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The Weasley Twins

Father had outdone himself with the tent; that was clearly obvious from the outside, but the inside was remarkable. The first floor was divided into two halves, one being the kitchen and the other a sitting room, complete with elegant couches and posh decor. A spiral staircase led to the second floor, where there were three separate rooms: the right was for Nina, Ingrid and I, the middle for Fritz, Niklas and Matthias, and the left for Benjamin and Theodor. The third floor had four separate bedrooms, for each of the couples. The others found it marvelous, while I found it unnecessary, but I kept my mouth shut since I wanted to go explore.

Everyone was so absorbed with the tent and it was annoying me half to death. I had spent the past year looking forward to this day and I wanted to go see the different people and things, NOT to stay looking at a damn tent! I huffed loudly, but no one even spared me a glance. Finally, I went over to where Father was talking with Kristof and tugged on the sleeve of his suit.

"Vat, prinzessin?" he asked absently.

"May I go look around?" I asked sweetly, and he looked at me, his eyebrows furrowed. He opened his mouth, but I cut him off, speaking quickly. "I'll take my wand with me, I promise to be careful and I won't be gone very long, please?"

Kristof chuckled and said, "It seems she haz cofered all zee topics ov interest, Frederick. You hafe taught her vell." Father smiled widely, shaking his head.

"So I hafe," he muttered, and nodded. "You may go, Saden, but take this map and be back soon."

I grinned and took the map, before leaning up to kiss his cheek, trilling, "I will!"

Quick as a flash, I was down the stairs and out the tent entrance before he could get in another word edgewise. The sun was coming up in earnest and I breathed in the sweet morning air, the grin still very present on my face. I must have looked silly, standing there and grinning like an idiot, but I didn't care. Everything was new and exciting and I loved it.

I began walking around, intrigued by everything I saw. Witches and wizards of all ages were just starting to awaken and emerge from their tents; little boys and girls were riding toy broomsticks like the ones Draco and I had when we were younger. A thought struck me out of nowhere and I paused, stunned. What if he was here?

I was sure he liked Quidditch too and Merlin knew Lucius could afford tickets; they were just as wealthy as we were. I looked around quickly, wondering if he was just beyond my view. I set forward with a spring in my step, but stopped after a few yards, startled once more.

Blinking a few times to make sure I wasn't going insane, I realized I had found the Ireland supporters. As far as I could see were tents covered in thick green shamrocks.

"Alheid will be pleased," I murmured to myself, smiling. I noticed four teenagers talking with a woman who looked to be one of the boys' mother. As I passed, I saw the red headed boy watch me go and I ducked my head, blushing. I began walking over to the woods, wondering what kinds of creatures lived in there.

Just as walking around so much earlier had made over heated, I was again, if not worse. The sun was coming out with a vengeance and I now wanted to get to the woods for a different reason: shade. It took me about ten more minutes, but I finally reached them, my forehead slick with perspiration. I leaned up against a tree and closed my eyes when I heard a voice behind me; I quickly turned, watching to see who it would be.

"Getting firewood is rubbish," a boy grumbled. He had a british accent, I noted, and soon he appeared before me, carrying a heavy load of wood. He was around my age, tall but stocky, extremely freckled and red headed. He looked a lot like the boy I had seen earlier, but I found this boy to be more attractive. He grinned at me. "Well, I didn't know there were wood nymphs in here." A laugh escaped me, and I grinned back, shaking my head ruefully.

"Not quite," I replied, and he laughed as well. I gestured to the wood in his arms and asked, "Couldn't you have summoned it?"

"Nahh. I'm not of age, and Dad'd have done a nut. He's completely batty about the anti-muggle security," he said lightly, shrugging. "I'm Fred Weasley, by the way."

"Saden von Deitrich," I said, sticking out my hand to shake before remembering he couldn't. We laughed once more and I blushed, embarassed. "Did you just arrive today?"

"We had to catch a portkey at five past five. It was a bloody nightmare, getting up that early," Fred said, leaning up against a tree as he talked.

"You're kidding?" I asked and when he shook his head, I explained. "Ours was at five fifteen, so we must have just missed you."

"Shame," he replied cheekily and I blushed once more. "Where are you from? I've heard a lot of accents today, but none like yours."

"Germany," I answered shyly with a small smile. "I didn't think my accent was that noticable."

"It is, but not in a bad way, trust me," Fred winked and I giggled, unable to stop smiling. Distantly, a voice was shouting and we quietly listened.

"Oi! FRED! Where are you?!"

Fred sighed, standing up straight. I tilted my head and asked, "Your family?"

"My twin, George," he replied and soon he came into view. The odd sensation of seeing double visited me as I tried to find a difference between them; there weren't any.

"There you are, you prat, I've done three loads of firewood and you haven't even tak- oh. Hello," George greeted cheerfully as he spotted me. Fred shook his head, smirking at me, then turned to his brother.

"This is Saden, George. George, Saden," he gestured to each of us and George stuck out his hand and I shook it.

"Pleased to meet you," I said with a smile and he raised his eyebrows, smiling back.

"Where are-" George began, but Fred cut him off.

"She's from Germany, Georgie. We were just discussing her exotic accent when you so smoothly cut in," Fred teased, his brown eyes twinkling. George shrugged good naturedly, and I laughed quietly at their quick banter. Fred turned to me, asking curiously, "So what year are you in?"

"I'll be entering my sixth," I told them and they grinned.

"You're our age!" they exclaimed in unison, but I shook my head.

"I'm two years ahead, actually. I'm fourteen, you see," I added, making sure they understood. This seemed to surprise them, and they glanced at each other with raised eyebrows. They turned back to me, looking at me like I had tricked them somehow.

"You really don't look-" George began.

"-your age," Fred finished.

Blushing, I ducked my head slightly and shrugged. Just as I was about to answer, a loud, bossy voice rang out.

"Fred, George, we need the firewood right away! Don't dawdle!"

They rolled their eyes and I asked, "More family?"

"Our brother, Percy," Fred answered with poorly veiled disdain. He looked at his twin. "We probably better go back before he sends out a search party."

George nodded grimly. "I wouldn't put it past him to get the Ministry involved."

Fred sighed sadly before giving me a charming smile. He thrust the firewood into George's arms and took my right hand. Bowing low over it, he pressed his lips gently onto my hand, looking into my eyes. I bit my bottom lip, my hand feeling as if it had ten times more nerve endings than the rest of my body.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Saden," he declared, and I could have sworn I was melting into his eyes. I lowered my eyes, sure my face was on fire from how much I was blushing.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Fred Weasley," I replied shyly. He let go of my hand and stood back straight, stepping away. George began to elbow him playfully, and he followed his brother, looking over his shoulder.

"I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other again sometime soon," he yelled cheerfully and disappeared into the woods. I looked down at my hand, lightly running my fingers over where his lips had been.

"I sincerely hope so," I murmured and picked my way out of the woods to get back to the campsite, having completely forgotten the reason why I had come in the first place.
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