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In a way, the tour of my home was an eye opening experience. I'd never thought of how truly beautiful it was, or how luxurious until I saw the reactions of my family. I knew, however, that they were all rich, too; my grandfather had been the Minister of Magic here, and had inheirited the family broomstick business, which he had sold for a gargantuan amount of money. When he had died, Father and his brothers had split it evenly, but it seemed they had squandered a bit it while he'd handled it wisely. It also helped that Mother came from a family of money, though.

"Zis iz my study and zee library," Father said, pulling open the door while he kept his other arm around my shoulders; I think he had realized how nervous I had gotten around everyone and was trying to comfort me in a subtle way. Before, Nina and Benjamin had tried to talk to me, but I'd only managed to quietly give one answered replies.

As I heard Augustus' and Kristof's murmurs of startled appreciation, I tried to imagine how it must seem to someone who hadn't grown up running in here to grab a book and sitting in their father's lap while he read to them.

The gleaming wood of the ebony book shelves, desk and chairs that reflected the elegant candelabra and high ceiling; the thousands of books lining the walls, many ancient and quite valuable; the rectangular window that gave a spectacular view of the front steps and the water. The word sumptuous came to mind.

After everyone had gotten their look around, he took us to the main drawing room, which held the tapestry of our Family Tree. I'd always admired it, but never really taken to looking at it much. Augustus, Kristof, and Sven gathered around it, talking animatedly about the family members they remembered from childhood.

Father and I had meandered over to the window, where it we looked out on the west side of the Black Forest; the view was very familiar, but that was because my room was directly above this one. The sun was setting beautifully, casting the world in the orange glow I loved. It was my favorite time of day.

"Prinzessin, are you alright?" Father asked me, looking at me with concern. "You are not yourselv." I sighed, casting a furtive glance behind me to make sure no one was listening. Everyone was too busy talking amongst themselves or admiring the artifacts in the room. I looked up into his face, encouraged by his support.

"I hafe not been around so many people at once bevore," I whispered, feeling childish and silly; I lapsed easily back into my natural accent in my moment of being upset. "It's alvays just been you and Mama; I'm avraid ov vat zey vill think or me zaying zee vrong zing."

A flash of understanding crossed his face, and he kneeled down in front of me so that his face was directly in front of mine; he smiled kindly and pulled me into his arms. I buried my face in his neck, feeling a surge of love for my father burst forth.

"My Saden, it iz pervectly normal to feel zis vay, but you, my sveet, hafe no need vor it. Iv anyone haz a problem vith vat you hafe to say, zat iz exactly vat zat iz: zeir own problem. You hafe nothing to be avraid ov, prinzessin, but you do not hafe to leafe my side unless you vant to. Okay?" he asked quietly and I nodded, pulling back. He kissed my forehead and murmured, "I vill alvays be here for you, Saden. Ich liebe dich."

By this time, I had tears in my eyes and I barely managed to choke out, "Ich liebe dich auch, Father," before hugging him tightly again. Over his shoulder, I saw Mother smiling softly at us and I knew in that moment just how blessed I really was.
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I loved writing this. I hope I gave good imagery and left enough room for the imagination.
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