Down With the Sickness.

Chapter Eight.

I woke up the next morning, a pillow clutched tightly in my arms. I Inhaled deeply, only to smell something foreign to my senses. The smell was some form of aftershave and cigarettes. I sat up instantly, knowing this was the smell of Bam. I looked around for a moment and finally spotted him asleep on the skate ramp that was situated in the middle of his room. I felt a pang of sympathy as I stared at his crumpled up form on the hard ground. I climbed up out of the bed and walked over to him before patting him softly. He mumbled some incoherent words before turning around, his dazed eyes staring into mine.

“Did you sleep at all?” I asked sadly. He sighed before pulling himself up, bringing his blanket and pillow with him.

“I got a couple of hours..” He mumbled and I rolled my eyes softly as I grabbed his arm, pulling him over to the bed where he laid down.

“Get some sleep. You need it.” I mumbled softly before attempting to walk away. Bam grabbed my arm before I could budge though.

“Please lay with me? Since Missy..” He trailed off. He composed himself before continuing. “I've just really missed someone being beside me.” He mumbled softly, his eyes now open. I sighed softly before moving from his grasp and making my way around the bed. Once I was on the other side, I climbed under the covers and instantly placed my head back on the comfortable pillow.

"Okay, but as soon as you fall asleep, I'll find somewhere else to go." I said with a soft smile and he returned the gesture softly, his eyes already halfway closed. As soon as he was asleep I sighed softly and ran a hand down his tired looking face, his head instantly nuzzling into it although he was asleep. Soon enough my own eyes started to close, and I too fell asleep, Bam sleeping softly at my side.

Two hours later.

"Don't they look so cute?" I heard a familiar voice say as I started to wake up from the deep slumber I fell into.

"It's strange.. but definitely a good thing." I thought I heard Steve-O say but to be honest, I wasn't too sure.

"Guys, I'm asleep, shut up." I stated tiredly as I snuggled into something soft. Wait, no, it was skin. My eyes instantly opened as I shot up in the bed, Bams arms wrapped around me tightly. He was still sleeping peacefully, god knows how.

"Awh look, sleeping beauties awake!" Ryan exclaimed, a shit eating grin on his face. Oh how I wanted to smack it off. With the way he looked at me, he knew. "Jeez, okay, I get it! We're going!" He exclaimed and everyone left the room, apart from April who gave me a knowing glance. I simply shrugged with a smile and she left the room without a word said. Bam started to stir.

"What the fuck just happened?" He asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he sat up in bed.

"We got caught in an awkward situation, don't worry, I'm going now." I stated as climbed off the bed, Bam shot me a confused glance. He ruffled his hair before placing his head in his hands, a soft sigh escaping his lips.

"I'm sorry Pay, I know I put you in an awkward position. I shouldn't have asked that of you. It's just.. Since Missy.. I just feel like I need someone with me." He stated and I Sighed softly, who was I to deny him of some comfort when he was feeling low?

"Look Bam, I'm sorry. I just feel it's too soon for you to be having a girl you hardly know in your bed." I sighed and he simply shrugged.

"But I do know you, you've been a rock to me these past couple of days Payton, and I honestly don't know how I'll ever repay you for that. But I honestly feel like I can't be on my own right now. Would you please stay? If only for five minutes longer?" He pleaded quietly. I rolled my eyes softly as a smile made its way to my face. Sighing softly, I made my way back over to the bed, plopping myself down on the edge.

"Okay, just five minutes." I smiled and a shit eating grin worked its way onto his face as he practically tackled me into a hug. "Okay I can't breath!" I exclaimed loudly, a giggle erupting from my throat. He soon let me go, the sweet smile still not leaving his face. "Let's go have some fun!" I exclaimed loudly as I grabbed his hand, dragging him out of bed and out of his room. I nearly had a heart attack as I raced out of the door only to be met with Johnnys chest, still in the position he was in eavesdropping, his ear pressed against the imaginary door that was no longer there. I glared at him, obviously not impressed. He smiled briefly before fleeing down the stairs, myself and Bam hot on his tail. He rounded the corner quickly, flying straight into Ryan and falling flat on his ass. I stopped abruptly and burst out laughing, Bam joining in as soon as he saw the sight in front of me.

"Damn! I so wish I'd seen that!" Bam exclaimed, holding his stomach as laughter still erupted from him. "So, what are we going to do for fun?" He asked after he'd stopped laughing. I sighed softly before shrugging.

"I don't know! No offence, but I'm so bored in this house! It feels as though we've already done everything possible." I stated with a pout and Bam smiled softly, staring at me.

"You've obviously not searched this house properly then. There's always something to do here! It's end of the world heaven." He said, a shit eating grin taking over most of his face. I rose an eyebrow softly in disbelief and he rolled his eyes. "You ever been on a skateboard?" He asked and I shrugged softly, not knowing where this was going to go.

"I guess when I was about thirteen, why?" I asked, my heart rate picking up at the possibilities of our apparent 'fun' day.

"Well, I have a surprise for you, go get some suitable clothes on and come to the garage when you're done." He said with a grin and I sighed as once again walked up the giant staircase and into Bams room to grab some clothes. Changing as quickly as I could as the boys could charge in at any second. I left my hair in it's natural curls and left my face void of any make up. The sport would more than likely make me sweaty, so what was the point of it? As soon as I slipped the high tops onto my feet I fled from the room, my feet thudding against the floor as I practically jumped down the stairs. I then walked down another, more sinister set of stairs with theatrical painted walls before I made it down to the garage. The sight before me made me smile, it was what I guess to be Bams own personal heaven. A fully functional skate park was built into the walls, mini ramps and larger ones littered the floor in a haphazard style, but obviously done for a reason. Many skateboards littered the walls which added a vibrant touch to the gray paint covering them.

"So,what do you think?" He asked, clapping his hands together in anticipation, a giant smile on his face.

"Awesome, dude." Was all I could say, a small smile playing on my lips as I watched him chuckle, he licked over his lips softly before extending a hand out to me. I was only one the bottom step, so why he did such a thing I had no idea. Nevertheless, I still took his palm in my own and let him lead me to a spot with a small table, a docking station and two skateboards positioned a little further away. He placed his phone on the station, turning on the music and instantly The Bloodhound Gang started playing softly all around the room. I smiled at him and he returned the gesture. He was already a little sweaty, so I assumed he'd already been at work down here while I was getting changed. He walked towards the skateboards, pulling his shirt over his head as he did so leaving him in only his black jeans. I couldn't help staring at his finely toned body as he pushed his hand through his slightly damp hair.

"Are you ready?" I small cocky smirk on his face as he looked me up and down. The sudden noise broke me out of my trance and I glared at him softly. "Like what you see?" He asked, trying to wiggle his eyebrows seductively. I've gotta say, he failed. I shrugged softly.

"I've seen better from Johnny." I stated jokingly, my own smirk now evident on my lips. His jaw fell, obviously shocked by my statement. "Now, are we going to do this or what?" I asked with a chuckle upon seeing his expression still the same. He snapped out of it then, walking towards the skateboards as I followed. He taught me some simple moves, the hardest one though was actually staying on the board. That took almost an hour. Three hours passed and I flopped onto a soft padded safety cushion with a loud thud, the leather instantly cooling down the raging heat going through my body. Bam followed my actions shortly after, but his breathing had already evened out somehow. I managed to roll my way onto my back and Bam chuckled softly as he turned to face me.

"You don't work out much, do you?" He asked with a chuckle, I turned my head to glare at him softly, my arm reaching out to punch him in the chest.

"I do! Just not for three hours!" I chuckled as he rubbed the spot I'd just hit. I chuckled quietly as I turned my body fully to face him, the hot sweats seeming to have stopped for a moment.

"How you holding up, hon?" I asked, the conversation suddenly turning serious. He sighed softly, shrugging the one shoulder he could.

"As good as anyone else I suppose. You're making it alot easier though." He said with a wide grin. It lasted for a couple of seconds before his face dropped. "But, she was right. My heart wasn't with her anymore. I couldn't honestly say 'I love you' to her, 'cause I'd have been lying. I did, once upon a time but those days are long gone, she was just here because we couldn't be bothered to sign any divorce papers. It sounds horrible, but it's true. And obviously she knew as well." He sighed softly, running a hand over his face, that's when I noticed the tears rushing down his face. I let out a small huff as I rolled over onto my stomach, my elbow keeping me up as my other hand reached out, wiping the tears from his face. He stiffened at my touch but soon relaxed, taking my hand in his and pressing a feathered kiss to my knuckles. He looked over at me, the tears in his eyes now mostly gone as he pressed my hand to his chest. I didn't know what to say, my mouth opened as though to speak, but no words could come out. He'd shocked me, that's for sure.

"Bam.. I honestly don't know what to say.." I stated in shock and he simply smiled, staring down at my hand still locked in his.

"Well, as horrible as it is, I'm kinda not sorry. Because if it hadn't have happened, I wouldn't be here with you right now." He grinned and I rolled my eyes softly.

"Only you can make an awful situation sound like the best thing in the world." I stated with a chuckle as I pulled my hand away from his. He instantly pouted and started reaching back for my hand but I moved it out of his reach. He smirked softly, rolling over so he was laid above me as he grabbed both of my hands, entwining our fingers and placing them above my head. I looked into his blue eyes, his face slowly coming towards mine as I closed my eyes, no longer being able to stare at his breathtaking iris'. And before I knew it his lips were attached to mine hungrily, I knew I shouldn't be doing this but my heart outweighed my head at that moment. We broke apart a while later and just stared at each other before I crashed back down to reality and I pushed Bam off me, instantly standing and making my way out of the room. No way in hell was I becoming a rebound girl.