I exclaimed and everyone nodded in agreement.

“To be honest man, I'm just happy the freezer sections aren't down in the store. I like my meat!” Steve-O exclaimed and everyone laughed as I hit him round the head.

“Be grateful for what you've got, dude.” Bam chuckled and I nodded in agreement.

“Amen!” I exclaimed as we got to the gate of Bam’s house. He opened it and quickly drove through, shutting it instantly. He looked in the rear view mirror to check if anything had got through and smiled softly before making his way up the rest of the road. Once we arrived at the house, we all jumped out. We all walked inside and everyone that was once on the sofa, jumped up and ran over to us.

“Oh my god! Are you all okay?” April gushed as she ran over to me, hugging me tightly.

“See? This is what I get for bringing a chick into the house! My mother loves you more!” He exclaimed, trying to be serious but a small smirk showing on his face.

“We’re fine Ape.” I said with a soft smile and she smiled before moving onto her son.

“Payton is the only chick in the world that can kill four zombies whilst wearing heels.” Johnny said in astonishment and Ashley walked over to me, a smirk on his face.

“That’s my girl.” He said with a chuckle as he gave me a hug. “You should have told me you where going, I’d have come with. I wouldn't want you getting hurt.” He murmured and I rolled my eyes before leaning up and kissing his cheek.

“I was fine, Ash. You never need to worry about me.” I grinned and he simply smiled before walking away. I turned to Bam. “So sir, how did I do?” I asked with a soft smile and he smirked before pulling me into a hug.

“You did amazing.” He said as he let me go and I smiled before taking two of the duffel bags into the kitchen to pack away. Bam grabbed the other two and followed behind me. I started placing things away and so did Bam. “So..” He said, breaking the silence. “How are you liking it here?” He asked and I smiled.

“Honestly, I love it. Everyone’s so close. It kind of feels like the family I always wanted.” I said as I turned to look at him, he was grinning like a madman which made me laugh wholeheartedly.

“We are rather like a family. We have the mother and Father and the millions of kids.” He chuckled and I laughed along. We made small talk for the rest of the time and once we were done I sat down on a chair at the dinner table.

“I have to make dinner now.” I sighed and Bam sat down next to me, placing his head in his hand.

“I’ll help you, it’ll be a good bonding experience, to get to know the new family member.” He smiled and I copied as I rose up from the seat.

“Come on then, Bam. Lets learn you some cooking skills.” I said with a soft chuckle and he groaned before he stood up.

“Whatever you do, don’t act like my Mom when I try to help. All she does is nag.” He said and looked through the cupboards for something.

“Do I really seem like a nagging sort of girl?” I asked, eyebrows raised as I moved him out of the way so I could look. I grabbed a few things to make spaghetti and meatballs and closed the cupboard door.

“Well.. I wasn't going to say anything..” He stated and I turned around, hitting him softly on the arm, a small smile on my face.

“Asshole, go get the mince meat.” I said and he raised a brow, crossing his arms.

“Say please.” He stated and I groaned, turning around to look into his eyes.

“Asshole, Please get the mince meat.” I said with a small smirk. He stood staring for a minute before smirking, shaking his head.

“See, that wasn't so hard was it?” He asked as he moved from in front of me to go to the freezer. He pulled out the meat and threw it on the kitchen side. I nodded softly before opening up the packet, taking out the meat from inside.


“Bam what the fuck are they? Are you feeding mice?!” I exclaimed with a loud giggle at his failed attempt to make meat balls.

“Maybe! They need feeding too!” He exclaimed and I simply laughed, gripping onto the side before stirring the sauce.

“You honestly wouldn't be able to live on your own.” I said and he gasped.

“I so would!” He exclaimed as he threw one of the miniature balls at me, getting the meat in my hair.

“You honestly did not just do that?” I asked and he simply smirked as he started putting the balls together to make them bigger.

“I think I did.. Yes.” He said, the biggest smile on his face ever. I smirked softly, stealing one of the balls and rubbing it all through his hair.

“Paybacks a bitch.” I said with a wink as I got back to the sauce. I saw him move but didn't think anything of it. Until, I felt meat hitting my face. I gasped and turned around. “Oh, it’s on.” I said as I grabbed a handful of the meatballs and chased him around the island. He groaned when I caught up to him, tackling him to the floor and smearing the meat all over his face. “Take that, Bitch!” I exclaimed with a giggle. That was until he flipped us over so he was on top and rubbed his cheeks onto mine, transferring the meat. “Ew Bam! Your beard feels gross!” I giggled until he finally stopped and rolled over so he was laying on the floor next to me.

“You know.. Food fighting is a really good workout.” He said out of breath. I chuckled softly to myself.

“You only say that, you’re just really unfit. Dirty smoker.” I chuckled as I stood up and he glared softly at me before pulling out a pack of cigarettes and placing one in his mouth. Instantly lighting it up.

“If I wanna smoke, I will.” He said and I shrugged softly, stirring the sauce.

“Chill dude, I smoked before all of this.” I chuckled and he smiled as he offered me the packet. I turned the stove down before grabbing one and his lighter, instantly sparking up and sitting down on the floor next to him. “Oh my god this is beautiful.” I stated as I puffed the toxic smoke out and he simply chuckled.

“Not even the end of the world could stop me smoking.” Bam chuckled and I couldn't help but laugh back. “Missy hated me smoking.. She said it made me look disgusting. She wouldn't kiss me after I had a cigarette unless I brushed my teeth.” He stated with a sighed and I smiled softly.

“That’s not really fair in all honesty, she should love you for what you are. If you smoke then she should have just tried to deal with it, not try and change you..” I said as I took another drag. He sighed softly before smiling.

“Why didn't I find a girl like you before I met Missy?” He chuckled and I laughed awkwardly before shrugging.

“I'm not an easy girl to find.” I said before standing back up and stirring the sauce again. “Now, get to making those balls!” I exclaimed and he chuckled, standing up and mashing the balls together to make them bigger, once again.

Once the dinner was done, we placed everything out and called everyone in. Whilst we were eating dinner, Johnny stared at my face.

“Did the meat explode on you two?” He asked with a chuckle as he ate and I rolled my eyes before looking over at Bam.

“Douche bag over here decided it’d be clever to throw the tiniest meatballs in the world at me.” I said and Johnny chuckled before looking back down at his food, a small smirk on his lips.

“Sounds fun.” He said and I laughed.

“Maybe for you, but my hair isn't liking this meat.” I said with a chuckle and Bam laughed along. I smiled softly at him and he smiled back. The rest of the dinner passed in silence.

When dinner was over, most went into their designated rooms while I went outside to lay by the pool. I sat down in a deck chair and sighed as the sun shone down on me, the light reflected off the pool making it look beautiful. I heard a cough behind me and I almost jumped out of my skin. I looked behind me to see April standing there.

“You okay, Payton?” She asked softly as she pulled up a chair, sitting down next to me.

“ I'm great thank you, April. Are you?” I asked and she sighed before looking behind her to see if anyone was coming out.

“I think I'm worried about my son..” She said and I looked as her quizzically before grabbing a hold of her hand.

“What are you talking about, Ape?” I asked in confusion and she sighed with a smile.

“I see the way he looks at you, Payton. He’s never looked at anyone in that way before. I don’t want him getting hurt again..” She mumbled and I furrowed my brows.

“Ape, he doesn't look at me in any way..” I said, starting to get confused.

“You might not see it dear, but I do. He admires you. He never had that look in his eye around Missy.. I know he might not be the easiest boy to get along with.. But he has the best heart. And I don‘t want to see that break..” She murmured and I sighed softly as I took both of her hands in mine.

“I promise you, April. Honestly, nothing is going on between me and Bam. We’re just getting a lot closer now with me helping him with the Missy problem. Don’t worry about your little boy, I'm going to help him.” I smiled and she grinned back before wrapping her arms around me tightly.

“We've always wanted someone like you in the house. I'm so glad the boys found you.” She murmured into my ear before getting up, squeezing my hand one more time before walking into the house.