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Top Box

"Ooooh, look at zese!" Fritz squeaked, grabbing a pair of Omnioculars and jamming them to his face eagerly. I laughed as Nina and I looked at Ireland scarves decorated with shamrocks and leprechaun gold. Benjamin was examining an obnoxious tall green pointed hat covered with shamrocks, while Theodor was paying for a red Bulgarian rosette.

The adults milled around, waiting for us to pick which souvenirs we wanted so they could give us the money to pay. Only Ingrid stood back, close to her mother's side, distracted by the many sights and sounds. The atmosphere was thick with excitement, the fading dusk bringing us closer to the long awaited event; the World Cup would be starting at any moment. I wrapped the scarf around my throat, turning to Nina.

"How does it look?" I asked, striking a dramatic pose, my arms held above my head. She chuckled, shaking her head and I dropped the act, smiling goofily.

"Like you are a tree made ov money," Nina said with a snort, picking up a small green Ireland rosette and called her mother over. "Simplicity iz key, I think."

"Ah, well," I shrugged, waving to my father. "If you're going to do something, you might as well do it all the way. Father, I want this," I told him, playing with the end of my scarf. He nodded, going to the salesman to pay. I felt my face fall slightly and I tried to keep my cheerful disposition.

Father had not said a word to me since I had come downstairs, even though I'd pointedly tried to get his attention. Nina gently touched my arm, giving me a small smile, which I returned grateful for her sympathy. I knew she of all people understood what I was dealing with; her parents were the same as mine.

Suddenly a low, resounding gong sounded from somewhere in the woods and the green and red lanterns lit up to outline a path that I assumed led to the Quidditch Stadium. I grinned and felt the excitement swell within me, just bursting to get out; I had the impulse to jump around in circles and cheer, but I refrained simply to save my Father's pride.

Mother stepped close to us, holding out programs. I took one and smiled at her, which she barely returned; I tried not to let it affect me and instead looped arms with Benjamin and Nina as we began to march down the lantern-lit trail. I purposefully pulled as a bit ahead of the group, furtively glancing behind me before I asked solemnly, "What happened?"

Nina pursed her lips, and said, "Yelling."

"Lots ov yelling," Benjamin added, his brow furrowed. "Father kept hiz temper until zee fery end vhen-"

"Vhen my father asked him iv he vanted to shnap hiz vand and join the muggles," she completed grimly. I gasped, appalled. Nina shook her head, lowering her eyes.

"Father shtood up und roared at him: 'Sie ignorant Bastard! Es gibt einen Unterschied zwischen Toleranz und Völkermord! Möchten Sie ermorden unschuldige Kinder Ihren Stolz zu retten?" Benjamin quoted, mimicking Kristof perfectly. My eyes widened and my hands slightly trembled in their hands. Benjamin squeezed gently, before saying, "Zat ended it. Augustus left und it vas silent vor a vhile."

"He's right, though," I whispered softly. It seemed as if I noticed every single child that passed by, skipping, laughing, or telling jokes. Half of my family would- I shook my head vehemently, not letting myself complete the thought.

"I am so ashamed," Nina murmured, her eyes full of unshed tears. I leaned my head on her shoulder and she rested her head on mine. We didn't speak for the rest of the walk to the stadium. My good mood was tainted, full of horrific images and notions. Benjamin and Nina left with their families and I was left alone with my mother and father. I wasn't acknowledged, and for the first time, I was glad.

I didn't have to try too hard to forget my morbid thoughts, for the stadium alone was the biggest thing I had ever seen in my life. When I looked up to see how tall the golden walls were, my eyes about popped out of my head: they never seemed to end. I tripped along after Mother, paying attention just enough so I wouldn't get swallowed in the enormous crowd.

It didn't take us terribly long to reach the entrance; I could see Ministry security prodding people into proper lines and sheparding them along. When we reached the entrance, Father lazily produced our tickets. The witch handed them back after a moment, telling us loudly, "Top Box! Straight upstairs and as high as you can go!"

I followed my parents as we walked up the thickly carpeted stairs. I idly wondered how many flights of stairs there were. I decided to keep track, but it only lasted me the first twenty two flights. People had been filtering out quickly, but now they had all but dissapeared. My eyebrows furrowed as I imagined how much Top Box tickets must cost. I opened my mouth to ask, but thought better of it.

As we reached the top, I stopped to catch my breath and laughed as my mother did the same. She threw me a small smile and I returned it thankfully. I looked around and felt my heart begin beating double time. A familiar red head was grinning at me and I blushed all the way down to my toes. Neither of my parents noticed, but I could see Fred's brothers turning to look in my direction.

"Saden, zis vay," Father called, directing us to seats at the very opposite end of the twenty or so seats in the Top Box. I grimaced slightly, following them with a slight pout on my face. I realized why he wanted these seats: easy access to greet Ministry Wizards.

"Frederick!" a voice called jovially and it echoed through the small sitting area. I felt the eyes of everyone upon us. I ran my hand through my hair nervously, wishing I was invisible. A portly man with the strangest attire- a pinstriped suit, a long black cloak, a scarlet tie, a lime green bowler, and purple pointed boots- was striding towards us. Father smiled widely, inclining his head slightly before extending his hand to shake. They shook hands and the man said, "How good it is to see you! It has been too long. How is Germany?"

"It iz good to see you as vell, Cornelius, und vunderfull, Germany iz alvays such. Thank you kindly vor the tickets. You remember Ceindrych, of course," Father said and Mother stepped forward and shook the Minister's hand. Of all the things I thought the British Minister of Magic would be, I never imagined him like this.

"Alvays a pleasure, Minister," she said sweetly and Fudge smiled.

"Now I don't think you hafe had the chance to meet our daughter?" Father asked politely, and the Minister shook his head, turning his eyes on me.

"Goodness no, I did not know you had a daughter!" Fudge exclaimed, turning his attention to me. "What is your name, my dear?"

"Saden, Minister Fudge, and I must say, I'm very pleased to meet you. Father always pays you the highest of compliments when he speaks of the Ministry here," I said, smiling shyly. I felt Father's hand squeeze my shoulder gently. Fudge simpered slightly, as taken with compliments as a fly is with honey.

"Why, she's absolutely charming, Frederick! Where have you been hiding her? She doesn't seem to have as thick an accent as you; does she go to school abroad?" Fudge asked interestedly, and I let my eyes wander around the stadium in boredom. This conversation had taken place a thousand different times, with a thousand different men just like Fudge. I was Father's prized possession and not to be compared to lesser brats. I sighed inaudibly, wishing the match would start.

"Nein, our Saden studies at home vith a prifate tutor. She is already two years ahead ov her year. She made 11 O.W.L's vith two Outstandings," Father said proudly, and I ducked my head as Fudge's eyes grew wide as he looked at me.

"My word! You must send your tutor to give our students at Hogwarts a lesson or two! ...Ah, there's the Bulgarian Minister of Magic! You've met him, haven't you, Frederick?" Fudge asked, and Father nodded, greeting him quickly in Bulgarian. It might has well have been Chinese for all I knew, and Fudge appeared to be in the same boat as I was.

"Never had a knack for languages... Wish I had Barty Crouch to translate," he told me and I merely smiled, not sure what to say in response. He began looking around the Box and suddenly turned to Father, saying, "I'm sorry, but I must go attend to some other people... Let the Bulgarian Minister meet Harry Potter..."

"Harry Potter iz here?" Father asked curiously, his blue eyes scanning the box. I looked over too, morbidly curious about the boy who was the root of the last war, but instead caught the chocolate brown eyes of Fred, who winked at me.

"Oh yes, the boy with the untidy black hair over there... Well, we best be going. Wonderful seeing you, Frederick," Fudge blustered, leading the Bulgarian Minister over to the Weasley's and, apparently, Harry Potter. While everyone was preoccupied, I winked back at Fred who grinned widely in response.

"Vat vere you saying to him?" Mother asked, slightly indignant on being left out of the conversation due to language barrier.

"Oh, joking about how he really understands eferyzing Vudge is saying," Father said with a chuckle. Mother laughed also, her brown eyes bright as she looked about.

Now that we didn't have anyone badgering us, I began to pay attention to the scene before us. A hundred thousand witches and wizards were scattered among rising seats around the oval stadium. The golden light from the stadium threw everyone into glittering light, and the field looked like a perfect miniture replica of a normal Quidditch field. I noticed the blackboard with changing messages, but I'd seen things like that before.

I felt very insignificant in that moment, but all of a sudden I was pulled out of my speculation by my Father growling, "Das verdammte feigling ist, was er denn hier**?"

I blinked in shock; my father never cursed. Mother pulled me to my feet and suddenly we three were facing Fudge, Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco.
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*You ignorant bastard! There is a difference between tolerance and genocide! Would you murder innocence children to save your pride?

*That fucking coward, what is he doing here?