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I was born in Calw, Germany, much to the pleasure of my native parents, who'd thought my mother would give birth to me after they had moved to England. The move was prompted by my mother and father's closest friends, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, who are my godparents. Narcissa was three months along at the time, and wished my mother to be there for assistance; that would also help us, the child and I, to bond as we grew up together. You see, from the very start, they had an alterior motive to their plans, though I wouldn't find out for almost sixteen years. But, I digress.

Our move to England, when it came down to it, was brought about by the Dark Lord himself. Though my father wasn't an open follower, he felt, as did my mother, that it was the right idea; putting muggles in their proper place, a strict pure-blood society, and, of course, the Dark Lord running it all. Lucius put in a few kind words about the von Deitrich family, which made it essential for him to meet us. Father became a rather useful tool for the Dark Lord, as he was the German ambassador to the Ministry of Magic. He began dissapearing for weeks at a time, recruiting foreign wizards for the Dark side.

My first memories are of my mother, Narcissa, and Draco. We looked like twins, with our bleach blonde hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes. To add to this sense of family, we were inseperable. We ate together, played together, learned to walk together, even though he was not nearly ready, and there are even a few photographs somewhere that include Draco and I curled up together under a table, sleeping soundly. Everything was quite happy, even in the Dark atmosphere we began our lives in, for they loved us dearly and we were quite safe.

Then the Dark Lord fell. Thankfully, Lucius and Father were able to talk their way out of being sent to Azkaban for the remainder of their lives, but it was now quite suspicious for him to stay in England, due to the many foreign wizards he'd Imperiused coming back to their senses. And so, we moved back to the von Deitrich manor in Germany, keeping our home in Wiltshire as a summer home.

Mother told me that I cried for Draco so much that she had to keep copious amounts of Floo Powder around the house so I could visit him often, and had to hide it because I learned how to use it at the age of two and a half. I was happiest with Draco, though our temperments were quite different, even at an early age. I was loud, inquisitive and cuddled anything that walked; he was thoughtful and sly, often tricking the house elves into giving him extra sweets. Together, we were quite the unstoppable force.

Two happy years passed, until my father and Lucius had a terrible arguement. Father wanted to keep searching for the Dark Lord, and required Lucius' help to do so, who refused, wanting to keep the comfortable status in the Ministry and home. Father argued that he could, but Lucius refused flat out. He then accused Lucius of being a coward, and wands were drawn.

Being prideful men, considering, they pulled everyone into it, until the wives sadly put aside their friendship to stand beside their husbands. I, on the other hand, threw the first, and albeit biggest, tantrum in my entire life.

"Draco! I vant to see Draco!" I screamed, attempting to throw myself into the fireplace, though I had no Floo Powder. Mother quickly extinguished the flames, and stood to the side, sniffing tearfully, while Father grew angrier by the second; neither of them had ever seen me so out of control.

"Nein!" he roared, picking me up forcefully. "Nein, Saden! I vill not hafe you seeing zat feigling*'s son!" He lifted me into the air and I kicked my feet uselessly, my screams now subsiding into sobs. His face crumpled, and he sat down with me in his lap, stroking my hair as I cried into his shoulder. "Sssh, prinzessin*, I vill find you ozzer kinder* to play vith."

"Draco," I hiccuped sadly, and after a few more moments of soothing, I fell asleep. Mother approached and Father handed me to her, his shoulders slumped forward. She brushed the hair off his head, looking at him solemly.

"Frederick, can't you-?" she trailed off, and he shook his head. Pulling himself to his feet, he stood tall, the fire made his blue eyes gleam dark and fierce.

"Ceindrych, ven zee Dark Lord returns, he vill value our help over all of the supposed loyal ones," he said firmly. "Unt ven zat day comes, I vill most certainly accept Lucius' apology."
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Feigling*= Coward
Prinzessin*= Princess
Kinder*= Children