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In the beginning

It first happened when I was five.

Mother was busy inside an Apothecary, gathering her normal supplies, when a small, dark headed girl appeared at my side. She tilted her head and looked at me with luminous brown eyes and chirped, "Vould you play vith me?"

I blinked. I hadn't ever had any other child in Germany to play with before, not since Draco; I noticed a very similar looking woman standing a ways back, talking with a man who was loudly proclaiming everything to be: "Impossible!" and "Extraordinary!" I didn't think much of this man. He clearly wasn't very bright; my mother had been introducing me to potions for a while now.

As I pondered over my answer, which was leaning towards yes, I felt a sharp hand snatch at my shoulder.

come," Mother demanded, proceeding to drag me out of the shop. I dared not to pull away from her, though her hand was quite painful. She was clearly agitated. "Vilthy half-blood," she spat under her breath.

My wide eyes looked up at her in curiousity as we continued our way down the street.
I fought against it for a moment, then asked, "Mother, vat's a half-blood?"

She jumped as if she had forgotten I was there. Stopping, she bent down in front of me so her face was close to mine and I could see the serious look in her eyes. We were blocking the path down the sidewalk, but she ignored this.

"My sveet, a half blood is zee dirty product ov someone voo's of good, pure blood and someone voo's voul and unnatural: a mudblood or a muggle. Mudbloods are zose of muggle birth who hafe magical powers. It's an abomination," she finished with a sneer of disgust. I thought this all over for a moment, my eyebrows furrowed.

"Vat am I, mother?" I asked innocently.

A loving smile adorned her face, and she leaned over to press her lips to my forehead.

"You, my liebling*, are
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*Liebling= darling