Sequel: When I Looked at Her
Status: Completed!

Ivory Tower

Genevieve Walker lives in her head. When things get bad she retreats into her head and ignores everything. It's better there, safer there. Everything goes the way she wants when she's in her head, she's never hurt.
Josh Franceschi loves his girlfriend more than anyone else in this world. He thinks that she's brilliant, but he doesn't know how to deal with her brilliance. He doesn't know how to survive her living in an ivory tower. It's a tower he can't get into.

I do not own Josh Franceschi, the Franceschi family, You Me At Six or anyone affiliated with them. I do, however, own the original characters and the plot line.

The inspiration for the story title came from the song The Dilemma by You Me At Six. I googled the meaning of "ivory tower" and loved it!