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Married to a Monster

Chapter 1

If I were to go back in time, to tell my younger self that something like this was going to happen, I would...if it weren’t for the time period I was in, and what has gone on in the past that I just wasn’t too smart about. I guess things just happened on their own accord, and I just didn’t see what I was getting myself into. I could tell you the story, if you’re wondering what I’m talking about. It happened a long time ago, when I was 17 years old.

Things were different back then, I lived with my parents, along with my sister, Ali, while my 19 year old brother, Daniel, went off to college.

“We’ll miss you Danny!”

“Yea! Don’t get the girls all at once, bro!”

It was like any other day in the country, the sun was shining, cars were honking, the streets were full of people, and my family and I were watching Daniel take off in the plane. We’d given him kisses and hugs good-bye, told him to take good care of himself, and that he will be greatly missed. My sister and I understood this, as we were of age to deal with it. It was the parents though, that felt like they were already losing one of their children. Mom had a wad of tissues in her hand, dabbing her eyes, as she tried not to cry, while Daniel told her for the hundredth time, he’d back for Winter break.

“Yes, I know baby boy is growing up so fast...” Sniff.

I had to keep myself from rolling my eyes, before I was soon caught up in a family hug; which had me blushing, due to others watching us.

“You better get to your plane, before it blows away..” My sister, Ali, joked, snickering before Daniel kissed her cheek.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see you all very soon.”

He then turned to me, knowing I was the youngest of us all, and smiled sweetly, before pulling me against him. “I want you to be a brave girl, Alex. I’ll be back, and when I return, I want to see that goofy smile you always give me, every time I see you...understand?”

I rolled my eyes playfully, while puffing up a strand of dark hair from my eyes, before returning the hug, and smiling up at him. “That’s my little sister...” He ruffled my hair, messing it up any way possible, before waving good-bye, and climbing up the stairway.

“There he goes...” Ali soon said, watching the silhouette of our brother disappear in the crowd.

I shrugged my shoulders, before walking off, “Come on, let’s go home already...I got work to do...”

The rest of the family watched the plane ride off, while I walked back to the car. I hated the city. With all the loud noise, crowded people, and annoying events, who had the time to stick around and get lost?

“Wait up, Alex!” My sister called after me, making me walk a bit faster, until I felt an arm wrap around my shoulders. “Hey sis, what happened back there?”

“What? You mean the thought of Daniel riding off to accomplish his dreams?”

I couldn’t see her expression, but I know she frowned with worry, while responding, “Alex, we talked about this. We thought you understood that Daniel will be home for Winter break in a couple years. You’ll get to see him again...why are you being so difficult?”

I gave a shrug to that question. Who didn’t like the thought of their only brother going off to a new state, just to go to school, and maybe...just maybe...never see him again? I sure didn’t. I mean, yea sure, we had the talk before we left home, but I couldn’t just let it hang like that. I was going to miss Danny. He’s like the tall soldier anyone could have ever asked for. I felt, with him around, he was my protection.

When I’m at school, he treats me to lunch. At night, he helps me with homework, and when he or I aren’t doing anything, we mostly play video games, or have small brother and sister talks about our private lives...and now...we won’t be doing any of that.

I didn’t realize how fast we had gotten home, since I don’t remember getting into the car, but I felt that my eyes weren’t dry. The scenery of our home in the country, made me suddenly feel weak and ill. What was going on?

I heard my sister’s voice echo in my head, and felt my body stumble as I got out of the car, only to fall face first into a pair of arms; while everything blacked out.


“I told her to try not to worry about it. You know how the youngest is; always worrying so much.”

Ali. I heard Ali’s voice through the dank darkness I was facing now. What happened? Where was I?

To the sound of it, I could be anywhere. I moved my body a little, just to test if I was still alive. Sheets. I was laying on something...a bed maybe? My eyes were too heavy to lift, and a bit wet. Was I crying again? I hated it when I cried, it made me feel like such a baby. Sigh.

“Let’s let her get some more rest. I’m sure she’s got it harder than any of us.”

That was mom that time. I nodded internally, agreeing with her. I needed some time alone; some time to think...and maybe sleep some more.

After hearing the rustle of feet walk out of the room, I soon fell back to sleep.


“Here comes the tickle monster!”

“Hahaha, no! Not the tickle monster!”



Danny and I were playing outside in our large backyard, playing tag by the group of trees and flowers. I was only 4, and had been very smart for my age. Danny wore his usual white t-shirt and blue jeans, along with Nike sneakers. I wore a little purple and green dress, with pink stockings, converse sneakers, and a pink bow in my long dark brown hair.

“I’m coming to get you!”

“Haha, no!”

Round and around we ran, through the trees, around the roses, and soon I was tackled to the ground, giggling loudly, as I felt Danny’s hand tickle me all over.

“Say you give you up!”
“I surrender! I surrender!”

“Alright...come on...Mama says it’s time for lunch.”

He lifts me up on his shoulders, while I giggle, and hold onto his brown hair for support. “Can we come play outside again, Danny?”

“Sure, pumpkin, but afterwards, I’ll need to leave for practice on the track team. We got a marathon to run.”

“I understand. You will be home for dinner, right?”

He placed me down onto the soft rug of our home, before tickling my stomach a bit, “Sure Pumpkin, I’ll be back, I promise. Come on, let’s go eat.”

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Alright. So, I wanted to start this story off with something anyone can relate to. Also, the last version I had of this had brought the plot up way too fast without much of demonstration of what life Alex goes through as a normal girl.

I will try to work on my more chapters during the week, when I'm not in my class, or working on my internship.

I hope y'all like it, and please, give some feedback, it would be nice.